Tetra Pak RFR – Recycle. Feed. Run – November 18, 2012


In cooperation with HyperSports Philippines, Inc., Tetra Pak Philippines will host its first ever road racing entitled Tetra Pak RFR – Recycle. Feed. Run event at Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City on November 18, 2012.

The event encourages fitness and running enthusiasts to join as the race features four categories: 3Km, 5Km, 10Km and the highlight of the event, the half marathon, 21Km. In line with theme of Recycle. Feed. Run, participants will get to do their share in caring for the environment and helping underprivileged children too. Participants will be encouraged to join the activity by bringing at least 2 (two) empty and clean Tetra Pak cartons for recycling when they register and for every Tetra Pak carton received for recycling during the registration, 1 (one) ready-to-drink milk in Tetra Pak carton (in 200 ml or 250ml package size) will be donated to a chosen children’s foundation under the Tetra Pak Feed-a-Child program.

In keeping the participants properly hydrated all throughout the event, Tetra Pak and HyperSports are also partnering with Tropicana Coco Quench, which shall be available for all the runners at the hydration stations during the event.

Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we provide safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world. With almost 22,000 employees based in over 85 countries, we believe in responsible industry leadership and a sustainable approach to business. Our motto, “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™,” reflects our vision to make food safe and available, everywhere.

More information about Tetra Pak is available at www.tetrapak.com

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Tetra Pak RFR – Recycle. Feed. Run 2012
November 18, 2012
Bonifacio Global City –
Venue: Block 32 parking lot area (in front of the Honda cars showroom – between 28th Street Corner 9th Avenue)
Organizer: HyperSports

Registration Fees:
21K – Php 800
10K – Php 700
5K – Php 600
3K – Php 500

Join the Tetra Pak RFR (Recycle. Feed. Run) event!

Registration Mechanics:

* To register, bring at least 2 (two) pieces of empty and clean Tetra Pak cartons for recycling, fill out the registration form and pay the registration fee. * Bring 5(five) pieces of empty and clean Tetra Pak cartons for recycling to get a Php50 discount on the registration fee.

* HyperSports timing chip holders will get additional Php80 discount.

* For every Tetra Pak carton received during the registration, 1 (one) piece of milk in Tetra Pak carton (200ml or 250ml package size) will be donated to a chosen children’s foundation under the Tetra Pak Feed-a-Child Program.

– Registration period is from October 1 to November 16, 2012.
– Race Kits Pick Up Date: To be announced soon

Tetra Pak RFR 2012 – Registration Mechanics:

RFR - Mechanics - Final

Tetra Pak RFR 2012 – Singlet Design:


Tetra Pak RFR 2012 – Medal Design:

21K Finisher's Medal - tetrapak

Tetra Pak RFR 2012 – Finishers Shirt Design:


Tetra Pak RFR 2012 – Race Bib Design:

RFR - Race Bibs - 72px

Tetra Pak RFR 2012 – Registration Site:

RFR - Registration Sites

Terta Pak RFR Run – Race Maps:

For More Information:
Call: 0917-846-6875 or 0932-870-7471
Visit -> www.hypersports.ph

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  1. Hi, cut off time for 21K is 3hrs & 45 minutes. Anyway, please be informed that we are on our last week of registration. So please hurry and go to the nearest registration site and get your race slots now. Your participation will feed lots of children. Thanks. :)

  2. hi hypersports! hindi naman po sa nagmamarunong…pero okay po ba ang coco water for hydration? kasi pag 21k mataas lagi possibility ng cramps.. tnx!

  3. Hi bot, Coco quench is a natural hydration product. It has electrolytes similar to other sports drink, difference is that natural sya.. also, you might be amazed to know that Coco Quench even has higher potassium content than other sports drink, and even better than banana potassium content. :)

  4. Very effecient and effective race organizer. This would be a good venue for you guys to do a PR. And If you’re gunning for a PR, let us help you stick to your pace for just p80.

    And if youre a newbie Pikermi runner or just one of the slow runners, then lets us help you beat the dreaded cut off time by carefully mapping out your pace for you till the finish!

  5. hahaha nakalagay na nga sa taas ang picture ng medal, finisher’s shirt at lahat na pertinent details…. ang dami pa rin nag tatanong kung may finisher’s medal, shirt, etc. cmon guys do your part. AT LEAST READ THE ENTIRE ANNOUNCEMENT BEFORE POSTING ANY COMMENT.

