C5 Half Marathon 2012 – Results Discussion

C5 Half Marathon 2012 race results and photos

Congratulations to everyone that participated at this years’ C5 Half Marathon 2012 at F. Ortigas Jr Road (Formerly Emerald Ave.) Ortigas Center, Pasig City! Thank you for visiting our booth. Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here!

C5 Half Marathon 2012
May 27, 2012
F. Ortigas Jr Road (Formerly Emerald Ave.)

Race Results:
C5 Half Marathon 2012 – Race Results

Photo links will be updated here as they become available! Feel free to share your comments and feedback about the event below.

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  1. Mali. Dapat “Half C5 Half Marathon”. One reason kaya kami sumali dito dahil sa route na promise ng organizer.. at yun ang name ng run.. and then.. SURPRISE!!!

  2. Ok. Let me start by saying I’ve tried to stay positive about this run. I registered kahit na mahal and kasabay ng Greentennial (I’ve always joined Greentennial’s runs) because I liked the singlet, the medal (kahit na I know na iba for the 15k runners) and its a new route for me. I registered as early as Apri l3, and gave them the benefit of the doubt for the delivery. I waited til last Friday after lunch to follow up on the delivery and when I picked it up last Saturday, I was nice to the lady there primarily because she was apologetic as she was handing me my race kit.

    BUT then, eto na, raceday.

    1) I think it started a bit late. My gunstart (15k) was supposed to be 445am but at that time yung mga 21k palang ang umalis.

    2) Route was different. I know that the organizers can change the route due to
    some unforeseen problems but it would’ve been nice if the runner were informed of it. My mind was prepared to go up til Boni Serrano but instead hanggang sa may Ortigas flyover lang tapos 2 loops – nung pababa ng Ortigas flyover medyo yung utak ko sinasabi sa katawan ko na malapit na matapos, when in fact hindi pa dahil first loop pa lang.

    3) Again about the route. Or maybe sa marshall na hindi alam ano gagawin. The first loop ng 15k was supposed to reach up to the Bagong Ilog flyover pala. But somewhere (parang before Lanuza ata) may sign na 15k runners make a U-turn na. When I finished and saw the map akala ko ako lang nagkamali. But all of those na nakagather around the map also made the same mistake – probably because when we asked the marshall kung U-turn na, he said yes. That U-turn pala was for the 2nd loop na dapat. Ang nangyari around 11-12km lang ang natakbo.

    4) Minimal race signages, which contributed to the runners’ confusion. Di ko alam kung san pupunta, kung ikot na ba, straight pa, kung ilang kms na ang natakbo, kung ilan pa naiwan.

    –Needless to say, I’m so disappointed with this run. Hindi ko tuloy madala sarili ko na matuwa sa medal ko. :(

    I hope FinishLine can explain what happened here.

  3. Lessons learned na lang tayo mga Tol! Just remember the organizer and their partners in this running event!!! ALAM NA ANTIN SA SUSUNOD!

  4. Setting aside the issues on racekit delivery, this is a good run (21k). Compared perhaps to natgeo where the reg fee is almost the same.

    1. Strategic location of hydration stations. With bananas even after the finishline.
    2. Generally, well organized.
    3. Fresh and challenging route. Good location.
    4. Nice medal. Unique.

    1. Shortage of disposable cups in 17th km station.
    2. Change in route with no prior advise until before gun start.
    3. Gun start for 21k was delayed for at least 15mins.

    Will I still register in the next finishline organized event?
    Yes, of course :-)

    • Agree. Still way better than natgeo :-) daming banana and gu drinks. Felt bad it’s not the whole c5 which i intentionally joined this race for. Axn was tough and i want a revenge today sana. Nonetheless going up and down the tiendesitas flyover made up for the hills missed.

  5. I didn’t get my kit, but nice route though. It was more difficult than AXN, twice on ortigas flyover, twice on julia vargas. Killer uphills!!! Nice finisher shirt, and of course, the enviable medal. :)

  6. I paid for a 15K run and what did I get? 11.9km only. Finishline – you are definitely FINISHED in my books. NEVER AGAIN. EVER.

