Run for Integrity 2 2012 – Results Discussion and Photos

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Congratulations to everyone that participated and conquered theRun for Integrity 2 2012 that took place in Bonifacio Global City! Thanks to everyone that dropped by the booth and supported us! Nice to see warm and familiar smiles!

Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

Run for Integrity 2 2012
May 6, 2012
Bonifacio Global City

Race Results:
2nd Run for Integrity 2012 – Race Results

Some Photos!


More Photos will be posted here soon -> Pinoy Fitness Family @ Run for Integrity

Feel free to share your comments and feedback about the event below.

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  1. I found it disappointing that the announced gun start times were not followed. Does anybody know why they started much earlier than scheduled? I arrived at BGC at 5:20am (the 5K gun start was supposed to be at 5:45am) only to be surprised that the 3K runners were already about to start running and that the 5K runners had already started much earlier. What’s sad is that runningmate does not report chip time results in its website, but rather, gun start time only. I hope the organizers take these comments seriously especially since many runners pay the registration fees, train hard for the runs, and expect to get decent results analysis. Whatever my results are will not be useful at all since I was not able to make it in time for gun start. I honestly felt that my P550 was taken away from me. Just wanted to share my dissatisfaction.

  2. @Sir Clive

    kung di sana pinalitan nung race director ung gunstart ng 5k, malamang nkaabot kayo.

    kung pumunta rin po sana kayo sa scheduled assembly time, malamang nkaabot din kayo kahit may adjustments sa gunstart.

  3. a nice event with some kinks. kudos to those runners who managed to throw their cups at the designated trash bins.

    * good thing the gunstart for 15km was early. though it was deferred by a few minutes this morning
    * no sports drinks along the route even when pocari was a partner/sponsor. it was being distributed after the finish line. though sponge was made available
    * great effort from the organizers placing those trash bins besides the water table. though i prefer them a little bit farther. so i can walk while drinking
    * saw 1 portalet along the route. nice effort
    * route was pretty much straightforward. no dizzying maze. loop cords was provided at the end of the turning points
    * marshals failed to veer the rest of the 15km runners to steer to the right going back to buendia flyover. we ended up running along on the left side and was instructed to transfer to the right when we got down after the flyover
    * raffle started waaay too early when a lot of 15km runners are still on the road. where’s our chances of winning?

    * my major gripe was safety. i saw cones along buendia but has no real purpose. traffic was open after 2 hours
    * it was hazardous running from rizal drive all the way to 32nd st. that’s 2 looong kilometers
    * marshals/organizers did a poor job manning the street and looking after the welfare of the runners. i almost got sideswiped!

    i do hope the real purpose of the event – “running for integrity” was highlighted this morning

  4. Clive: Where did you see those gunstart times? The only thing I saw on the race kit was that assembly time was 4:30 AM. And the Facebook post a few days ago said that 15K would start a 5AM with other categories following shortly after.

  5. I agree totally with Clive on two points: Runningmate uses timing chips but only posts gun times, so what’s the point of the chips? Also races started earlier than announced (Mike – start times were posted on several websites in response to questions over the last few days and also on the race FB page I think). I was walking slowly to the 10K start at 5:15 when I heard the countdown, had to jump the fence and was the last one to start!

  6. I agree with Clive. I thought the gun start for the 5k was at 5:45. Ayun pagkapark ko diretso na ng takbo.. And I saw one foreigner that was to run with his Kid. He was complaining sa Marshall sa starting line na 6:00am ang start ng 3k but everybody was running na. Also the running mate result ay gun start lang.

  7. Strider is way better for timing but I think Runningmate is much cheaper but lacks a lot of features. Sana they can provide us kahit PDF lang of the master list so we would know how we ranked among the rest of the runners.The streets were clean,very few plastic cups and sponges seen on the road.GJ! runners :)
    However,gun start was off from the announced official start.Had some flaws but still way better than NATGEO.

  8. my gps watch registered around 15.8km. i don’t know if it is accurate but definitely the route is more than 15km

  9. this run would have been my anniversary run in joining fun run events. Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to register. nevertheless, Im happy that herds of runners are flocking to this event. kudos to organizers…

  10. I totally agree with Clive … Runningmate uses timing chips but only posted gun time, so what’s the point of the chips? Also race started earlier than announced time….ended up joining the gun start of 3k….very disappointing….

