Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Final Leg 2012 – Results Discussion

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Final Leg 2012 race results and photos

Congratulations to everyone that participated and conquered the Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Final Leg 2012 at Daranak Falls, Tanay, Rizal! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Nature’s Trail Discovery Run Final Leg 2012
November 25, 2012
Daranak Falls, Tanay, Rizal

Race Results:

Photo links will be updated here as they become available! Feel free to share your comments and feedback about the event below.

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  1. super !! the best !! it’s not the run but the scenery, the cave walk the 300+ stairclimb , it’s the falls , it’s being dirty when reaching the finishline.

  2. 3:39pm na nakaalis yung bus sa Daranak Falls, eh sabi nila 2pm! The runner/bus riders were so frustrated about the diisorganized management that some walked out and commuted going home instead, foregoing their payments for the transpo. Wish Pimco would do something about the prompt and exact (or better, earlier) departure time of bus riders.

    Also, the 21k medal misprinted “Pimco” as “Fimco”. Naks, sosyal! :p I’ll just remedy the “P” with gold-colored permanent marker.

    The breakfast both ran out early and went bad early. Wawa kaming 21k, napagod na nga’t lahat-lahat, naubusan pa ng breakfast! Ni saging, wala na akong nasilayan!

    All other aspects, the 21k run was great! The route, the caves, the stairs… Pimco keeps surprising us with new challenges every leg! Hope to join Love-a-Tree next time!

  3. trail running is best! ganda ng scenery. uphill road, downhill trail, cave walk, river trail para iwas basa, 340 stairwalk then single track uphill trail. Pinakasulit yung magbabad sa falls after the run. Ive seen 2 from tge Running Buddies.

  4. it was a tough route compared to the previous trails. kakainis lng kasi sobrang pagod na nga ang mga runners pagdating sa U-turn e wala man lang pagkain especially saging.. daming gutom na runners na umaasang may saging pagdating sa taas… may ibang runners na nag cramps pero ang layo ng pwesto ng mga medic. pagdating naman sa finish line wla ding pagkain especially sa mga 21k runners… tapos di pa agad nakauwi ilang hours kami nag-antay sa bus kaya gabi na nakarating ng bahay…

    Congrats to all Finishers!

  5. It was fun because of the company I had and the scenery. Since this is the final leg, I had high expectations it will all be smooth. Overall, it was okay but there are definitely rooms for improvement. I hope you’ll consider the following for your future races:

    1. Give markers (or color-coded straws) on EVERY U-TURN. I’ve heard there were some who did not go into the cave. Your staff won’t be able to know or confirm this because there was no marker given at the end of the cave.

    2. The small led light and straw in the cave were insufficient, not to mention it was slippery inside. If there was proper lighting, accidents could have been prevented and the runner I met would not have an injury.

    3. I wonder what took it so long for the certificates to be given away. Actually, we were informed, “pini-print pa.” But why not do it before the event? Hmmm?

    4. Be strict with the time. I think all runners want punctuality. First, bakit po walang gun start time sa poster o race kit nyo? We needed to call you pa. Second, bakit po late ang bus papunta at pauwi?

    5. Two bananas were given to all the runners who finished the race ahead of time. We actually said that we’re fine with only one banana but the ladies (who were so kind and generous, but of course at the stake of others) gave us two bananas per person. We thought there was an oversupply. I’m sorry for those who did not get any. We would have shared it to you if we only knew. I think the organizers should have given clear instructions to the those kind ladies OR the bananas should have been given this along with the breakfast meal.

  6. Thanks Ada.

    1. Regarding the Bananas, we ordered two crates only 1 was delivered and to our horror it was delivered and brought at the bus. So it arrived together with the runners. There simply no time for the staff to bring it to the stop near Masungi. I crate has 700 bananas, but because the supplier with two crated it should be 1,400 as we computed 2 per runner. The staff at the pavilion was not well informed so they allowed runners to take in two bananas, some even took three. We are not justifying anything but we owe you an explanation what happened. We have been ordering bananas from the same supplier.

