RUN to Support Our Troops – January 28, 2012


As our very name states “Support Our Troops”, would like to acknowledge and recognize the sacrifices of our soldiers who are fighting in the field for us (ordinary citizens) to enjoy our cherished freedom. The proceeds of this event will go to our “Adopt-a-ward/wing in V Luna hospital” project.

RUN to Support Our Troops
January 7, 2012 @ 5AM Resched to January 28, 2012
Camp Aguinaldo

Registration Fees:
3K – PHP 350.00
5K – PHP 400.00
10K – PHP 500.00

– EXECUTIVE CATEGORY is open to AFP/PNP Generals, Diplomats, Government Officials and CEO…

Registration Venues:
EMAIL: [email protected]

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Contact Details:
COACH JOHN LOZADA CP# 0917-73065-85
MSG ENTENG EVIDOR 0928-41167-62
COACH RUDY ECO 0922-72202=08


  1. medals sa top 3 ng bawat event, Tshirt (drifit)very good design, SOT baller to first 500 hundred finishers, finishers certificate and other give-aways.Plus the great feeling of bringing something back to our soldiers because the proceeds will be donated for the improvement of a ward/cubicle at the AFP medical center.

  2. Ding, thru the kindness of our friends and Mizuno and Reebok we have the following registration sites:The Shoe Shop Rockwell, Reebok Festival Mall, Reebok Eastwood, Mizuno Trinoma, Mizuno Eastwood and Bonifacio Hi Street starting 07 January.

  3. adrian,
    the organizer is an NGO and you can even see the records and be with us when we execute the project at AFPMC after the event. Actually, I want you to join us in Vluna Hosp so you can see the project being implemented.

  4. JP,
    we have on site registration but we cannot assure the shirts of your size by then, you can register this week at mizuno Trinoma, mizuno boni hi street, The Shoe Shop Rockwell, Reebok Eastwood and Reebok Festival Mall, If you’re near Camp Aguinaldo you may call numbers posted and we can arrange your registration. Thank you.

  5. The event is for a cause, thus, no cash prize, but we do have trophies for the Top 5 for each category. With the event as one of the cheapest (PhP 350-3k, 400-5k and PhP500-10k)it comes with a shirt, baller etc.

  6. Dear Participants,
    Our last day for registration at outlet sites (Reebok and Mizuno) will be tomorrow afternoon. You may still register at the actual date but please do so earlier, so as to avoid delay. Thank you.

  7. Tomorrow will be our most awaited event, a very important to all of us organizers, symphatizers, supporters and everyone who believe in our cause, that is, support our troops in any way we can, be it financial or just a tap at the back of our troops, thanking them for the sacrifices and effort they are doing for our country which in return will challenge our soldiers to do more, to be more professional, to be more heroes in their own little sphere of doing their job.
    To all of you who supported us big or small, and will participate tomorrow, our heartfelt gratitude, the success of this event is for all of us. Indeed, God sends angels in the form of a human being.
    See you tomorrow morning.

  8. To all who participated: Thank you so much for the fellowship, friendship and expressing our support to our national heroes, our soldiers.

  9. well organized dami pa freebies sana next year meron uli at yun mga nanalo ng botle ng rogin e gamitin niniyo agad expiration niya march 2o12.

  10. Barefoot R- thank you, you deserve that special award.
    Prefontain- thank you too for joining. With God’s help and through the angels He sent (in the form of friends, participants, supporters)hopefully, we can sustain this advocacy, and have again by 4th qtr or early next year.

  11. Hooray for more runs in Camp Aguinaldo for our Armed Forces! Let us civilians show our support in the form of runs specially in this time of Chinese aggression in the Spratleys

  12. Thank you JP…can’t thank you and others enough.
    For us “troops”- it’s time to show we deserve other people’s appreciation… be more “heroes”.

  13. i had a great run. In memory of our cousin 2nd Lt. Raymond Arnais B. Hernandez that run was also for you.(you will be missed) To more activities that benefit our troops, we will be there


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