  7. the route was definitely challenging especially the big uphill towards the finish line (most were walking up both times). Good hill training.

    Water/gatorade stations started off strong but seemed to lack cups, and water in several stations.

    I may do another race by the organizers, but would like better organization in the registration.

  8. very challenging ang route pero sana nasunod parin yung una mas maganda siguro yun kaysa sa 2 beses mo uulitin ang route sana nasabihan kami ng maaga a simple update on this site will do, I was aiming for a sub 2 finish pero dahil naglakad ako sa uphill papuntang finishline I ended up 02:02 hehe ang hirap kasi takbuhin kinapos ako overall nice race medyo nakalimutan na ang aberya sa race kit distribution -bib #451

  9. wow! my first 15k at 1hr 20mins! NOT!! mali ang mga marshalls nyo. nagtanong pa ako sa marshall kung tama yung route ko, sabi nya tama daw eh 11k pa lang tapos finishline na?! hanep! NEVER AGAIN!!

  10. i am now “personally” boycotting Finishline!! just survived the worst run event i have ever attended!

    1. some people’s race kits didn’t get delivered at all and the organizers couldn’t find their kits. they had to make new bibs & chips on the spot
    2. the event started 15 minutes late because of that
    3. they removed the Katipunan part of the route so the new route was just made into 2 loops nalang (which we hate)
    4. we couldn’t drink from some water stations because they ran out of cups!!
    5. their gatorade was powdered and the staff just mixed it there when the event was on-going already! and super konti lang the gatorade!
    6. saw policemen taking bananas from the water station that’s supposed to be for the runners
    7. there were no water stations AT ALL at the several long, HOT uphills
    8. there were NO portalets on the route
    9. there was no cold water/drinks after the finish line
    10. there was a long-ass line to get the finisher’s shirt and they only appointed 3 staff members to FIND each runner’s shirt! the shirts were numbered with the runner’s number. whose bright idea was that???
    11. paid 1,100 for all that inefficiency!!

  11. I agree with all points of Karen N! I joined this race inspite of several warnings from my friends that Finishline always organizes terribly! I wanted to join because the singlet was nice and the medal was nicer PLUS it was very my house.

    My husband and I joined the 15k run. I dont want to reiterate the points Karen pointed out bec she said it perfectly. I just want to add that the hydration stations had no ice, specially the one at the Finishline! Also , I saw piles of blue sponges that apparently were meant to be given out cold and wet during the run but without ice, they were useless.

    It’s true na sayang ang magandang medal na nakalagay 15k kung ang itinakbo lang ay 11k. Hindi namin kasalanan yun. They changed the route that same morning and during the run, the marshal changed it again!! My husband’s experience was worse. Noticing that the route was too short, he asked one of the marshals if he should follow the 21k runners to bagong ilog for the last loop and the marshal said yes. Ayun, awa ng Diyos, 21k yung tinakbo niya.

    I want to say that I would never join a Finishline race again… Or until they shape up! I saw 15k runners complaining about the shorter route and the organizers were just scratching their heads and smiling! The nerve…

    I joined the 15k of Ensure the week before and even if the turn out was not this big, that race was very organized… I’ll just treat my Finishline medal as my medal in Ensure!

  12. just to share our experience with this race, katulad ng marami sa inyo hindi rin dumating ang race kit namin sa bahay (we live at Q.C. only). Nagpunta kami sa Ortigas ng Saturday afternoon para mag-inquire, at dun kami nabigla nang nalaman namin hindi raw ni-remit ng RUNNR TRINOMA ang regsitration namin together with at least 20+ other runners (according ito mismo sa head ng Finishline na si Vince at sa partner niya na girl).

    Nag-register kami April 13 pa, sa registration table ng RUNNR, nandun mismo yung Manager nila at nag-aassist, I’m sure his the manager kasi suki kami ng RUNNR at nakikita namin siya sa event. Kaya confident kami na walang problema.