    2. On the time of arrival and departure of the bus, we have no control over them. Just like you we are at the mercy of the shuttle bus company. I think everybody was aware of what happened. We have no control over the attitude of others. The driver of the bus for some reason did not make any attempt at all to move the bus. We too are puzzled since the same driver was given in the 1st and 2nd Leg and he suddenly turned violent even asking our race director who talked to him to move the bus to a fistfight. He threatened not to move the bus until after 5 pm and only when our Lady staff who learned of the unfolding event confronted him did the bus the driver move the bus to the cheers of the runners. We are sending the shuttle company a formal letter of complaint for the arrogant, tendency for violence, unreasonableness, disrespect of the driver as well as the inconvenienced to all concerned brought about by the incident.

    3. The certificates were not printed at site. It was already prepared but not yet signed. The race director came from the last station in Macantog and it took him sometime to come back to sign certificates.

    4. If you have been through our official web site at we have over and over again reminded runners to bring either flashlight or headlights which cost only P55 pesos. As you may have been inside the cave, you will know that no marshal can stay for long inside the cave. In any caving activity, the participant must bring own lighting even just a pen flashlight will do but unfortunately many runners did not listen. For someone new in trail running, the condition at the route is something made by nature and part of the challenge,
    The small led light was not placed to lighten the cave, it was to serve as a guide, unfortunately report given to us by three elderly runners who came to the cave late that it was gone which means the led lights that served as a guide were taken. Who took them we still have to check and ask the caretaker of the cave. Please for your information, That cave passage was not free at all and the private owner of the cave was responsible for the guide, that was the arrangement we have since as tourist destination it was their responsibility to guide tourists.

    Thank you for your honest commentary. We too have our disappointments but after the Trilogy event, one thing we learn just like in a show, there are things behind the scenes that are hidden only what is on stage are seen by participants. But the show must go on come hell or high water. But we thank God that finishing the trilogy we are so much blessed. We made it and the runners made it. Road running which is done in the city with all available resources 24 hours at hand and yet would still encounter problems, Trail running is done in the mountain where as the sun sets, it stands still, its dark like in cave and no pave road to make haste. Just like in a survival, when things go wrong, we have to make do with what we have.

    If you look at the other side Adda, for that moment at the mountain, if you are 5k runner, the cave, you were stripped of all conveniences of the city and you have only yourself and you finished and survived. Of the tens of thousands of runners, only a few like you are rare breeds because such race opportunity comes rare or we say once in a lifetime. It does not come cheap as such experience is priceless. For that you are a champ yourself and a conqueror. You run, you discover, you finished and survive the challenge. You are champ yourself. Congratulations!

  7. best route ever!!!! hope PIMCO will continue to give trailrunners more challenging, best trail route and scenery ever discovered.. that’s why its called “DISCOVERY RUN” besides “REAL TRAILRUNNERS NEVER COMPLAIN” we learn how to survive even on the uncomfortable situation…

  8. me and my wife really enjoyed this run…we maiximized our bonding moment it took us 3:20 hrs. for our 10km run talagang ni cherish namin yung beauty of nature ang ganda kasi ng scenery… lalo na sa river trail and cave ang saya.. ang galing ng pimco

  9. it was my first time to trail run and i ran only 5k. i was told beforehand that the discipline in trailrunning is different than running in flat surface. i enjoyed everything…the sceneries, adventures and most especially the warmth of fellow runners who were greeting me ‘good morning’ and helping me out when i was having difficult time in the cave and river trails. these were strangers who encouraged me to finish the trail ;) thanks so much for the chance, i’ll definitely do a 10k next time ;)

  10. “PIMCO ROCKS” dahil sa sobrang mabato ang trail hahahaha It was the best trail run for 2012 can’t wait for the next one, sana PIMCO di kayo maubusan ideas on how to experience the real Trail Running. And PIMCO you have changed the face of the Trail Running Business….Keep up the good work guys, negative feedback’s are just additional inputs for improvements of future run….

