Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run 2012 – Results Discussion

Anson's Fun in the Sun Run 2012 race results and photos

Congratulations to everyone that participated at this years’ Anson’s Fun in Sun Run 2012 at Mckinley Hill, Taguig City ! Thank you for visiting our booth. Time to share your feedback and experiences about this event here! Photo Links will be updated once they are released!

Anson’s Fun in the Sun Run 2012
May 27, 2012
Mckinley Hill, Taguig City

Race Results:
Anson’s Fun Run 2012 – Race Results

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  1. The event was great! It was my first time to do a hybrid run – vertical and road runs in one. Hydration was great – supplies of drinking water and Pocari Sweat were more than enough. Bananas were provided at the end of the vertical challenge (somewhere between 3rd to 4th kilometer I guess,I’m not so sure); sponges somewhere near the 13th kilometer marker. Minor problems were the late gunstart (5:45 am for 16K) and congestion. However, I found them tolerable. The sun was not too cruel (I guess because I am not fair-skinned so I withstood the heat fairly, haha!. The congestion was not for too long since designated U-turn slots for 3K to 10K runners were not too far from when the congestion started to happen (immediately after turning left going out of McKinley Hill to the various HQs of the national defense offices). All in all, I enjoyed it. Lots of gadget prizes, too. But I was not lucky enough to win one. Looking forward to join the run next year. :)

  2. it was a fun run.. :-)

    to those who participated the 16K,
    it was totally an EXTREME one..

    so far, it was really an organized run..
    two thumbs up to ANSON’s, job well done..

    for me, the only problem was the late gun start especially to the 16K participants..

    hoping next year it will be sked earlier especially the farthest distance
    coz the sun is already up at that time
    BUT thanks to MR. SUN coz he cooperated.. ^_^


  3. I do not know exactly what to say, but one thing I am sure, the Event was really great and full of Fun. Kahit masakit ang tuhod, todo takbo pa rin, ups and down. hehe. I am proud to all the runners , staff and organiser’s of the event, they really prepared and considered the voices of the runners. overflowing water along every Km, very supportive and watchful marshalls, so many freebies and raffles where every runners has a chance to win Apple products…wohh. i took 2 bananas, apples and oranges haha. Not only that, I won Ipod 16 GB,Thanks a lot. See you next year.

    Kudos to Anson Fun Run 2012.

  4. wala man lang loot bags and some runner got lost on the track especially the extreme categories kasi dami pasikotsikot ung race,konti lang ung marshalls na nagbabantay dun sa may part na parking area… nagkakasalubungan mga runners kaya may mga chances na pwede mandaya..

    but i did enjoy the run.. di masyadong mainit si haring araw..:)

  5. Nice run!masayang experience!lalo na parking lot then hills sa me bandang heritage!I’ll definitely join next year!

  6. Very nice run, organizers sufficient hydration booth and organized race track I will definitely join again next year!

  7. It was a great experience to join this event unfortunately i lost the digicam after the race. I don’t know kng san ko sya nailapag but hopefully may nkapulot at may sumuli. Just text me 09081785579

  8. ok lang sakin kahit walang loot bag, may medal naman…extreme nga talaga sya, di lang sa car park, even sa road.. For me ok naman ang event maliban lang sa late gun start…..Markado ka na sa akin RUN FOR CHANGE as one of the best running event organizers…. I’m going to run again in your next event..thanks

  9. Thanks for the great run, Anson’s! Ngayun lang ako nakakita ng 10k na may banana, how’s that for consideration? Loved the vertical I always wanted to run on twisting ramp for cars. Plenty of hydration and cheerful, enthusiastic marshalls. See ya next year!

  10. Great run, especially the vertical. Checked the results in the strider site, Mali yung name na naka list sa bib number ko

  11. Best vertical run, great raffle prices, Nice Emcees and i enjoy it.. Thank you so much Ansons, more challenge run next year..!

