Rudy Project Challenge 2012 – Results Discussion and Photos


Congratulation to everyone who conquered and finished the Rudy Project Challenge 2012! Despite the race being turned into a Duathlon from a Triathlon, majority still continued to race! A great display of sportsmanship to every athlete that participated.

Time to share your personal experience and feedback about this race here!

Rudy Project Challenge 2012 ‘Give it a TRI’
October 7, 2012
Republic Wakepark, Nuvali, Sta. Rosa

Race Results:
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Race Results and Photos links will be updated here once it is available.

Rudy Project Challenge 2012 Photos c/o Pinoy Fitness – SET 1 | SET 2 | SET 3

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  1. I have been to a number of tri’s throughout my time…I understand that inaugural events have their quirks, and that you will work them out. Some pointers:

    a. Keep the officials informed as to which direction to lead the race…especially those up front…there was a lot of confusion, even with signs present…they need to be clearly marked (use different color, one that does not blend in with its surroundings). I was turned down a wrong road (official standing in center of road – pointing the wrong way – before I even saw any sign!)

    b. Have separate tables….far apart from each other for LATE CHECK INS (packet pickup and tchip)….a table for those getting only t-chip…and an information area to make certain the lines flow smoothly. Help is always hard to find…I understand.

    c. I did not run into water issues, but there was a shortage of cups for my wife…this is dangerous…especially for those who race longer in the heat. Careful.

    d. People waited in long lines for tshirts and glasses…that was silly and dangerous (heat)…hand them out as they cross the finish line…have help there to rip tags from numbers that have the tshirt size on them….another assistant give shades….DONE! I have seen this work in the past…just need more volunteers.

    e. Keep people informed about race conditions…rumor spread too late…if there was no swim…I was out there a week before and it looked grim…keep the racers informed…people travel long distances for a tri and not a du!

    Hope this helps a little…thanks for hosting…no matter what; we all have fun in the end! I fell victim my first point…and the race organizer was very kind to get me my shirt/glasses as I bike 3 extra miles…as I was well behind my capabilities upon finish.

  2. Thanks for the updates and links of the pictures. Nakita ko yung picture namin ng boyfriend ko hehe. So sweet! I’ll not forget that tri event. I’m so proud of him natapos niya kahit medyo exhausted sya talaga after the race. :) Moreover, I enjoyed watching him kahit medyo mainit ok lang may Therapy bottle naman ako na quenches my thirst. He also attached that bottle on his bike. no wonder he makes it up to the end. It’s my success story.


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