    Although nagawan ng paraan ni Vince na mabigyan kami ng race kit (hand written lang ng pentel pen ang bib number ko), still mapapaisip ka kung bakit nagkaganun. Kung nagkataon pala, nag-antay kami sa wala at mabibigls nalang kami during race day na hindi pala kami kasali, buti nilang may receipt kami. (take note, nagfollow pa kami sa FinishLine a week before the race, just to check, and they said na made-deliver, kaya confident kami na walang problema)

    Let’s enumerate the problem of this race

    -hindi na-deliver ang race kits ng karamihan
    -may mga hindi na-account na registrants
    -nagchange ang route during race day
    -late and gun start
    -naubusan ng cups as early as the 7th Km palang

    I agree with most of you na it was a challenging at refreshing route kasi naiiba but you’ll be the judge kung okay ang organizer at partners ng race na ito

  13. just to share our experience with this race, katulad ng marami sa inyo hindi rin dumating ang race kit namin sa bahay (we live at Q.C. only). Nagpunta kami sa Ortigas ng Saturday afternoon para mag-inquire, at dun kami nabigla nang nalaman namin hindi raw ni-remit ng RUNNR TRINOMA ang regsitration namin together with at least 20+ other runners (according ito mismo sa head ng Finishline na si Vince at sa partner niya na girl).

    Nag-register kami April 13 pa, sa registration table ng RUNNR, nandun mismo yung Manager nila at nag-aassist, I’m sure his the manager kasi suki kami ng RUNNR at nakikita namin siya sa event. Kaya confident kami na walang problema.

    Although nagawan ng paraan ni Vince na mabigyan kami ng race kit (hand written lang ng pentel pen ang bib number ko), still mapapaisip ka kung bakit nagkaganun. Kung nagkataon pala, nag-antay kami sa wala at mabibigls nalang kami during race day na hindi pala kami kasali, buti nilang may receipt kami. (take note, nagfollow pa kami sa FinishLine a week before the race, just to check, and they said na made-deliver, kaya confident kami na walang problema)

    Let’s enumerate the problem of this race

    -hindi na-deliver ang race kits ng karamihan
    -may mga hindi na-account na registrants
    -nagchange ang route during race day
    -late and gun start
    -naubusan ng cups as early as the 7th Km palang

    I agree with most of you na it was a challenging at refreshing route kasi naiiba but you’ll be the judge kung okay ang organizer at partners ng race na ito

  14. for me,boring ung run kc 2 ikot xa..di nasunod ung race route at late pa ung gun start ..wala pang loot-bag..
    kya ako nagregister kc iba ung route unlike BGC..
    finisher shirt and medal astig..

    overall, 6/10…

  15. walang address office,change ang route,kilala na natin yung organizer,baka mag-change ng name.ingat na lang tayo sa mga ganitong organizer.walang paki-alam sa mga runners

  16. I did not join because nadala na ako sa AXN Run nila last year. Basing it on the reactions, looks like I made the right decision.

    Madala na rin kayo sa organizer na yan!

    Takbo na lang tayo ca C5/Julia Vargas/Lanuza hills on our own…or just wait for a better organizer for the C5 route.

  17. This had the potential to be a great run but sadly finishline fell short. What really bugged me was the sudden change in the race route. Yes, the medal was nice as well as the singlet and the finisher’s shirt but I signed up for this race because of the route and to have it changed in the last minute was a let down. One more thing, the gun start was delayed which messed up our hydration and nutrition plans.

    On a more positive note, hydration tables, though oddly spaced apart, had plenty of gatorade and water (at least when I got them, not sure about situation with the other runners). The route, though changed in the last minute, was challenging like hell and I must say it kicked my behind today. Also, a lot of traffic enforcers were scattered along the route which kept the runners safe and credit should be given to them for holding off angry motorists and giving the runners the right of way.

    Overall, I’d rate this 3 out of 5. Could definitely have been higher. Maybe next year or maybe not.