  12. ano ba yan mali mali yung results, 1:16:30 ayan yung time ko nung dumating ako sa finish line tapos naging 2hours ang time ko… hihihihihihihihi sa iba naka record yung bib number ko mga chong…. mali yan paki ayos naman po…

  13. The race was good ok yung hydration saka dami free food after the race. Kaso medyo may discrepancy sa results ibang name yung naka bound sa mga bib. Yet they said priority yung Bib number and yes accurate naman siya, iba lang talaga ung name.

  14. It was great run, I love the extreme portion inside the parking lot and the banana’s and hydration. My comments are:1. I ran for a 10K my BIB number is 1189. 2. How come when I research my BIB number to check the result the name appeared was ZAYENIS, ROMAREZA R. #1189 ANSONSRUN 10K. 3. When I reached the finished line, i saw my time its 1:12:40. 4. When I searched down, I saw my name and the BIB number was 1185? how come this happened? And the time of BIB number 1185 is 1:19:54? My goodness…

  15. gud am anson’s, as i was checking the results, i found out that the bib number does not matched with the name registered :( it was named as DOROTHY DOMINGO (which was i don’t know) and aside from that, me and my friend does not have our name on the corresponding time :( but over all, the run was great!!!

  16. its seems that there are some errors in the bib number assignment… mine was 6099, but the name was not mine. then i searched my name it was in a different bib number,my actual time was around 1:54 yet in the records it show 1:28… hope it could be fixed soon

  17. kahapon sa raffle may mga tinatawag na bib number starting in 2. pero sa results wala naman ganun.

    3k start in 3
    5k starts in 5
    10k starts in 1
    16k starts in 6

  18. Runners, the results were posted incorrectly, my BIB # was 1416 but in the results page it was tagged under different name, could you please check and fix it?


  19. The event was great… especially the “extreme” side :)

    However, since we were on the tail end of the 10K run (my wife and I clocked 1:23) the last 2 water stops ran out of cups :(

    BTW – our bibs are 1420/1421 but it has a different name on it (plus my name is on the fast one ha ha ha)

    Hope to be back next year :)

  20. Awesome run! Challenging course, dami pang freebies and ang saya ng games and raffle! Congrats Anson’s! See you next year! :)

  21. what happen to the results,i received a medal for 10k,yet wla yung name ko sa mga finishers,paging race orgs.

  22. Good day to all our participants!

    First of all, thank you for supporting our event. We really appreciate all those who participated and who have been giving us feedback regarding the race route, the management of the event and also the program.

    We have read your comments above and will see to it that the results are verified. We apologize for the discrepancies. Regardless whether there was a third-party handling the race timing and results, we as the Race Organizer of the event take full responsibility for the results that were published.

    We will be pulling out the results for the time being and validate the integrity of the master list of runners. Rest assured, we will release the Official Race Results at the soonest possible time.

    We thank you for your patience and understanding. Should you feel the need to air any grievances, concerns or give feedback about any of our services, please feel free to email us at [email protected], or contact us through our HOTLINES at 0917-533-3742 or 0999-999-3742. Just send us a text message with your name, bib number, distance and concerns, and we will give you a call. :)

    In order to continue providing quality service to our participants and to improve, we would love to hear from you. If not for the runners that patronize our events, we would not be able to continue our programs, projects and activities.

    For the love of running,

    Atty. Eric Emmanuel C. Pasion
    Run4change Inc.

  23. SUGGESTION only:

    hope next year, it will be an

    those who participated only the race can join the raffle..

    what i mean is – after you step the finish line, you have to put your race bib number stub in a tambiolo..

    i noticed that most of the names called during the raffle were not present..

    thank you..

  24. It was a great experience to join this event kahit hindi nanalo at nkareceived ng prize, at least nka2tulong naman sa ating katawan. @john : Naku brad! bakit ndi ka kasi nagingat?! sayang nawala mo ung digicam. Lesson to learned na yan sayo. Ingat nlng next tym.

  25. @pinoy, i agree with you. as i’ve check the list of participants there are no bib numbers which starts with “2” pero sa raffle may mga tinawag na nag start sa “2”. saan ba sila nag base ng raffle? 3k- “3” & “4”/5k- “5”/10k- “1”/16k- “6”
    ok naman over all ang run, i’m just curious about the raffle.


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