  11. sobrang hyped tlga ang takbong ito before ung actual race day, may mga ads pa atasa newspaper at radyo, pero laging nkakadisappoint pag mismong race day na… hirap mag complain, lagi naman sila may rason eh… nagbackout ung isang sponsor ng hydration, isang crate lang ang dumating, may kumuha sa mga ilaw sa cave…

  12. thanks pimco…i experienced trail running and mountain climbing as well :) … hard earned 21K medal despite of my knee injury…thanks Mr. Alvin,…can you give me the full name of Ms. Irish who ran for the 10K category…thanks

  13. @Emmanuel #10. Lame excuses. Yung mga reasons na sinabi mo na dahilan ng iba’t-ibang problema ay madaling maiwasan through closer coordination and knowing your rights and responsibilities as organizers.

    1. Kung ngconfirm organizer with the supplier the day before na 2 crates na saging ang kailangan, hindi lang 1 ang dadalhin nun. Kung nilinaw ulit sa kanila kung saan ihahatid, hindi sila magkakamali ng hahatiran. And why was the staff at the pavilion not instructed to give just 1 banana for each runner? Kaninong obligasyon ba ang magbigay ng instruction sa mga personnel na involved sa event?

    2. Walang control over the shuttle bus company? Karapatan ng naghire ng bus company na pilitin itong tupurin ang pinagkasunduan oras. Hindi ito namanage ng mabuti ng organizer kaya nadelay ng 1.5 hours ang departure ng bus.

    3. I supposed the organizer is constantly in contact with the race director in the days leading to the race. Bakit kailangang hintayin pa ang mismong araw ng race para mapirmahan ang certificates? Pwede namang gawing 1 to 2 days before.

    Bottomline, many of the problems that the runners encountered were largely your fault. Take responsibility for your shortcomings and don’t blame others.

  14. I agree that this is more difficult than Salomon 2012. The route was very technical. don’t get me wrong I’m not saying that in a negative light. It was difficult but very fulfilling.

    I was expecting bananas at the summit and food after I finish. It was a bit disappointing that there wasn’t any of both but I didn’t let that take away from the experience. I’m a relatively new runner as I started running just last year, but I’ve learned to be self-sufficient when running either roads or trails. I try to get as much information before the event (i.e. what gear to bring, how the route and weather will be, etc.), I bring my own hydration/nutrition. Everyone’s comments are valid, let’s just try to make sure they’re constructive and will lead to improvement.

    I know some of you will disagree, but I signed up to run the trails and enjoy nature while challenging and stretching my limits. If you love running as much as I do, then the lack of bananas or food shouldn’t wipe that smile and fulfillment you got when you crossed the finish line.

    Good job everyone. See you on the trails.

  15. >first time on trail ….. gosh …. the fulfillment …. the fact that I was able to endure, thanks to Pimco….

    >well … nobody’s perfect ….. but there’s always a room for improvement ….. i don’t want to point finger on whose to blame, cause the other four fingers might be pointing on me ….

    >congratulations to all the finishers ….. hurray!!!!

  16. Grabe, first 21k ko eh sa mahirap pko napunta! Haha natrauma na ata ako mag trail running after nito. Walang saging walang food, buti pa yung iba nakakain, kaming 21k nganga. I loved the view pero di ko xa makuhang ienjoy dahil yung utak ko sumisigaw na ,na magbackout nko, then again I pushed harder. Dun ko na appreciate buhay ko ( with the bangin at madudulas na bato, buwis buhay tlga) at yung halaga ng isang pirasong candy (gutom na gutom nko) lol. Don’t know if tatakbo pko ulit sa trail na handle ng pimco, nadisappoint ako kc sa 1. Food 2. Saging at sa 3. Sched. We expect wat we paid for kc.

