The Mizuno Run Academy Module 1 – June 25, 2012


The Mizuno Run Academy

Mizuno is committed to engineering shoes and gear that seamlessly combine innovation and technology with a thorough understanding of how runners are meant to run, allowing you to perform better and enjoy the sport that you love. We take that expertise further by providing an avenue for running enthusiasts of all levels and ages to learn the smarts of running.

Having the right attitude is one thing, but knowing how this comes into play with your body is another. It takes a combination of physics, human anatomy, and dedication to have a brilliant running experience.

Make it yours. Be yourself, only better. Never Settle.

The Coach

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Patrick Joson is the first Filipino US certified pose method coach. He is also a certified International Triathlon Union Level 2 coach. Currently the Editor at Large of Multisport Philippines magazine, Joson is also the founder of Jump Start, a movement that advocates sustainable fitness lifestyles.

Jump Start

Jump Start is the only fitness campaign that specifically recognizes the value of longevity and sustainability in any athletic endeavor by combining solid scientific knowledge with unique and exciting activities. By making what you do both fun and scientific, you will not only reap the benefits of the activity, but change who you are from the inside.

Beginner’s Course: The Science of Running
Discovering the key to efficiency and endurance

Session 1 – Basics of Pose Running
Session 2 – The Maffetone Method
Session 3 – Your First 45-minute Run
Session 4 – Refresher and Long Distance Slow Run
Session 5 – Graduation Run

The Mizuno Run Academy Module 1
June 25, 2012 – July 27, 2012 (7:00 PM- 9:30 PM)
Monday (BGC), Wednesday (MOA), Friday (Alabang)
Organizer: Mizuno and Jump Start

Registration Fees:
PHP 3500.00 (includes a running kit and admission to the graduation run)

Enrollees will be entitled to a Mizuno Prestige Card. Current cardholders will get additional perks.

Walk-ins will be accepted only during the first week of class (June 25, 27, 29)

Registration Venues:
Monday Group: Mizuno, Bonifacio High Street
Wednesday Group: Mizuno, SM Mall of Asia
Friday Group: Mizuno, Alabang Town Center

Contact Details:
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 757-3160 loc. 518

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  1. I was able to attend Coach Pat’s session during the Iberet 101 Camp. And I’ve been doing some of his pose running methods which worked wonders for me.

    I wonder what’s the time because I have work from 9-7.

  2. Better sign up for free race clinics like Runnersworld or Milo.

    Charging P3,500 at this trying times is really something!

  3. napakaganda nito sa mga beginner… yung tipong hindi pa talaga nakakatakbo sa mga events… pero sobrang mahal… buti na lang meron akong limang local elite na kaibigan sa FTI duon na lang ako humihingi ng mga tips… maambunan man lang ng bilis nila… kaya lang ampyas lang ang nakukuha…hahaha :-)

  4. i guess the community might veer away from such especially with running clinics available as of now. andyan ung sa riovana, runnersworld, at milo apex. i also find the number of session kinda bitin. the prestige card is nice if you are into mizuno brand

    @ed, limang elite? wow! ikaw na!

  5. @barefootdaves I beg to differ. I for one is very interested in this clinic. The main draw here is Coach Pat and pose running method.

    Other clinics are still teaching the old school technique of running. But to each its own.

    Let you guys know this clinic will turn out :D.


    This is to clarify that the schedule is 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM as stated in the posters, so we can accommodate those who’ll be coming from work. Apologies for the confusion.

    To those asking about the running kit, we will be giving away Mizuno shirts. You’ll also get a chance to win other Mizuno items if you participate in the program.

    Thank you! :)

    Mizuno Marketing Team

  7. @Mizuno Philippines where exactly at BHS will the clinic be held? Sa grounds lang? And please consider a saturday schedule.My work is until 7 but if there’s an urgent matter to settle at the office…may chances na I wont be able to attend..unlike if weekends.

  8. Am thinking of signing up. Sobrang bagal ko kasing tumakbo, nabo-bore buddy runner ko at lagi akong iniiwan…

    Is Pose method effective? Share your thoughts naman :)

  9. @LFR I searched some pose method drills on youtube and tried applying the technique on my last 3 runs.

    Na-lessen and parang nawala pa nga ang stress sa feet ko and my endurance is better.

    In terms of speed, it improved too but not drastically. So I want to learn more from this clinic para mas maganda ang takbo ko.