  6. Malapit na ang race! By this time, dapat bawasan na ang mileage nyo. Speed training na lang. Mga intervals, fartleks or tempo run pangsmoothen ng rough edges sa training. :) At wag nyo hayaan masayang ang training nyo. Let us know your finish time goal, and we’ll map out your pace and ita-tattoo namin sya temporarily sa arm nyo para easy access sa reference ng pace nyo. :)

    Visit our Facebook and see how we can help you! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pacemaker/367560480003390

    and we’re also just a tweet away! https://twitter.com/Pacemaker_PH

  7. ayun o, magreregister na si idol olan. tatambay ulit ako sa start/finish line bilang volunteer for this event. sana naman ma-meet na kita.

    kitakits mga runners! :)

    Team Running Buddies

  8. @sportyspice: bibili muna ako ng trail shoes na parang ballet o doll shoes ganda cguro sa paa yon para magamit sa splendido sunset run ipapakita ko sayo. hehe (wink)

  9. Im running 21k here..but the problem is i have a flu which started last night.. I have a fever,body aches and headache. Anyone here who could give some tips on how to recover fast? Im really excited in this event and hopefully i will feel ok before sunday…

  10. @olan: anlakas mo talaga!!! ano na? are u also joining splendido? kinilabutan ako, wen u said bibili ka pa ng trail shoes. did u just notice that i was wearing one last sunday? hahaha..kainis lang. lakas maka-“i-know-what-you-did-last-summer-moment. magkakilala ba talaga tayo?! :D

  11. @sportyspice: hahaha, balak ko ngang kulay light blue, closed na dba ang regs sa splendido at hindi nga ako umabot, tanda ko nga may nunal ka dba?

  12. @olan: nakakaloka ka! oo, bili ka nung blue para terno tayo..

    anlakas talaga ng madam auring powers mo..anubeeehhhh!!!!

  13. mga sir, ok ba yong 43 mins. tym ko for 5k, first time ko lang kc sumali sa fun run, hindi pala biro takbuhin ang 5k. ano bang ma advice nyo para mag improve pa time ko? thank you.

  14. olan! salamat sa paghingi ng advice para sa akin :D

    sana may magbigay din ng magandang training plan/tips for asthmatic runners. ;)

  15. security guard ang work ko, kaya keen observer ako……………base sa bib# mo last sunday hindi ako manghuhula…hahaha, makakakuha ka nga ng discount para nike we run manila 24 yrs old below, pwedeng pwede.

  16. Gawwwd! You’re driving me nuts olan! Pano mo naman nahorvat ang bib number ko aber?! Wala na, give up na talaga ako. Naisahan mo ako sa part na to! Ayheychu! Hahaha

  17. i did the 10k unofficially with the time of 1:02 base sa timex ko, kaya na sa finish line ako that time na mag cross si kuya kim, then dumating kayo, n ur wearing ur bib#. (wink)

  18. sabi ni arnie nice meeting u ate ka..at kailan mo ipost ung mga pic(regent), nung sunday inintroduce ka nung isang kasama mo si ka… nga pala, mag pa breakfast kaba, sabi mo hindi ha ung nag bday last month. ok na ba ,hahaha

  19. Pinakilala ka sa akin?! Mga ka-running buddies lang ang kasama ko last Sunday ah.

    Hays. Ano ba talaga olan?! Sakit na ng utak ko. :(

  20. Hi @totoyrunner, yes still available both slots and sizes. please try to go early tomorrow to avoid the rush as we expect lots of registrants will also be catching up for the last day of registration. See you at the starting line :)

  21. Hi @jerry, marami yan magpapakain. :) @masakittuhod, thanks sir! and yes, please familiarized yourself with Coco Quench. We will be serving it cold :) and for everyone’s info, it’s a very good hydration drink :)

  22. Nice… hyper sumagot ung hyper sports sa mga queries ng runners.. thats good! pde po b mlaman un dimension ng medal? amacurious lng po.. hehe

    Running Buddies

  23. will register later @ ATC. hope avail p lhat ng singlet sizes!
    Kita kits n lng buddies s sun. looking forward n mkpagbreakfast ulet tau.

    Team Running Buddies

  24. @Running Buddies – Arnold
    and amalazyrunner guys ung kit ko kase tom ko pa makukuha..confirm ko sa inyo asap pag nadeliver na samen ung kit..di na ko makakatakbo jan since i’m still recovering from plantar fasciitis..sayang..so pick up ng kit is here at alabang town center…

  25. kitakits Running Buddies! :)

    hintayin ko kayong lahat sa Finish Line. Let’s have breakfast again :) sino kaya manlilibre?! hehehe

  26. @jerry: sure, SMS me nalang 09328880613. volunteer ako on sunday assigned sa Starting/Finish Line :)

    Team Running Buddies

  27. Sa Antipolo pa po kasi ako @Hypersports. Baka pwedeng pareserve? Kukunin ko talaga promise. I’ll give my full details kung pwede yun. 3 po kami kung sakali na 21 km…

  28. @Dets: nag pa regs na ako kanina, consider mo na lang ung iba an gusto.

    ready na ako dis sunday, zero mileage ako since regent pa, hopefully maka cross man lang finish line w/o any injury….first practice ko last sunday sa nb power run 10k ang dis coming sunday im doing 21k, gudlak runners and run safely.