  18. tnx to this run hindi ako nakadaan ng C5 to BGC…hindi rin ako nakatakbo sa Run for the Scholar… pero it’s my fault should have left the house earlier…

  19. the event is good enough. not being biased or whatever, i think the event went well. not the most perfect one but definitely not a failure. contentment is a state of mind. will i run again another finish line event? perhaps.

  20. Finishline, you have a reputation to keep, what happen? Sayang ang pangalan na you have build up thru the years at nasisira dahil sa mga ganung kapalpakan? Sayang, pls make the necessary correction to your system and show us that your worth the emulations that we’ve known your organization has before, ayusin nyo sa susunod, tnx

  21. naawa ako dun sa kenyan na babae, nahilo na ata sumobra yung ikot nya, di ko lng alam kung sya p din yung number 1

  22. hahahaha buti pa tong mga to may mga result agad ung Run For a Scholar wala pa, ganon ba talaga pag run for a cause ung run eh hndi masyadong pinapansin? Pinoy Fitness akala ko may booth kayo kanina sa BGC buy sana ako tech shirt bka cguro ng kataon lang or dko kau nakita hehehe, this is my first time na mag join sa ganitong run enjoy pla hndi masyadong matao sarap tumakbo good job amcham…..To all runners sa run for a cause nlang tayo mg join oks na oks wlang nag re2klamo peace…represent…recognize..

  23. I should point out that the route change was actually announced. Kaso, it was just roughly some 5 minutes before the gun time kaya kaunti lang siguro ang nakarinig. I was really anticipating the original route. But looking back, I think mas challenging yung 2 loops. Buti na lang I was able to adjust my mindset for the new route.

    Water stations were uneven. Dapat sana meron dun sa bandang Ortigas flyover since mahaba naman yung part na yun and mas exposed na sa araw. On one water station, naubusan sila ng cups kaya I was forced to drink from a gallon’s cup. Buti naman nung pagdaan ko ulit sa station na yun nag-replenish na ulit sila ng cups.

    No water sponges. Since late na nakapag-start, mataas na yung araw by 7am. There were also no portalets. Some participants had to stop by a gas station to relieve themselves.

  24. I appreciate the efforts of Finishline…this is the first race I joined that they organized. The run was challenging and it brings the best in every runner. For me the only perfect run is the run that I will make, even that sometimes doesn’t come as I expected it to would be. In any races I joined in, I always expect for the worst and also expect for the best. For me I didn’t expect there will be many hydration station, they more that I expected. For me I didn’t expect that there will be bananas, they had more. For me I thought it will be just one loop, they had two. For I expected a nice finisher shirt and a nice medal, I had better than expected. So at the end I am happier than other runners who expected so much but got less.

  25. I don’t want to see Finishline go down. They’re run by fellow runners after all. But then, the event this morning showed how Finishline disrespected the running community by not addressing the lapses around logistics. I expected at least a statement from the race officials explaining what happened.

    If they don’t issue an explanation within 24 hours, I guess we’re just not good enough for them.

  26. Here are my comments on this run:

    1) nice singlet & finisher’s shirt
    2) nice medal
    3) marshals were very helpful as far as 21K is concerned
    4) hydration was ok … enough bananas & Gatorade except at 17K mark where the station ran out of cups

    1) distribution of race kits was deplorable
    2) late start for the run maybe due to inefficiency of race kit distribution
    3) change of route w/o prior notice… I registered for this run mainly due to the medal & route…. I don’t know if it is because of the low turnout of the event that forced the organizers not to close the whole route up to Katipunan

    overall: disappointing experience

    will I run again for Finishline again? …. most probably NOT!!

  27. I am waiting for comments from my friend @DeemenRunner who also ran here…

    but still, congrats to all participants!

  28. Agree with most of Francis Chua’s comments.

    Most disappointing was the change of route. I understand the reasons for negatives 1 and 2 but not 3.

    Was this “beyond your control” again?

    Will still give a last chance for Finishline events though. If however you hold another event in C5 then change the route again, sorry, I’ll pass.