  17. @Mark, congrats at least you were able to overcome all the challenges. I’m sure the organizing team will learn from this event and make improvements.

    Good job on your first trail conquest! Give it another chance =)

  18. natatawa ako sa mga nagccomplain about sa saging… parang nageexpect sila ng picnic… hehe! so shallow na hindi naman dapat ibring up in the first place. sorry ah prepared kasi ako. nabasa ko kasi sa isang blog at sa pimco page na mahirap ang trail so if may hydration man, malamang konti lang dahil sa geography so i brought my hydration pack. nabasa ko din na may 15-20 minute trail sa loob ng kweba at may advice na magdala ng flashlight kaya bumili ako ng headlamp. again, dahil nalaman ko na mahirap ang trail, nagdala ako ng food pati saging para kahit maligaw man ako at mawala, i could survive long enough to be rescued. hindi na rin ako umasa sa mga sa mga marshall na sabihin sakin kung saan yung mga delikadong lugar, the moment kasi na icross ko ang starting line alam ko na delikado ang lahat ng daang tatahakin ko.

    kung meron man akong reklamo sa event na ito eh eto yun:
    1) mga paslit at mga walang muwang na marshalls – mga tipong spectator lang sila, hindi ka pa igguide kung hindi ka pa mukhang naliligaw na ng daan

    solution: kumuha ng mature na marshall na merong sense of accountability

    2) medic – ang lalayo ng agwat nila, tipong takot silang malayo sa kapatagan. dapat kung saan may delikadong lugar merong marshall, lalo na a few hundred meters away dun sa first u-turn (21k) kung saan merong bumigay na runner at naghintay na lang ma rescue.

    solution: aralin mabuti ang geography at dun ideploy ang marshalls, pero dapat well equipped din sila pati na rin sarili nilang mga pagkain para hindi sila tamarin or umalis pag ginutom sila.

    3) sobrang open sa pandaraya – yung pangalawang point kung saan nagkakasalubong ulit ang 21k runners ay pwede nang magshort cut dahil (1) mga paslit ang marshall (2) walang checkpoint para magbigay ng string as proof na nakumpleto ng runner ang route

    solution: again, aralin ang geography at route para makapag decide ng tama kung saan dapat maglagay ng checkpoints

    4) walang crowd control sa finish line, daming nagpipicture picture… pasintabi pero tapos na ang moment nyo, ibinigay naman sana yung moment sa kakatapos lang na runner

    solution: crowd control, hindi bastang mc na nagsasalita sa mic

    5) sobrang late umalis yung bus sa tanay – problem was, hindi makabwelta dahil sa mga naka-park. dito malaki ang pagkukulang nung driver, alam nya pala na yun ang dahilan bakit hindi nya pa sinabi sa kung kanino man or dapat bumwelta na sya maaga pa lang. pero may pagkukulang din ang organizer, napakalaki ng 2 bus para hindi nila makita at magtaka sila kung bakit nandon pa yung bus eh pasado alas tres na…

    solution: be aware

    to pimco: iadopt nyo ang campaign ad ng saucony at iapply sa sarili… sabi nga


    hmmmm… i doubt merong serious runner sa part ng organizer, feeling ko wala =P hehe!

    im not airing complaints… just giving constructive feedbacks…looking forward to more trail running experience with you ;-)

  19. This is a blog by foreign runner who participated in the race. He is a veteran marathoner of International Races and travels from country to country. This is his first time to run in the Philippines. Because he knows International races, let us take his views of the race and the organizer. Read also his blog on another International Race he participated in Malaysia and compare his views on both races the one in Malaysia and the one Pimco organized which you just joined. Here is the link,

  20. @ Emmanuel

    Im a bit excited on what you can offer in the upcoming “Love A Tree” International Ultramarathon. Hope you can show some other part of Tanay aside from what we have seen in this trilogy run….