  10. @rodeo Yes, the Mizuno BHS branch will serve as the meeting place. The theoretical part of the program will be held there. We will definitely consider offering a Saturday schedule. Thank you for your input!

    @LFR The POSE method developed by Dr. Nicholas Romanov will teach you how to maximize your body with minimal effort, efficiently utilizing it to improve performance and reduce the risk of injuries. It should be able to address your concerns if done correctly :)

  11. @angelo – hindi eh mga local lang like quisay,desuyo,elejiran yung tatlong yun lang naman ang pwedeng sumabay sa mga kenya yung iba eh hindi katulad nila kalalakas pero sub-40 rin sa 10k :-)

    wala na yung grupo ni tanui/missos/poyno sa FTI nasa C6 na daw, ang lagi ko lang nakikita duon eh yung grupo nila philip ronoh,james mbei at irene kipchumba… hindi ko matyempohan kasi nakadamit pa ng work pa ako galing work at sila eh patapos na sprint hanggang triumph… hanggang kaway-kaway na lang…

  12. @barefootdaves – mga local elite lang natin.. duon kasi nakatira yung mga yun at nakakasama post workout/stretching mga nakakasama sa konting kwentuhan kainan pag may bday etc… priveledged lang na makasama sila pero in terms of speed o sumabay man lang sa kanila… hahahaha napakalayo-layo pa :-)

  13. @rodeo, ive spent considerable amount of time about the history, (dis)advantages and biomechanics impact of chi running, pose running, and evolution running. which is why i understand what this clinic can and will offer to its students. program is indeed really good. at medyo bitin sa number of sessions

    most will not easily understand what gain they will get from pose and chi running (evolution aint introduced yet locally) compared to what other clinics can offer. if im a runner, i need to shell out thousands of pesos for chi or pose while i get trained from others for free or for a minimal amount not unless someone explains it well the uniqueness of the program

    lets just take maffetone method (1st session). its not just about knowing one’s max heart rate to pinpoint the aerobic pace. and how long a runner must stay in that zone in order to maximize the gain and the importance of an hrm device. it is a holistic approach. there are at least 2 big books dedicated on this subject matter. i wont be expecting much if the topic will be discussed in just 1.5hrs

    lastly the operating word was ‘might’. i did not say that runners will NOT sign up

  14. @rodeo, thanks for the tips. Also watched on youtube some pose and chi running techniques. But I think we need someone to tell us if we are doing (imitating) the techniques right!

    @barefootdaves, nice insight you have there. Should i ever sign up for this, i hope they will teach us those which we couldn’t get from the internet and/or running books :)

  15. @Bords The 10K graduation run will be held in Filinvest Alabang :)

    @LFR Patrick Joson learned the technique from Dr. Nicholas Romanov himself and is certified to teach this method. We will be providing the students a copy of the lectures :)

  16. @Mizuno Philippines Sa start of classes pa daw makukuha ang running kit??

    Also, there were no posters,information where to register, and half of the staff have no idea about the event….walang kalatuy-latuy… friends and I decided to hold our registration kasi nakakawalang gana :///

  17. @barefootdaves I’m glad you spent a considerable amount of time learning about the technique :p. But I personally think it’s not rocket science…given the right person to teach it then I think anyone can understand it and apply it correctly. Which I think is what we are paying for in this running clinic. I’ve attended Coach Pat’s free clinic once and I was able to apply it and feel the difference immediately.

    And I can immediately tell the difference between old school running techniques and the pose running method. As I’ve said, Coach Pat have a knack of putting things in layman’s term. Maybe that’s the reason why you have spent a considerable amount of time learning about it and I only have to listen to Coach Pat for 1.5 hour to grasp the concept :).

    And lastly, I never said you said that runner’s will NOT sign up…(whew, that’s a mouthful)…I said I disagree with your assessment. It’s a sweeping generalization kasi when you say the running “community” might veer away from such clinics. ;)

  18. @LFR yes I agree. I think that’s what coaches are for and I think 3500 for 5 sessions is very cheap compare to getting your own running coach.

    I’m sure mas marami pa akong matutunan na techniques during the clinic and of course mas mabilis kapag sasabihin sa akin kung papaano instead of reading some books and watching vids.

  19. @Mizuno Philippines: would you please consider having the graduation run somewhere nearer to central Manila? I’m already enrolled (for the BGC venue) and I want to graduate but Filinest Alabang is too far :(

    Also, will this be a morning or a night run?

  20. My running has improved a lot since I started running pose.

    The maffetone method is really good. I can’t believe malapit na ang graduation run.


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