  29. pinag-ka kakitaan na ng organizer ang fun run.wise na lang tayo mga runner.finishline kasalanan nyo pala,kaya di na deliver yung racekit.late nyo ng dinala sa kanila.

  30. baka e-remove na naman to.sabihin personal attack na naman to sa organizer.kailangan ng mga runners ang correct impormation.para naman di ma-biktima ng mga organizer na palpak mag patakbo

  31. I just didnt like the fact that I ran less than distance I ran. May problema sila sa planning and logistics. I was also expecting to run along Katips pero unfortunately di man lang abot sa Libis. well better luck next run.

  32. just wondering.. i noticed the women’s 10k winners clocked 30 minutes.. and the men’s 40 minutes..?!? the winners of 3k women’s clocked 24 minutes.. ?!? please double check the stats..

  33. @Ding – are there race results na? Or was that during the awarding yesterday? I didn’t stay na kasi for the awarding.

  34. my singlet wasn’t delivered, there was no text message sent to me, good thing i had the foresight to just go to ortigas a day before the race. luckily, my race kit was there or else mag-aamok talaga ako.

    apart from the race kit issue, the fact that the 15k run turned out to be a 12k run is just unacceptable.

  35. Finishline is a big embarrassment in the running industry. Let me tell you why:

    1. They did not deliver my race kit. so on the day itself they issued a temporary bib for me, which just say’s “runner” on it no race number. then i asked where’s my timing chip, they said wala na daw time kame because they didn’t have enough timing chips on site. and did i mention walang butas yung mga bibs namin.

    2. Race started late

    3. They changed the route. I’ve been running for quite sometime already and it was my first time to finish a 21k na laps. i was really hoping that i’d get to run the whole of c5 again. I must agree with one of the comments here, it should be called “Half of C5 Half Marathon”

    4. Some of the drinking stations were self service. i was literally pouring my own drink because the aids were busy mixing Gatorade on the other side of the road. shouldn’t that be prepared ahead of time?

    5. no ice! no sponge!

    6. no medics visible in the route, i saw some people experiencing cramps and there was no one helping them. sure ang daming traffic enforcers, yeah ang dami! Lahat busy eating bananas na san para sa mga runners.

    7. My sister joined the 15k race hoping na 15k tatakbohin niya. but no!!! 11k lang pala.

    8. After mo paghirapan tapusin yung race, there’s a big ass line for the finisher’s shirt.

    9. no cold drinks after the finishline. pero madami pa din bananas para sa mga pulis and traffic enforcers.

    10. all of that crap for P1,100.00??? seriously? Even coach rio wont charge that much and he can even do a better job than finishline while he’s sleeping.

    This race was big disappointment for me. Sayang it had potential pa naman.

  36. @ Karen N. – during the awarding.. i just hope they got the winners right, even if they have the race times wrong.. 30min for a 10k is crazy fast even for a Kenyan…

  37. terrible terrible customer support and pre-race organization…

    bad last minute changing of routes…

    bad gunstart time (ni reset pa ang clock)

    hydration and banana stations ok naman. bumawi sila dito.

    medal and finshirt distribution ok ren.

    if il be asked if il run their event again … il THINK TWICE …

    very disappointed w/ this race. sayang Finishline, sayang …

  38. maraming banana after finish line, since naging unli, kawawa yung mga huling dumating na runners na naubusan.

    finishline, dedeliver din ba or pick up sa booth nyo ang results?

  39. Km3 has a great marker though… A bloody rat in the middle of the road! I guess walang ganun dun sa ibang 6 na runs kasabay neto…its more fun in c5!

  40. Other than glitches in the delivery of racekits and delayed gun time, everything else is beyond my expectation. Lots of bananas and hydration stations that really helped a lot while running under humidity, nice finisher medal one that I could consider rarely designed and nice fabric for the singlet and shirt, not to mention the C5 as the venue. It was my 2nd run in C5 with the AXN as my previous one, and I consider it still the toughest route among the concrete road races in Manila.

  41. Dear Runners,

    First of all, I like to apologies for the inconvenience last weekends race may have caused.

