PIMCO Amazing Run2Run Adventure – April 7, 2013


It’s going to be the wackiest trail running racing event that gives you the real competition of the trail running race but have a game mechanism we call “Pass or take” to equalize all participants both fast runners and slow runners have the same chance of winning. It’s not just a race it’s a game for everyone.

This is the only racing event where you will get the Pimco Finishers Medal and the Pimco Finisher’s Shirt both with our popular Logo. This is a special race event for running in tandem, the running buddies, running couples, running friends, running parent-son/daughter, running brothers/sisters, a team of two. The main rule is you have to leave the starting gate together and you have to finish the race together.
Plan your vacation, after observance of the holy week, it’s time for fun and run again. Plan your race now and get into the groove of things at the Pimco Amazing Run2Run Adventure.

Participants must register in teams of 2 members. They can be same genders or mixed genders. You have to find the best combination for you – either male/female, young/old, male/male, female/female. Make sure to get a running partner with the same pacing, “walang iwanan”, you have to arrive at each station at the same time and the finish line at the same time. There is no division just one set of winners for each Category.

April 07, 2013 @ 5AM Moves to May 5, 2013
Tanay, Rizal
5K/ 10K/ 21K
Organizer: PIMCO Sports Events

Registration Fees:
5K – PhP550 /Runner
10K – PhP750 /Runner
21K – PhP950 /Runner

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Registration Venues:
Online Registration:

Onsite Registration: TBA

PIMCO Amazing Run2Run Adventure – Finisher’s Shirt Design


Contact Details:
For Sponsorship:
Alvin Balderama
Mobile: 09392140610
Email: [email protected]

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  1. Pipilitin kong tumakbo kapatid ko pra lng may ka-buddy.hehehe. pagkakaintindi ko there will be finishers medal, and sna both runners and all categories. :)

  2. Pipilitin kong tumakbo kapatid ko pra lng may ka-buddy.hehehe. pagkakaintindi ko there will be finishers medal, and sna both runners and all categories.

  3. Pipilitin kong tumakbo kapatid ko pra lng may ka-buddy.hehehe. sa site nila only 21 nd 10k runners will get finishers medal, i suggest na all categories will get their finishers medal at the end of the race. Para mas mraming jumoin. Organizers positive feedback please :)

  4. @Dave -ayos yan hahaha!

    Finding buddy nga ang run na to.

    #15 verticalfinisher – parang Fit & Fun Buddy Run nga. Meron bang nagkatuluyan? Hehehe…

  5. me too, naghahanap ako ng ka-buddy for 21k, must be female, 18-25 y/o, single, pretty, must run an average pace of 7.5k per hour. Thank you! kailangan ko po ng inspirasyon para matapos ko 21k

  6. bakit ung iba dito my qualification pa pra mgkaroon ng kabuddy..pd naman any gender ah basta magkakasundo kau at mageenjoy sa trail run eh.peace mga ka runner..

  7. Added qualification: Yung runner buddy na sana hindi lang sa run ang “walang iwanan” kung hindi sa ligaya, sa lungkot, sa hirap, sa ginhawa, sa taas, sa baba, ang kung saan-saan pa

    Oo nga pala, kung meron mang nag-aalangang mga kababaihan diyan ….

    Di lang ako pam-pamilya, pang-sports pa :)

  8. Pimco Web site is down for maintenance. Will be up Tuesday. Early Birds Registration is extended until Wednesday as a result of the downtime in the site. For your info.

  9. We made announcements on our Facebook Fan Page that the official web site will be down i626leo for server maintenance. We have no control over the internet server and will be up on Today. As scheduled the Online Registration at our official web site is up and fully functioning as of this morning. The Onsite registration will be at ROX and will open after the Early Bird Registration closes. We have extended the Early Bird discount because of the downtime of the web site until Thursday March 7, 2013.

