86,547 Runners participated for Pasig River Run 2011

pasig river run 2011 results

Based on the latest press release from ABS-CBN a total of 86,547 runners participated in the Run for the Pasig River on November 20, 2011!

Though the initial target of 150,000 runners was not reached and the number also failed to break last year’s world record set at 116,000 runners last year, the fact that there are people coming together for a cause is already an achievement – Lopez mentioned.

It was also disclosed that they are already starting to plan for Pasig River Run 2012 to take place in EDSA.

Looking forward to see some improvements for Pasig River come 2012!

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  1. — sana nga edsa…para madaanan pasig river.
    — sana i-consider na nila safety ng mga sasali (wala na ng patay na pusa sa daan at mga nagtitindang nakikipag-patintero sa mga participants)
    — two years in a row…mas madami complain kaysa puri
    — kung edsa, paano kaya mako-control mga bus? ‘di kaya sobrang usok habang tumatakbo?

  2. sa mga marereklamo…kayo kaya ang mag organize ng RUN…kung ayaw nyong madisappoint wag kayong sumali, hindi naman compulsary ang pagsali sa kahit anong running event. kaya please lang wag kayong masyadong BITTER instead BETTER TO SHUT UP.

  3. .,i actually did not enjoy the run..but i will still post my opinion..
    .,first..i think that the number of participants decreased because of the unreasonable increase in registration fee..last year it was only Php250(no singlet but its ok)..and now it was Php450 (still without a singlet included)..i know what comes with the kit is not that important if you would really want to run for a cause..but i really think that we need to see more effect of the money being spent on these races on our Pasig River…
    ,.second is the “Lakad for Pasig” effect..some racers are serious in their runnings..and considers this one event for them to break personal records..

    .,but to sum it all up..the registration fee is really the downer here..i really think that 450 is to much…
    Php450 x 80,000(estimate for 10k) = Php22,500,00 (please correct me if i’m wrong with the computation..)where does it all go??? ever wonder that??

    .,pleas dont persecute me for posting my 0pinion… hehehhe…peace y’all!! :)

  4. .,correction on my first sentence..
    “.,i actually did not enjoy the run”… it was supposed to be “i actually did not join the run this year..but last year I did..” ………

  5. i do understand that this is mainly a benefit run where almost ALL of the money goes to the river rehab… all of the work done here is voluntary… so the quality might be dicey to a lot of people…

    …but, when people ask for improvement it means only one thing… be ready to pay up double or triple for a REAL RUN… if there are 15-20 thousand runners who are willing to pay more for an organized run, then they (organizers) should go for it…

  6. it’s actually 450 x 80k = 36M… they should share the details… or you can try visiting the river rehab office located along osmena highway near quirino avenue.. the workers can give you a tour of the improvements they have done so far… lots of dredging going on just to get rid of the stink and revive the dying river…

  7. if you really want to run… join the long distances.. wag kayo sali sa 3k and 5k asahan nyo na na alay lakad yan.

    or if not magkaron ng dalawa o tatlong designated place starting line for 5K ganun din sa 3k para hindi magsasama sama sa iisang lugar

  8. I ran the 21K Charity Run, and one of the highlights of the run is treading along the residential areas on the side of Estero de Paco.

    The improvement that the once filthy creek has seen was so impressive, and at the same time, inspiring. I felt like running for the Pasig River was my way of giving back to my city.

  9. Good one singket…everybody is entitled to their opinion, whether pro or con. Ako din, I joined last year…did not join this year. I was hoping against hope na mas maganda this year pero as it turned out…lumala pa ata. Di ako tumakbo this year pero present ako among the crowds. Kasi akala ko mas maganda ngayon. Ang isang napansin ko Kung bakit mas Kongo ngayon e yung absence ng el shaddai. Last year ang dami Nila ngayon di ko sila napansin

  10. I am not in favor of an EDSA run. I joined the Firefly bike event and it caused so much traffic that I ended up feeling guilty for causing so much mayhem…

  11. i joined last year but did not join this year. I wanted to join the event but ive heard that 21km run is only an invitational run so i decided not to join.

  12. It’s my first time to join this year… sorry for being honest but i think it was badly organized… i’m guessing it’s because of the huge number of participants…. it did not beat the 116K++ last year but 86K++ is still a lot…. it’s run for a cause but if experience is fun & great then more & more participants will be encouraged to join every year…

  13. correcttion: it’s run for a cause I know but if the experience is fun & great then more & more participants will be encouraged to join every year :-)

  14. correction: it’s run for a cause I know but if the experience is fun & great then more & more participants will be encouraged to join every year :-)

  15. hindi man nabeat ang record na 116k runners, mas malaki parin ang nalikom na pera sa 80k lng na runners.. 116k(29M)| 80k(36M)…so it was still an achievement! sana mas gumanda pa ang pasig river!

  16. I joined this year for 10K run, mas maluwag and konti ang 10K route and at 7 am we were done. Expected na namin na masikip ang 3 and 5K route mainly because we know that students from different school will take that route and 10K for serious runners. Better than last year and I know it will improve every year.

  17. edsa.. for real? or will it be at cory avenue na..? :-) since it was my first time joining run for pasig river, i cant compare my experience. well the number of participant who joins the said run wae really overwhelming…it was a very well organized event.. ub nga lang, sa sobrnag dami ng prticipants, hindi n ako nakatakbo… its been like a walkathon… hehehehe. pretty worried that guinness will not recognized this a a fun run but a walkathon insted… nevertheless, it was a really great run… looking forward in joining the next year run and hopefully be part of the guinness record…


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