  21. I admire those teenagers who run and completed the race without any dissatisfaction with regards to the flaws of the organizers. They even top the race and i’m so lucky to pace with them.

    I agree with @dazednconfusd (comment #23), if you love running then lack of bananas or food doesn’t supersede the achievement we gained after crossing the finish line. I don’t even bring bananas or food during my pre-race training runs, just enough hydration will do.

  22. @Emmanuel #10. Thank you for taking time to read the comments here and for taking them as positive criticisms. They say that sense of humility is a value a man must never lose. I commend you and your group for admitting and explaining what really happened. Definitely, we are all hoping to see more successful runs from you and your group!

    @Alvin 20. I will not blame you if you still feel bad about how Emmanuel (in behalf of the organizers) responded… but the fact that they responded is a proof that they are not running away from these issues. The fact is, some organizers seem not to care to what runners say. They don’t answer phone calls, e-mails and posts in websites such as this. I’m glad PIMCO is not one of them.

  23. > First time running on trail. Nice comeback run after giving birth barely 6 months ago. A wonderful experience I might say. Thanks Pimco! Looking forward to running on trail again ~ hopefully in a longer distance.
    > Congratulations to all finishers!

  24. Thanks for the awesome and epic trail run, Pimco Sporting Events! ü
    I deliberately chose to run 10K even most of my running friends are running 21K because I wanted to take pictures of the runners while on the trail with the breathtaking river / falls as the background. ü (Unfortunately, I started late, so I finished late and missed the early finishers)

    Anyway, I’ll post the photos here within the week. (Will finish teacher duties first)

  25. Count me in PIMCO in your next trail runs…Let us all take these comments positively. As individuals we have the capacity to learn…and learning is a life’s continuous thing.Thank you for bringing me back to Daranak…after 28 years. At 50, PIMCO is helping me learn how to fulfill the things that I was supposed to do in life when I was younger…I find these natural experiences while running on the trails. Thank you for helping me discover…and to learn more.

  26. Napansin ko lang po during the run ay yung mabahong amoy ng mga manukan along the way lalung lalo na sa highway, sana man lang bigyang pansin ito ng local government ng Tanay malapit pa naman ito sa isa sa mga napakagandang tanawin sa ating bansa….

  27. The event organizer did not have the effective support group to monitor the foods, banana, transport supervision and the marshal. The marshal must have a two way radio to monitored to runners especially isolated area at the top of the mountain.. please review other trail run such as north face and salomon train run.

  28. @dazedncnfusd thanks! I did trail runs bfre na, but this one really tested me mentally haha. Sabi nga ng friend ko first time mag trail dito, ok din itong trail noh gustuhin mo mang mag backout di mo magawa kc dun ka rin dadaan pabalik, so yun natapos namin lahat dahil sa thought na yun lol. I might give it a try again pag nawala na yung takot haha. Like the view grabe! At yung hydration stations ok na ok :-)

  29. @rnarkvs – I have the same observation as yours. Salamat hindi ko na kailangan mag-compose. But just the same, tatakbo kami sa Love a Tree.

  30. To sir Emmanuel Thank you for the wonderful run..looking forward for your next events…complaints? i have no complaints..i came prepared, i came to run a trail run not a grade school excursion…

  31. Hi Markvs, thanks for being forthright, as organizer we don’t blame anyone on whatever flaw the race event may have. We just completed another trail running race and its done in another place because we dont repeat the same route. That is what we want runners to remember us with Pimco, its always something new. Let me share with you what we have posted in our Facebook Fan page as follows:

    There are flaws in each of the Legs – hydration, bananas, and food but we’d like to believe the runners did not come for them, the runners came for the race – the trail. This belief has kept us going in spite of the hard work that goes with organizing trail running race event. Some have seen children as Marshals we did no get children for marshals, we got their parents, but if they ordered their children to help them as the normal practice in the mountain, this we did not know and got it only from the reports in the field. Its a dilemma for us if we get Marshals from the city, they will get lost in the mountain, if we get marshals in the mountain they have the habits of leaving their posts. Its been like this since the 1st Leg. We can only bite our lips.