  10. UPDATE from the organizer:
    Amazing Run2Run Adventure has been moved and rescheduled to April 21, 2013, Sunday. This extends the Early Birds Registration discount by another week. So those who are asking if there will be extension, yes there is. Schedule of trial run or familiarization are:

    March 17, 2013, Sunday, 6 am at the tencentstoheaven meeting place
    April 7, 2013, Sunday 6 am at the same meeting place as the first.

    *Too bad for The North Face Ultra Trail marathon participants for it’s the same date.
    ———————————————————-x cut here
    For comment #36 & #46 (sir colby bryant & sir [email protected]©€$), I think it would not be feasible if the buddy matching will be done on the actual event (baka madaming mapili/maarte sa kasama).

    My advice for those looking for their respective running buddies, follow this syntax on your advertisement:

    Your gender –
    Category –
    Preferred Buddy’s Gender(PBG) –
    Estimated Time to Finish (ETF) –
    Your contact info –


  11. @emptybutfull

    thank you for the info…it would be relief for others who have yet to find a buddy for this event…That would be a problem if medyo mapili ang bawat isa… I always run alone and make buddy along the way and with my several experience with PIMCO Events I haven’t encounter yet a “picky” or “choosy” runner along the way…I find everyone friendly…There were some instances that I had to help a fellow runner who got injured or suffering from mild dehydration…

    sad to say I cannot join on this date since I have already made reservations for the TNF100 as my 1st year in running…but i will make sure that i will be in the next Natures Trail Discovery Run 2013…

    run safe and strong fellow trail runners….

  12. Dear Runner,

    In view of the numerous requests from runner for extension of the race events because of the Holy Week that will come before the racing event, We wish to inform you in accordance with the rules and regulations of the race regarding the organizers option to move the date of the racing event, we wish to inform you that AMAZING RUN2RUN ADVENTURE of which you have already registered has been moved from April 7 to April 21, 2013 of the same month.

    Again the new and final date of the racing event is moved to April 21, 2013

    Meanwhile familiarization run will start on the following Schedules for your early reference

    March 17, 2013, Sunday at 6:00 am assembly will be at the tencentstoheaven resort.
    April 7, 2013, Sunday at 6:00 am assembly will be at the tencentstoheaven resort.

    Familiarization is exclusive to those who already registered and to those who will register. There will be matching for buddy for those who will register but still looking for buddy.

    Thank you for your attention. See you at the familiarization run and at the race.

    Pimco Sporting Events

  13. Announcement: After considering all the runners concerns since we have announced the move in the schedule of Amazing Run2Run Adventure race, the final rescheduled date will be on May 5, 2013, Sunday to be held in a privately developed mountain resort nestled at the highest point along the Marcos Highway at more than 600m above sea level Ten Cents To Heaven name so because of its amazing location so way up there above the rest in Tanay.

    We are now removing the previous post to avoid confusion. This announcement now supersedes the earlier rescheduling. This is the last and the final rescheduled date the first one for Pimco after holding races right on schedule due to unforseen circumstances.

    Its going to be a good recovery run for most of the runners who would be participating in other longer races. See you there.

    Official Venue: Ten Cents To Heaven, Mayagay II Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

    • Paul its at Tanay, Rizal you can take the route of Cogeo, Antipolog along Marcos Highway also known as Marikina-Infanta highway when you reach the highest point of the highway at Mayagay II its on right side going up or you can simply go to the web site http://www.tencentstoheaven.com to check how to get to the venue.

  14. wow..mukhang maganda yung place.. sana naman totoo na to and final na talaga.. magpaparegister na kami ng kapatid ko..sya ka-buddy ko..if ever na umatras brother ko.. hanap nalang ako kabuddy on the same day.. 10K trail run..soon..
    see you there kapwa katakbuhan..

  15. Hello guys.. My name is Terri (Female runner) ..If all goes well, kailangan ko ng buddy runner for 21K. Please send me an email at [email protected] if interested. I’m not a fast runner (between 11-13min pace siguro) but I’m not sure sa trail. Sa U.S. ako ngayon but I will be in Manila May 1st. to May 7 then to Bohol after that.

