3rd Intramuros Run by the Mapuans – August 5, 2012


A fun run organized by the Mapua Institute of Technology – Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Alumni Association (MIT ChE-Chem AA) for its scholarship and outreach programs.

3rd Intramuros Run by the Mapuans
August 5, 2012 @ 5AM
Mapua Intramuros of Technology – Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila
3K / 6K
Organizer: Mapua Institute of Technology – Chemical Engineering and Chemistry Alumni Association (MIT ChE-Chem AA)

Registration Fees:
PHP 300.00 (includes finisher’s shirt, bib number and race map)

Registration Venues:
Mapua Institute of Technology, School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
3rd floor, NW Bldg., Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila

3rd Intramuros Run by the Mapuans – T-shirt Design


Contact Details:
Ardvin Kester Ong
Cell: 0917-3017990

Mauricio Camayra
Cell: 0927-3142565

John Mayor
Cell: 0922-8631566

Jorge Sevilla
Cell: 0917-8557159

Josephine Ng
Cell: 0920-9453620

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  1. race venue: intramuros
    registration area: intramuros

    the organizer must include more registration areas if they want to make this race a success. it will be difficult for runners to travel to manila just to register considering the time needed to do so.

  2. walang singlet pero me finisher’s shirt?
    sa intramuros lang ang registration site.

    baka para sa mga mapuans lang yan…:)

  3. @Len:

    if that is the case then expect this race to be garner the least number of registrants. it seems that the organizer does not care about what runner wants.

  4. Dapat maraming reg sites. Yung org ng isang college sa UP, yung JPIA, maraming reg sites. Successful yung Tiktakbo. Ganun din yung org ng isang college sa Ateneo, yung SPED. Successful din yung No Speed Limit.

    Be more specific in details. =)

    Mas magandang makakuha muna ng singlet kesa sa finisher’s shirt.

  5. @nozradia

    open to the public ito pero kung sa intramuros lang ang registration area mukhang puro mapuans lang ang sasali dito.

  6. more reg sites in the south area pls.. hard to register for already working alumni.. ok lang for me na finisher shirt.. at leat meron..

  7. We’ll have registration site at Mapua – Makati campus starting July 16.
    Finisher’s shirt and no singlet.
    Thanks a lot for your comments.


    thank you for this welcome development. we plan to join this race event and tour intramuros after. hitting two birds with one stone ikanga. :-)

  9. @iohc at mac:

    pakibasa ang thread at nakalagay na may registration sa mapua makati.

    bagamat 6K lang ito mura naman sa halagang P300 at may kasama pang finisher shirt. sabayan na natin ng intramuros tour pagkatapos ng takbo para sulit sa biyahe ikanga. :-)

  10. ganda rin takbuhan ang loob ng intramuros.. Join ako dito..diretso kain kay Manang sa WALL, my fave since freshmen until makatapos..

  11. @rose:

    as indicated above it says finisher shirt only. considering the reasonable registration fee this race is worth joining.

  12. dapat huwag free size pls.. kasi marami ng nag liitan ng katawan dahil sa mga runs.. naging sexy na lahat kaya sana large lang pinaka malaki o konte lang pinaka malaki at puro smaller size na ang pinaka marami.. salamat and GOD BLESS ALL AT ONCE…

  13. when you register, you will give the finisher shirt or in the race day when you finish the run… thnks and GOD BLESS again…

  14. Iniisip ko pa kung tatakbo kami dito. Alumni din kami ng Mapua. Pero bakit finisher’s shirt imbis na singlet? Nakakapikon kaya pagkatapos mong tumakbo, biglang pangit yung quality ng shirt na makukuha mo, at free size pa…

  15. hmmm. free size? thanks for that info. i pay hard earned cash to join races and support event beneficiaries but that does not mean that i will accept inferior race support. if this is the case then count me out and i will just visit intramuros on my own walk tour. :-(


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