    I’d like to take this opportunity to share with you the stories behind the several issues. The intention is not to justify any of them.

    Registration Fee is too high –
    We’ve always wanted runners to experience challenging course like running at C5. Unlike last year, this year’s C5 Half Marathon was funded by us runners. All the expenses from staging of the race, producing the technical tees, timing chip are all paid for by the participants and us organizers. In many big races, these costs are taken cared of by the sponsors. We set the registration fee at the current level for us to cover your requirements including staging, delivery cost, manpower, cost of sports drinks, water, imported medals, imported singlet and finisher shirt fabrics. There is not a single cash sponsor. We are grateful for those sponsors who donated their products as prizes and freebies. We are very thankful for them.

    Early deadline for regular registration
    The reason why set the registration deadline early is for us to produce the size you prefer and only the quantity that is needed. This is again related to us not having any corporate sponsors who normally pay in advance the production of singlet, medal, finish shirts, and operating expenses.

    Delivery of race kits
    For the runner’s convenience, we decided to have the kits delivered to all metro manila residing runners. It was however unfortunate that we tapped a courier whose operation was not designed to handle our requirements.

    Last Saturday, I had to personally visit our courier’s office at 1:00AM to check how many kits are still pending for delivery. At this point, I had to make the decision to pull out the remaining kits and have it picked up instead.

    Missing Race Kits
    RUNNR has always been a very supportive partner. We are responsible for all the runners who paid for this event regardless whether we received your payment from our registration site or not. This is the reason why we decided to give out race kits despite not having received payments and entry forms.

    Change in race route
    The changes in race route were decided only last May 25 after our last coordination meeting with different government agencies. Unlike last year, our gun start for half marathon this year is earlier. The uneven road condition along Eastwood combines with unrepaired lamp post pose a danger to many runners.

    We were supposed to announce it last Saturday (May 26) but we were consumed with addressing the race kit delivery concerns.

    Late gun start
    I have to make sure that the roads are all clear before starting the race. I made a decision to delay the gun start until all vehicles passing through C5 are re-routed. I hope you understand that C5 is such a major road and closing it sometimes takes more effort.

    Lining up at the finisher shirt tent
    We allotted two tents for the finisher shirt tents, one for regular and one for late registration. All regular registered participants were supposed to get their preferred size (bib with R) in one tent while late registrants (bib with L) sizes are on a first come first serve basis at the other tent. Because we released new race number to those who were not able to claim their kits, this caused confusion to many. Runners who originally assigned a different race number is now wearing a new one which may not match the race number in the finisher shirt. Nevertheless, we were prepared for this and had extra tees unlike last year.

    15km short by 3km
    After investigating, I personally found out that it was indeed our marshal who directed the 15km runners to take the u-turn during the first loop.

    Race Results
    Please give us time until tomorrow to release the results. We are in the process of consolidating the changed in race numbers, especially to those who were given new race numbers during the race.

    We hope that you will continue to support us as we strive to be better in all aspects of our race.


    Vincent Mendoza

  42. Nakakatuwa naman, very humble. At least may explanation from the organizer unlike the other failed events. Very well explained sir. Open- minded runners will understand it…

  43. Sir Vince, I’m still hoping to get my race kit, minus the singlet. If for pick-up, kindly have us informed if where po sana.

  44. sunod di na namin ta takbuhan pag-finishline ang organizer.mag-register tayo on the spot na maku-kuha na natin ang race bib,hwag tayong umasa sa deliver.naka-kadala na

  45. As I follow the thread of this blog, I think FinishLine has explain their side well.

    Looking forward for your next running event!

  46. Sana next time n mag oorganize po kayo ng race event ung race kit sa araw mismo ng pag babayad nalang para walang problema. paki dagdagan rin ung mga signage para malaman namin n mga runners kung nka ilan km n ba kmi. saka sana po alam ng mga marshall ung tamang route sayang ung kulang na 3km. hindi ko ma enjoy ung finisher medal ko.

  47. as the saying goes give credit when credit is due. in fairness the race organizer reached out to the public to explain and apologized. having said that im willing to support their next races and hope to see the improvements.