  11. Di lang nasunod ang gun start. Advertisments + prayer + national anthem + exercise + briefing… Kung may ganun pa pala, dapat ginawa nyo na yun ng mas maaga…

    Besides that, maganda naman ang outcome ng run. Masaya lahat ng runners…

  12. i do hope that this event – “RUNNING for INTEGRITY” – be made compulsory to all government employees (physically able)specially of the top 10 “most corrupt agencies”

  13. nice run event yesterday!

    good points:
    -water stations
    -roving timer
    -warm-up, hahaha! pinanood lang namin siya.

    late gun start?! its okay to be late meron naman assembly time na allowance kaya dapat naging maaga ang dating kahit na ganun yung nakalagay sa website na gunstart each category. gulat nga kami na 15kiers e nakakadalawang left turn pa lang kami gunstart na ng 10k.

    napagaaralan ko na kasi ang sistema ng mga run events, first few months ko in running talaga dumadating din ako ng late kasi ang dahilan ko matagal pa naman ang gunstart ko pero mula nung na late gunstart ako sa isang event inagahan ko na ang dating kasi the organizers can start as early as the said time.

    so far so good!

  14. As always, marami paring reklamo?! Kayo na kaya maging organizer, para maranasan ko namang makatakbo sa isang perfect run!! Magpasabi lang kayo,I’ll register..

  15. Hi, the race was well organized, except for the late start on the 15k. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of water stations.

    For some reason, my bib is not showing any time. Can you forward to me my official time and rank in the 15k? My bib number is 5582 and I finished around 1:16.03 or so. Thanks.

  16. Ang mga reklamo ay isang constructive criticism para mag improve ang mga running organizers in the future. Nasa atin na lang kung paano natin titignan yun. Pag naulit ang running event na to next year, alam na nila yung weak points ng event.

    Ang reklamo ay for improvements, hindi para laitin ang organizers. =)

  17. maganda nyan,next year hwag nyo na lang takbuhan.pag-di nag-bago ang fun run.tandaan na lang natin yung organizer.

  18. congrats to all participants! nice to see my former Convergys officemates. missed u guys. hope you enjoyed ur distances Grace, Excel,Dex and Claire.

    glad to have ran with many familiar run-fwendz too including celeb friends Rovilson Fernandez and Kapuso CarL/Claudette/Mikko.

    kudos to ECCP Team,Ms.Cay,Sir Rudy Biscocho and Jay Em for the great hydration. until the next project.

  19. @barefootdaves

    enjoyed our chit-chat @KM4 along Buendia.
    ill try to bring ABird next time,hehe.

    had cramps during last 3KMs and intermittently all the way to finish line. first time that ever happend.

  20. Organizer should have not posted their gunstart for 10K,5K and 3K if they will not follow what they have posted/announced. Ang dami tuloy na-‘late’ sa respective categories nila not to mention may mga naligaw pa sa route nila. They came on time as per posted gunstart pero di na complete ang marshall sa ibang turning points kaya naligaw. Medyo disappointing lang esp if you have invited newbie runners to experience na di sila naka-sabay to run with the crowd to inspire them to do more running. Over-all i will score this running event 5 (scale of 1-10).

  21. Hi. Checked with, but my gun time was not registered (“No bib was found. Try another”) I am sure I wore my bib and timing chip correctly. Any suggestions?

  22. @Ms_Mars

    “had cramps during last 3KMs and intermittently all the way to finish line. first time that ever happend”

    baka dahil mahaba ung nilakad natin habang tsumi-tsika, hahahah!

  23. let us welcome complaints as long as they are valid and truthful.

    if we take race miscues in stride then we will be part of the problem.

  24. @barefootdaves

    hindi naman cguro ung chikka distance. but come to think of it? hehe just kiddin!

    until the next chikka run, BFD ^__*

  25. Kindly correct my name that appear in the result race. The correct one is Stephen Dave Mercybal Canonero and not Stephen Daye Canonelo under BIB race no 3905. Many Thanks…


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