I Shall Return Ultra Marathon Challenge @ Leyte – August 18, 2012


I Shall Return, An Intense 50K Ultra Marathon Challenge
From MacArthur Landing Memorial Park to San Juanico Bridge and back (via a different route). . .
Distance: 50+ kilometers
Cut-off time: 9 hours
Event beneficiary: Virlanie Foundation Inc. (www.virlanie.org)

I Shall Return Ultra Marathon Challenge
August 18, 2012 @ 4AM to 1PM
MacArthur Landing Memorial Park to San Juanico Bridge and back
50K Solo / 50K Two Man-Relay
Organizer: FrontRunner Magazine and Team Intensity

Registration Fees:
Start of Registration: May 1, 2012

PhP750.00 (each person for two-man relay)
PhP950.00 (Solo)

Inclusive of dri-fit finisher’s t-shirt, medal and hot meal

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Distribution of race packets and final briefing will be on August 17, 2012 @ 5PM
Venue to be announced

For Bank Payment:
Please deposit at:
Bank: BPI
Account Name: Constante C. Mendoza Jr.
Account No. 2379 0362 39

Once deposit is done kindly email scanned copy of deposit slip at [email protected]

Registration Venues:
1. A Runner’s Circle Running Store (MANILA)
2. FrontRUNNER Magazine(MAKATI)
3. R8 Cycling (Tacloban, Leyte)

Online registration is also available.

Contact Details:
Jonel Mendoza
Tel: 8432487
Cell: (sun)09228229342 /(globe)09178030664

Kharl Ocampo of Team Intensity
Cell: 09175713935

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  1. Got this from their FB page (as of May 30):

    I SHALL RETURN, An INTENSE 50 km Ultra Marathon Challenge
    (From Tacloban City Convention Center to Tacloban City Amphitheater through all the sites including MacArthur Landing Memorial Park and San Juanico Bridge)
    Distance: 50+ kilometers.
    Cut-off time: 10 hours.
    Solo and 2 Person Relay
    August 18, 2012 from 4:00AM to 2:00PM
    REGISTRATION VENUE: A Runner’s Circle Running Store (MANILA), frontRUNNER Magazine(MAKATI), R8 Cycling (Tacloban, Leyte)
    Online registration is available.
    Start of Registration: May 1, 2012
    End of Registration: August 8, 2012
    Event beneficiary: Virlanie Foundation Inc. (www.virlanie.org)

    Registration Requirements:
    • During registration, participants must be 18 years old and above, and must be physically and mentally fit.
    • Participants in the solo event (50K) must have at least completed one official marathon (42.2 kilometers); participants of the relay must have finished at least one official half marathon (21K).
    • Registration fee (inclusive of dri-fit finisher’s t-shirt and medal) is PhP950.00 for solo (50K); PhP750.00 each for relay.
    • Special hot meal will be served at the finish line for all finishers.
    • Shuttle service up to the half way check point will be provided for relay 2nd leg runners and a return shuttle service to the finish line for the relay 1st leg runners.
    • Distribution of race packets and final briefing will be on August 17, 2012 at 7:00PM at Balyuan Convention Center (Tacloban City).
    • There will be a Carbo Loading Party after the briefing and an additional Php250.00 will be charged to those who will bring their family, non participant friends or support crew.
    • No registration fee refund will be given for whatever reason/s stated for non-appearance or non-participation during race day.

    Race Day Guidelines:
    • There will be NO race packet distribution on race day. No bib, no run.
    • Support vehicle and crew is optional. Runners must clearly mark their support vehicle with at least one banner bearing their bib number.
    • Runners are allowed to buy food and drinks along the way. You are advised to bring cash.
    • Assembly time is 3:00 am, August 18. Check-in is a MUST.
    • Start is EXACTLY at 4:00AM, August 18, 2012.
    • Race bibs must be pinned in front of the body at ALL times.
    • Runners are REQUIRED to wear headlamps or use flashlights at the start of the race until daybreak. This item will be checked during check-in
    • Pacers not duly registered as runners are NOT allowed at any point of the race.
    • Starting Line is at Tacloban Convention Center (Astrodome).
    •Finish Line is at Tacloban Amphitheater.
    • There will be a time checkpoint at the half way point for the SOLO category.
    • Relay participants will switch places at the half way point.
    • Cut-off time is 10 hours.
    • Finishers within the cut-off time will receive a finisher’s shirt and medal.

    There will be water/food stations approximately every 11 kilometers.

    STOP, LOOK and LISTEN BEFORE crossing the roads and intersections
    In the absence of traffic marshals, it is the personal responsibility of each runner and support crew to acquaint themselves with the race route. No time credits shall be given for runners getting lost
    The race officially ends after 10 running hours as per official timing watch after which all aid stations and its personnel and all race officials shall pack up. There will be no extensions whatsoever for any reason. Runners who finish beyond 10 hours are however entitled to a finisher’s medal and shirt but whose name will no longer be included in the official finisher’s list
    NO CHEATING. All participants are of age, sane and sound minds and responsible enough to understand this and everything written
    Absolutely NO bandits allowed
    Runners are allowed to take a rest inside a support vehicle, for as long as such vehicle remains properly parked for the duration of the rest. Make sure to resume running at exactly the point where you stopped.
    Support vehicles must have blinkers on while waiting for the runner/s. They must park at a safe side of the road and put headlights on.
    Support vehicle must leap frog the runner, meaning, vehicles are not allowed to run side by side with, nor trail the runner.
    Call the attention of the Race Director or roving marshals if you are dropping out or need medical assistance, and indicate your location and your concern.
    Race continues even if it rains. Cancellation notices will be given by the organizers if needed.

    Quick Tips:
    • As much as possible, run against or facing traffic.
    • Wear light-colored clothes for visibility and to allow for a “cooler” feeling.
    • Dispose of your trash properly. Do not litter along the route.
    • Familiarize yourself with the race course. Make sure to know where to turn.
    Get lost at your own risk.
    • Beware of stray dogs. NEVER try to outrun them. Slow down or stop, facing the dogs and stand fast.
    • Extend aid to fellow runners in need.
    • There will be no portable toilets. Be creative but not vulgar. Balikbayan boxes or sarongs will do for the ladies. Boys, about face, ok?
    • Enjoy the journey to the finish line!

    For clarifications, please call: Jonel Mendoza 0922 822 9342 / 843 2487 / 09178030664 or Kharl Ocampo of Team Intensity 09175713935

    for bank payments, deposit registration fee to CONSTANTE C MENDOZA JR BPI SA# 2379 0362 39 and email scanned copy of deposit slip to [email protected]

  2. I would love to join…to run for my hometown but seems there is no assurance for runners’s safety & security along the route. Traffic marshals are very crucial on every running events/race especially if the route are along the highway with narrow roads and lots of public buses and other vehicles. Quick tips are scary :-( huhuhu How i wish you will consider some security measures especially to runners who will spent for their airfare to join the race. Paging Mr. Jonel Mendoza, Race Director. thank you so much…

  3. saan yung Balyuan Convention Center ? Malapit ba ito sa City Hall ?

    Sa mga mag solo, twice dadaan ng San Juanico bridge… yahoo!!!!

  4. @ mark balyuan tower is located along Magsaysay blvd. just in front of the city hall u can’t miss it coz it is a land mark in Tac City.


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