    For organizer its a continuing learning experience. We started out with the Trilogy last May 27, followed by the 2nL Last Sept 2 and Finally November 25. To find the route, organizers have to go through hundreds of kilometers of probable trail routes. Its not easy as you all experienced going through the mountains. Unlike in road running where the streets are paved and easy to find ideal routes, we have to search, explore, and go through the same experience as you had – climbing the mountains, going through the forests in an unknown territories even to us but we must go through first, running it first, being bruised like you, injured, go hungry and thirsty. Its not as if the race routes are there and we say ok you go and run. We will not let runners go through the routes unless we first go through them. We must feel the adrenalin rush, we must feel the joy of finishing, we must feel how it is to be there where you will go through to have the confidence that yes, this is the route, this is the race. And we find consolation that indeed everyone appreciated and liked the routes. Thus in trail running knowing how to run is not enough, there are no develop roads to run out there. Even the International touring Dutch runner who joined was at awe, nothing compared the Philippines trail to all the races that he had participated.

    At the race day we have no other recourse if something goes wrong in the preparation it goes wrong. If nutty driver wont drive and the runners will be late we just bite our lips. If the food got spoiled, we bite our lips, if we run out of water in the mountain we just bite our lips…FOR IN TRAIL RUNNING THERE IS NO TURNING BACK ITS EITHER YOU QUIT OR FINISH THE RACE. ORGANIZERS AND RUNNERS ARE IN ONE BOAT, QUIT OR FINISH. WE BOTH FINISHED THE RACE. THANK GOD!

    I’d like to draw inspiration from the book “Little Prince”. What is essential is invisible to the eyes. When we experienced discomfort we become agitated missing the most essential things which for many trail runners its racing the trails and finishing.

    Many of you have been through the 3 Legs of the trilogy in different mountains of the Sierra Madre. You have your medals proof of you conquest, for others they are just medals why go though all the difficulties and even exposed yourself to danger just for the medals? But for the proud owner, who conquered self, they are evidence of his will power, of determination, of how far he can go through anything in life. Of the tens of thousands of runners in many races they all have the same medals of honors in finishing but all the 3 medals of Nature’s Trail Discovery Run only a few hundred have. That make it priceless. The owner of these three medals would look at these mountains and with a smile would say “I know these mountains, they were my playing field, I conquered each and every step” – These are badge of honor, of conquest, of personal triumph, of being – THE TRAILBLAZERS AWARD WINNER 2012.



  32. Be self-contained.. Natutunan ko tong disiplinang to sa climbs, and road races na nasalihan ko. I bring or replenish my water bottle every time may water station. I bring energy bars, jelly. and yes nagbaon ako ng saging. Di malayong mangyari na kapusin sa provisions ang stations. Minsan kasi yung iba.. tamad na magdala ng belt bag – asiwa daw, nakakabagal. pero this will be make or break your run. I am looking forward to the Feb 10 one. Enjoy na enjoy ang grupo namin. Fantastic yung river crossings and the cave.. stable footing very important. Lastly, it really helps to read the news blasts from the organizers.. and the reconn runs of run bloggers e.g. jazzrunner.. big help sila.

  33. grabe its my 1st time w/ my husband to join a trail run……1st time lhat trail running,hiking,crossing river………………as n muntik n ako mamatay…………….. muntik n akng mahulog s bangin…2nd life n ito.PROBLEM LNG TLAGA WALA SAGING S U TURN S 21K.yn route as n mega grabe over hirappppppppppp…..pero MASAYA…DEFINITELY UULITIN NMIN TRAIL RUNNING


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