  48. cuy1973.thanks.ganun na lang gawin natin sa lahat ng ta takbuhan nating event,pag-register kuha agad ang race bib,para di na tayo nag-iintay sa wala.maging aral na sa ting mga runners yung ganitong pang-yayari

  49. ok cge thanks sa explanation, pero dapat maayos lahat ang process, dahil maaga nag advertise at nagbayad naman lahat ng runners so hindi dapat nangyari ito, i think finishline need to change the management or team members ng agency nila.

  50. Hi Vince!

    Thank you for airing your side. I know that staging a run is not that simple but at the same time you have the responsibility of living up to the runners’ expectation.

    Be as it may, I commend you for your humility by giving us an explanation. It just show your true character as a gentleman & a man of integrity.

    As such, I, together with my group RunChaos will continue to support your runs in the hope that future stagings of your runs will be better.

    Good luck & more power!!

  51. isa lng po ung nkita ko na photographer sa event na kumukuha sa mga runners…
    nka pf shirt sya..
    pero 3days nko nagaabang sa site nla sa fb pero pics lng ng booth nla andun…
    sana po bigyan nyo kmi ng link kung san pede mkita ung pics..

    salamat po…

  52. i knew it will post problems when it comes to delivery of race kits, especially when they said it will be delivered 1 week before race day. It is impossible at that span of time all of it will be delivered.
    So, next time no more deliveries please.

  53. Thanks sir Vince for the explanation.

    People may have been disappointed especially the ones who registered for 15k. Their sentiments are well based.

    I expected the courier to fail just because i have had the same experience with couriers in our country with regards to bulk deliveries.

    The route change came as a surprise but still it presented the same amount of challenge that I expected in 21k.

    I have had the opportunity to organize a small benefit run myself and I know how hard it is logistics wise. doing it in C5 multiplied the difficulty by 100%.

    I believe the explanation of Sir Vince and I will still run their races if I can.

    “What is tolerance? It is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly – that is the first law of nature.” – Voltaire

  54. todas…wala name q sa result!..lahat naman nang sensor na tapakan e tinapakan q!…pati yung dagang patay tinapakan q n din???e bkit wala aq sa reult?

  55. Hi Patotoyrunner,

    May I have your real name and race number so we can check with our system.

    You may email us at http://www.finishline.ph or call us at 5708330.

    We may not be able to check daily your comments here but you can reach us at the contact details mentioned above. It’s better to contact us directly that way we can address your concern immediately. So far, we’ve been able to address all three emails we received regarding the results.

    Will wait for your email.

    Many thanks,

    Vincent Mendoza

  56. Hi Everyone,

    We need your help. We would like for everyone who registered at RUNNR Trinoma to please email us your control number (located at the upper left hand corner of your green copy), if you still have your copy with you. We plan to check against our records here. If your control numbers are not in our records, this means you are one of the many whose forms were lost/not turned over to Finishline, together with payment, at the store. Please email us at [email protected], and please indicate your mobile number so we can reach you. This will help us retrieve those lost payments from the store.

    We really appreciate all your help.

    Many thanks,

    Vincent Mendoza

  57. I feel sad that the organizers who are also runners committed a lot of shortcomings for this race. I ran last year for the AXN run because it will be a new route. It was a disappointing experience also. I thought with the mistakes of the past, this run will be much more organized. To my surprise, it was even worse.
    1. Late gun start. If it was because of safety, how much time do you need to clear up that section of the road? Or did you clear up the road very late? I think that is not an excuse. Didn’t you also realize that a late gun start with the hot climate we have is equally detrimental to the runner? The sun was already up and running the 21k route with two loops of uphill is totally damaging. We were dehydrated faster than expected. Cramps were all over the place.
    2. No delivery of kits. I appreciate the effort that it will be personalized. However, you did not even tell us that we can claim it during race day. You just didn’t know how much hassle you caused some of us who are still at work at that time. I asked my friend to claim it, who luckily was in the vicinity at that time. Worst of all, I asked my mom to travel to Manila just to wait for the courier in my house in QC last Saturday just to know that you cancelled it.
    3. Finisher shirt claim booth. They should have labelled the booth according to bib number for the regular registrants. All the shirts were piled up like crazy and we were standing in long queue enduring the cramps. The poor personnel are scouring through the pile looking for the shirts. We were helping looking for our numbered shirts to ease the process. No one was guiding us if the line is for regular or late.
    There’s no use crying over spilt milk. But it made me realize that this running event organizer never learned its lesson.

