Livestrong Day Philippines 2011 – Race Results and Discussions

livestrong day race 2011 results

Congratulations to all finishers of the Livestrong Day Philippines 2011 that happened on October 2! Race Results and Photo Links will be updated here once they are released by the organizers.

For now, please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here and let’s all have a healthy discussion!

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  1. At 4:30am gun time, this would be my earliest race so far. Although the actual gun time was late by more or less 5 minutes, I think. A bit surprising that all three race categories were all started at the same time. Even if they were aiming for a 6am wrap up, I don’t think the 5k and 3k races would need the whole hour and a half to finish their races. This resulted in a bit of confusion for some 5k and 10k runners who were running side-by-side. (“Ito na ba yung 5k U-turn?” “Hindi ko alam, sa 10k kasi ako eh.”)

    Some roads are not well lit, so a bit of precaution was needed. And while I’m getting used to minimal hydration, others noted that the water stations were too few. (start/finish grounds, near the 5k U-turn, near the 10k U-turn)

    My biggest gripe however, is that there was virtually no portalets within the vicinity. I’ve asked around, and I was told that they do have portalets, but no one was able to point me to the right direction. My female friends were forced to change clothes just by hiding some place else. Me, I felt like I ran 10 kilometers looking for some place where I can relieve myself. Not fun.

    Still, it was a good route. The singlet (which we received a few minutes prior to gun time) is very nice. The finisher’s pin was a nice touch.

  2. Congratulations to the organizers. It was my first Critical Mass Ride and it was fun! Maraming Salamat sa mga Marshals for keeping the bikers safe…next time ulit.

  3. PROS:
    1) Great route
    2) Early guntime (for 10k)
    3) Finishers pin
    4) Exceptional Singlet/Jersey design
    5) Free taho/banana/water at activity area

    1) Some parts of Lawton/Bayani roads have NO LIGHTS (hazardous for runners)
    2) 2 water stations for 10K (1st time I’ve encountered such) – 3k & 5k marks
    3) Vehicles run side by side w/ runners (exhausts not good + dangerous)
    4) No timing device
    5) No “official” lootbags
    6) No events photographer/media
    7) Small activity area
    8) 3k & 5k started together w/ 10k
    9) Route directions cannot be seen during the run (still dark — whats the use)
    10) No encouragement from marshalls on the route

  4. nice route @ danda talaga ng iba hindi na nice pero ok lang 1st time pa lang naman magpa run ang Livestrong sana next year well Organized na…

  5. its 4th year n ang livestrong run. simple yet happy. my sister and cousin notice one man steals the sample singlet. now may kulang ang inventory ng singlet nila.. medyo unorganized ang valuables. tsk tsk.

  6. LIVESTRONG DAY! was a Success all Fellow Ride Marshal’s who shared the act of volunteerism in memories of all cancer victims, to all who is suffering and to all who survived…it was such a great honor to serve thousands of participants…IMAGINE YOUR WORLD WITHOUT CANCER…

  7. For me I have tried to look beyond the negatives of this run, race and ride because from the very start I have considered this a benefit run for a good cause. For whatever shortcomings of the organizers I tried to compensate them on my own, that is my contribution to the cause of this event.

    I love how this event went…again only my congratulations for the organizers.

  8. I saw a couple of photographers taking pictures during the event. Would anyone know where the pictures have been posted?


  9. congratulations ric berg and team for a job well done… not so perfect but still good enough… teka, sino nanalo sa raffle? maaga akong umalis baka nabunot ako.hahaha… parang na temp din ako bumili ng bike kaso ndi ako rich kid.

  10. the marshals tried pero hirap i-control ang grupo kasi madulas at dikit dikit ang riders.. may konteng aksidente pa kasi may mga bata na nakikipagkarera sa kasama ….pero masaya maski pagod….masaya rin pati run…maaga nga lang… good run livestrong —


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