711 Tour 700 2012 – Results Discussion

711 tour 700 2012 results discussion

Congratulations to all the finishers of the 7-11 Tour 700 2012 that took place on SCTEX! Time to share your personal experiences, results and feedback about this race event here!

7-Eleven Tour 700 2012
May 13, 2012
SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac-Expressway)

Official Race Results and Photo Links will also be updated here once they become available!

Race Results:
711 Tour 700 2012 – 40K MTB Race Results
711 Tour 700 2012 – 100K MTB Race Results
711 Tour 700 2012 – 40K Road Bike Race Results
711 Tour 700 2012 – 100K Road Bike Race Results

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  1. It was fun! Definitely a memorable experience for a first timer like me. Could be better though if there were more dirnking stations along the route of the tour. I shall train more for future events. This ride has been an inspiration for me to train harder for the next 7-Eleven Tour.

  2. I had fun during this race. My feedback for improvement is that the Hydration stations should be increased or strategically placed after the 50km turn around especially for the amateur riders like us who need to hydrate more.

    Also, I witnessed an accident. I think we can use a roving Med Team in a motorcycle or Golf Cart for Rescue is much better. Kudos to the Organizers! I will be back next year!

  3. is it possible for the organizers to post the time of each participant finishers of the event (tour700). great experience for the first timer like me.

  4. Dear mam/sir,

    I just want to ask kung pano ko po ma ceclaim yung award prize ko? I’m one of the winners in 40kms road bike inmy age cattegory(26to35).

    kindly txt or call me in this no.09434996853 if possible. im oliver estrella. thank you and God bless.

  5. comment regarding sa finisher medals of 40k mtb according to your guildelines all others participants will have a finisher medal or token, bkit after ng race wala naman binigay n finishers medal? tpos ung shirt sabi after the race ibibigay tpos sasabihin ng organizer during the event dun sa store na pinagclaiman ng race kit makukuha sabi s store after the event, ano po b ung totoo?

  6. it was mentioned prior to that event that “water stations will be provided every 10kms” … but i think there were only 3 within that 100kms race …

    hope the organizers can provide more water stations in the future 7/11 races.

  7. The tour 7 eleven tour 700 was indeed fun and full of excitement.For a first timer in joining the 40 km roadbike gave me alot of confifence in joining more bike events in the future.Thanks to 7 eleven for organizing such an event.This will definitely improve the way of life of every filipino.
    The only problem i see in this event is the 1) location of the water station,2) the way they give water.At any rate,it was still ok.Probably they will be improving on the upcoming 7 eleven tour ‘s to come.
    surely be joining next year…..

  8. Compared to the Carewell Ride for Lung Cancer awereness 2 years ago, this race was very far, far way better and organized until the last rider arived at the finish line. Enough hydration, medical team andambulance, galing!

  9. Congratulations 7 Eleven! Me and my boss had a great time, ang tagal din naming inantay event na ito :-) Sana nga yearly event na ito..btw, i hope bib #4485N’s sister/brother is okay right now, ride safe always – from bib #3854.

  10. Congratulations to 7-Eleven and the rest of the organizers of this year’s event! It was well organized and well attended. The event could have benefited however, from a few additional marshalls strategically placed along the last 5km stretch towards the finish line to control people crossing the roads as well as guiding the cyclists in the right direction especially on portions of the road where the road splits or where there are no well marked barriers.

    Overall a great event! Was definitely a good time. Congratulations again!

  11. An experienced I can be proud and brag of!
    Very well organized compared to Tour 500!
    Make it annually!

  12. Kawawa mga amateur riders who braved the100K. NEXT TIME, PLEASE BE TRUE TO YOUR WORD THAT THERE WILL BE HYDRATION STATION EVERY 10K.

  13. Riding a bike in an expressway is a very memorable experience… thanks 711 for giving us the opportunity to ride our bike in SCTEX.. Sana naka post din yung time ng mga riders kahit finisher lang.. tnx

  14. I enjoy the ride the event the atmosphere was very good. I hope next year it will happen again. thanks 711- Eleven!!!

  15. My result on the website is wrong. My race bib says I’m in wave M and I also started with wave M but the website says I’m under wave N. My chip start is also 4 mins later then my escorts chip time even though we all started and ended at the same time.
    I think the results are all mixed up.

  16. How come i have no race time result? I finished the 40 km MTB race, in fact my race no. is 4156-M. Please enlighten me. Thanks

  17. the amari boys made it to the top , willy egay;erik; raniel; rolly; jo;lloyd ogie and doc the last one who made it ha ha ha he he he

  18. I just would like to know if anyone experienced the same situation I had..the ride was Great! but when I checked on the results…my name was not on the list and when i checked on my bib number, the reply i got was “bib number is not found” …

  19. The Same thing happened to me RANNIEL DIZON. Charge it to experience. I Just hope I get the 711 tour 700 T-SHIRT. :p

  20. It’s our group’s first time to join an event like this. The experience is awsome and exciting. So disappointing lng kasi lahat kami finisher pero kahit isa sa amin walang nailagay sa list ng mga finisher

  21. Raised the concern with Strider and they where able to address my concern re missing name/invalid bib. My weekend is now complete THANKS!

  22. My father should have won the oldest biker award. The winner was a 72year old, my father turned 75 last February. If only his team mate wrote the right birthday of my father. Sayang :(

    But hopefully next year daddy stronglegs will win the award. :)

    Kudos 7-11 for a job well done.

  23. dapat po talaga may emergency repair assistance sa road, na flat po ako , then after i fixed it, someone approach me and ask for my tools to fix his flat tire, which makes me left very far behind from the race, although no regrets, i have helped someone in need.


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