  29. See you on the road Idol RUNtarantantan!
    @ sportyspice – yeah kita kits tau. this time eh wla mgspinsir ng breakfast kya kkb tau unless mgvovolunteer k n manlibre. hehe.. konti kng nmn tau s event n to. hehe

    @ jerry-u can txt sportyspice if u like to meet sone of the Buddies or mkijoin s brkfs if mtutuloy.

    Team Running Buddies

  30. @runtarantantan
    kita kits din dito idol, back to back ako sa 10k mo, hehe

    @running buddies
    anjan c idol runtarantantan oh, request ntin mag sponsor ng breakfast hehehe

  31. See you all guys on Sunday, You are all invited sa B-day (On Sunday November 18, 2012) ko pero open lang sa pagtakbo hahahahahaha wala ng handaan, takbuhan nalang tayo dami namang freebies na drinks hehehehe tubig nga lang hahahaha open naman ako sa mga magdadala at magbibigay heheheh

  32. hello therookie,

    sure, you are most welcome to join, please feel free to SMS me (see comment#162 for my number). I will be assigned at start/finish line tomorrow :D

    see you there!

    Team Running Buddies

  33. @amalazyrunner:SMS me nalang (see comment#162 for my number) or leave mo dito fb details mo if u want so i can add u up sa fb group ng running buddies.

    hhmmm..walang sponsor ang breakfast bukas eh, so either kkb or if u want to volunteer to sponsor, that would be great..hindi naman kame choosy sa food eh hehehe :)


    Team Running Buddies

  34. Last minute registration yesterday @ Runnr ATC – we’re IN!

    Love the singlet and racebib – kawaii! =)

    I just noticed that the reflectors were placed on the back of the singlet. Though I would have preferred both front and back, if budget constraints were an issue, I’d have the reflectors put on the front instead. Remember, runners are encouraged to run against vehicular traffic, so you (and oncoming traffic) would know what’s coming. Just a simple consideration in the next iteration. SAFETY FIRST! =)

    Team Running Buddies

  35. @sportyspice: akala ko ikaw ang nag volunteer para sa breakfast…sandali hanapin ko kung saan ko nabasa…mali pala volunteer ka sa run na to, sa bday ko nalang next year for the meantime ikaw muna, ikaw nmn leader ng group.

  36. @angel.d.saint: kahapon lng din ako nag regs sa ATC at around 6pm. may babae pang nagmagandang loob na nagbigay sa akin ng tatlong empty tetra pack para maka discount ako ng 50 pesos, kung sino man sya salamat ulit, malaking halaga sa akin ang 50 bucks.

  37. @angel.d.saint: baligtad nalang natin suotin yung shirt o patalikod nalang tayong tumakbo para mapakinabangan yung reflector sa singlet. (smile)

  38. @ amalazyrunner,

    Hindi ako ang leader ng team running buddies. Sadyang masipag lang talaga ako magcomment around here sa PF forums. Napaka dame ko kasing spare time diba?? Hahaha.

    See u tom bro! Run safe and hopefully wala ulit injury! :)

  39. my first 21k run in almost 4 months, maka cross lang finish line ok na, maski anong time, wag lang nmn sana abutin ng lunchtime, grabe, huli na at magagastosan pa ng pang lunch sa bgc.

  40. @olan: hintayin kita sa finish line. Dahil dun ako naka-assign. Hahaha. Sana this time batiin mo na ako pag nakita mo ako. Eh kilala mo naman pala ako eh!terno ba tayo ng trail shoes bukas? Hehehe. Run safe bro! :)

    @Team Running Buddies: God bless mga kapatid. Enjoy and have an injury-free run. Dating gawi, hintay ko kayo sa FL :)

  41. @sportyspice: ikaw ang suporta ng mga tatakbo sa team nyo at mga kaibigan, dapat gumawa ka man lang ng home made sandwich na iaabot mo sa amin ng mga team mo pag tawid sa finish line.

  42. It is unconscionable that you would not have enough medals and finishers bag for all finishers of the 21k race considering that runners participate and finish for them- especially those that pride them self in just finishing. It is proof of their persistence, hard work, determination and accomplishment. You obviously did it on purpose, as you knew how many are registered for the race.

    Please send what you should have promised but did not give me when I finished as soon as possible.

    And by the way, how could you organize a race without mile markers? Please refrain from organizing future races when you cannot meet certain acceptable standards.


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