  58. sa totoo lang yung route pababa ng tiede sita pa puntang libis,tapos dun kayo gumawa pabalik ng emerald.pag-di ka nag-ingat dun malamang madapa ka,bigla kang babagal kasi biglang pa-akyat,baka mamaya ma-injury ka pa pag-nag-kamali ka ng tapak,mas maganda sana kung pa-akyat.tapos iikot ka ng pabalik na pababa safe pa yung sa runner,

  59. Hi Josh,

    Thank you for your comments. I understand your frustrations but allow me to take this opportunity to enlighten you about your concern. It is my responsibility to make sure that you and other fellow runners are safe during the event. This also applies to all staff working during the event. Closing C5 is not an easy task. Imagine how depended we are to MMDA, Police and Local Government traffic enforcers in terms of road closure. We do not have the authority to close it ourselves. Any delay in road closure will have an effect to our deployment.I will not put the lives of our water station crew in danger by forcing them to put tables in the middle of the road while trucks and other vehicles passing through C5.

    As for you two other concerns, kindly give us your full name so we can verify whether you are part of the stolen entry forms and payment or not.

    Feel free to call us at 5708330.

    With kind regards,

    Vincent Mendoza

  60. finishline: full of excuses.

    1. the organizers should have already checked the status of ALL the race kit deliveries nung Wednesday or Thursday palang (with an easy phone call to courier) and not wait and “personally” check until a very late day: Saturday. Registration staff in Toby’s said start of deliveries would be Monday to Friday. you mean to say the organizers didn’t check the status of the deliveries for 5 whole working days? how come they only checked Saturday, one day before the run?

    2. shouldn’t road closure permits have been given at the latest on Friday (government work hours)? if there was a permit already, doesn’t it state the TIME c5 can be closed down for the run event? thus the explanation “I have to make sure that the roads are all clear before starting the race. I made a decision to delay the gun start until all vehicles passing through C5 are re-routed. I hope you understand that C5 is such a major road and closing it sometimes takes more effort.” is unacceptable.

    3. aren’t there copies of receipts from Runnr and control numbers on those receipts? I specifically remember that my yellow receipt copy when i registered was the 2nd or 3rd page of the original 1st page. how come those original copies with control numbers weren’t remitted to finishline? and finishline didn’t check those “missing” control numbers when they packed up from Runnr.

    4. why did the marshalls direct the 15k runners to the wrong route? they weren’t oriented properly before the race, were they?

    these are all just plain common sense. and i’m not buying the letter from finishline. where did our expensive registration fee go???

  61. There were good things and bad things. I guess when your job in the 1st was not so good for everyone, it will be tougher the 2nd time considering everyone is looking forward to improvements.
    My only remark is that, for me the distance a runner is trying to achieve should never be shortened. Not all runners are trying to win, most of them are challenging themselves. That’s the beauty of the race. Race organizers should understand that, because it is for sure what happens everywhere. If you have a cut-off time that’s completely different.

  62. @finishline

    sir vince mendoza ano na po ba ang nangyari sa mga racekit na hanggang ngayon ay di pa rin po naidedeliver?
    me aksyon pa po ba kayo dito?
    wag nyo po sanang balewalain ang mga nagparehistro sa runnr trinoma na hanggang ngayon ay wala pa rin ang kanilang hinihintay na racekit,

    mr. mendoza tapos na po ang patakbo nyo, pero sana po ay tuparin nyo ang mga sinabi nyo sa mga taong nalagay sa wala,


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