Timex Run 2012 @ Cebu – Results Discussion

timex cebu 2012 results and photos

Congratulations to everyone that participated the Timex Run 2012 at Cebu! Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Timex Run 2012 @ Cebu
August 19, 2012
Cebu City

Race Results:
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[download id=”714″]

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Photo links will be updated here as they become available! Feel free to share your comments and feedback about the event below.


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  1. There was plenty of water & Powerade but not cold. Even the water with the sponges weren’t cold also. Plus the marshals were non-existent! We were practically running by ourselves with all the traffic around. Worst of all, a drunk election official ran over Peter & Sandra Gonzalez during the run. Both suffered injuries but thankfully are stable. Bad call for Runrio to enlist that group of Cebu organizers!

  2. Congratulation to all the runners, it was really fun running in diff places…like cebu..me and my friend had great experienced, nice people of cebu..i was able to met coach rio personally in cebu hahaha….thank you.

  3. Race could be better. I wish they announced the gun time for each category (apart from the assembly time) so I wouldn’t have to wait a lot.

    There were no kilometer marks along road so you will have to guess exactly how long is left in the race if you don’t know the route.

  4. I agree with Richard Mariano Ho and Jeremy. The race was rather disappointing. there weren’t a lot of after-race activities for the runners as well

  5. It was not a good experience for me because it was the first that the organizer of a fun run didn’t offer us runners food or snacks.Worst of all only few marshals manned the road.We runners are racing with the buses and of course we need to be careful as to where to turn. There was no lavatory available near the starting line.Thanks to God,for a good and very accommodating policeman I was allowed to use the lavatory in the precinct.u

  6. nagdedeteriorate na ang service ng runrio. We run last 36th Milo manila leg and there are error in race results. We forwarded an email right after they released the result and they just replied after a week saying that they will make an updated list but after 2 weeks, still no response from their end. Mataas na kasi ang runrio kaya bale wala na ang concern ng mga runners. Ang ganda naman service nila nung start pero hindi na ngayon.:-(

  7. you know many times I asked some of your staff in timex run rio before the race started if what are the other contents of the kit/freebies that we can receive after the race then the staff answered,,, we also have the snacks… but,, we haven’t… even the small sliced of sandwich but its okay, maybe next time these should be your first priority…. at sana pati mga result namin as a finisher not only the top 3… gusto namin malaman ang result sa 5k finisher para malaman namin kung pang-ilan kami,,,


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