    • Hello Just a little background of myself in case you need to know. I ran a half marathon last year and this coming April 7. I am training for a full marathon for June 2 race.

      Gender: Female (Married 50yrs old)
      Category – 21K
      Preferred Buddy’s Gender(PBG) – Female but Male is fine too.
      Estimated Time to Finish (ETF) – 2 1/2 hrs (but not sure with trail running)
      My contact info – Email: [email protected]

    • By the way, RunningMan… i tried sending you an email, but na return invalid email address daw.. So I’m posting it here. Thanks

  16. Get a taste of the action and the scenery for the May 5, 2013 this coming April 7 familiarization run at the Ten Cents To Heaven the venue of the trail running racing event Amazing Run2Run Adventure at 6:30 am available to all registered runners and for those going to register on site. Its cold and windy up there. See you :)

      • Hi Paul you should be receiving the email with payment details in 24 hours. Please check again if you still not receive the email and you wish to join the familiarization run you can just re-register onsite and check out for matching with running buddy for you. You are free to come at 6:30 am at the venue Ten Cents To Heaven. See you then :)

    • Hello Merrel Adventure Run enthusiasts!

      I’ll be covering the event and will be featuring this experience on my blog. While waiting for the event itself, I would like to ask a little favor from you & your social network friends to vote for my blog as I participate at the Big Blog Exchange.

      Here’s the link –> https://www.bigblogexchange.org/blog/261003

      Thank you.

    • Hello PIMCO Trail Run enthusiasts!

      I’ll be covering the event and will be featuring this experience on my blog. While waiting for the event itself, I would like to ask a little favor from you & your social network friends to vote for my blog as I participate at the Big Blog Exchange.

      Here’s the link –> https://www.bigblogexchange.org/blog/261003

      Thank you.



    WHEN: APRIL 7, 2013 4:00AM


    HOW: TEXT ME IF INTERESTED @ 0916-644-0761

  18. Familiarization run tomorrow for the registered runners at Ten Cents To Heaven mountain resort the official venue for the May 5, 2013 event. See you at 6:30 am. On site registration is available for those that wish to register on site and join. Your are free to come, see you :)

  19. Yesterday’s Familiarization RUN was really COOL and AWESOME! Sobrang challenging nung Trail plus the view of Sierra Madre was MAJESTIC. Excited for the whole 21K route on the 5th day of May. See you there runners.. :)

    • Thanks i626leo, we also enjoy the company of those who came for the familiarization. Lets have all the fun on May 5 see you again.

  20. Pimco official web site is down for updates and maintenance. Online registration cant be served for few days. You can register on site at ROX BGC please proceed. Race kits will also be available at ROX. Table for Pimco will be opened from 4 pm to 8 pm. See you po.

  21. Last week na po ng registration sa ROX BGC punta na for registration 3 pm to 8pm daily hangang Sunday. You may also register online kung malayo sa inyo ang ROX http://www.pimcosportsevents.com click nyo lang po ang Amazing Run2Run Reg pwede kayong magbayad thru bank malapit sa inyong lugar. Kung wala pa kayong buddy pakilagay lang sa space ng name ng ka-buddy nyo “For Matching” kami na mag-inform sa inyo ng ka-buddy nyo.

    • Hi! can I still reg online? nagreg na ako pero wala pa ako narereceive na email eh. me & my partner would love to join this event. hopefully, makareceive na ko ng email para makapagbayad na ako :-)


      • Hi [email protected]_run yes you will receive the email within 24 hours from submitting online reg. Thank you for joining, surely you will have fun and enjoy bonding and running with your partner. See you :)

    • Hi Eight you and Tryinhard both are looking for partner maybe you can reply to each other and make contacts. Or you can register online and place “for matching” the space for partner. We will do the matching and inform both of you and your possible partner. Please go to our official web site at http://www.pimcosportsevents.com for online registration.

  22. Any update regarding d shuttle., me and my gf registered at 10k, we’r from taguig sir. Kindly Call me at this # sir, 09328624260, tnx.
    – ruben Casim.


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