Top Considerations when joining a Fun Run | POLL Results


Two weeks ago I started a poll question regarding what runners look for before joining a Fun Run! Here are the results!

The top consideration according to the poll with 54% is still the cause of the fun run, followed by the singlet and the price.

I know there has been a lot of discussion about people running for singlets, medals, freebies; hopefully this poll shows that runners indeed run for different reasons and majority still runs for a cause. Whatever your reasons maybe let’s respect each other and just have fun in doing what we all love to do.

So do you agree with the poll results!? Where do you belong? Share your feedback below! Share this to your friends as well!


  1. Hi. A lot may be mislead by these results. So it’s better to give more info about the runner’s profile (e.g. For younger runners, maybe the organizer or the singlet will matter more than the cause of the event- this is just an example. So putting the age group and income group is very improtant. You also have to put the number or respondents to your survey and where they are from (metro Manila based or provincial based?) haha sounds like a mini thesis already?

    • @statmajor: haha yeah, true, might not be too accurate, sige next time will add in more info for better accuracy. I wonder if anyone is doing a thesis on this… hmmm.. anyone wants to share?

  2. i don’t belong to the top 100 finishers but i do join fun runs because of what i can share to others. That’s my #1 consideration.

  3. i suppose the survey merely aims to get a general picture, not intended to be a full-blown academic study. and i think this is fairly accurate. personally, i would rate cause, singlet, price, organizer and location pretty highly, although not necessarily in that order.

  4. halos lahat naman ng fun run ay for a good cause. My reason for choosing a fun run over another fun run is the finisher shirt and medal :p

  5. @ phit en fab,
    d lahat ng fun run ay may good cause, good cause sa oganizer ( d lahat) na parang nenegosyo na nila, maliban sa sponsor na ng malaking company, mataas pa ang registration fee, wala pang prizes, taken for granted ang mga runners, lalo na mga estudyante, na sinusugal ang allowance para sa registration pag manalo, wala naman prize. aside from elite runners na talagang pinagkikitaan ang mga races.

  6. in addition, obviously di lahat ay kayang mag-21K o mag-finish in the top 3 para makakuha ng medal or cash prize. kaya nagkakasya na kaming mga mere mortals sa top five sa taas. kung may freebies, e di mas maganda :)

  7. it depends 0n wat races ar u joining. For xample, kung runrio ang magpapatakbo, may runners n ang habol ay finisher shirt. Kung mga hospital ang organizer, thats really for the g0od cause. Kung robins0ns market, all would agree n dahil s freebies. I think its up to the organizer kung anu un mgging objective nya s run. Ang importante ay tumatakbo tyo para s ikakalusog ng ktawan natin..

  8. i find it hard to believe that “cause” was the main reason runners join races! monitor the running blogs and seldom that “cause” was mentioned.

  9. cause = Donate na lng ako sa charity.
    singlet = Pambahay lang yan after the race.
    price = Most of the races now are mahal..
    organizer = Nobody is perfect..
    place = Mas challenging mas maganda..
    medal = Dito ako, pero hindi lahat ng medal maganda ang quality..
    shirt = Bonus na lang..

    I run because I want to stay active, if there’s a upcoming event which I think will pass my criteria, I would join. If not I will just run in my own backyard.

  10. location, distance category available, finisher’s medal and price (in order). Agree w/ pacer, hard to believe cause is the #1 priority here. Come on…kung gsto nyo magdonate dami charity jan w/c u could donate & the ONLY cause is to help. Don’t have anything against those fun run w/ a cause, but most of them their priority is to make money. Bka meron pa nga jan organizer sinasabi for a good cause just to entice runners to join. Be real!

  11. how do i join a fun run? Well, my reason is for fitness. My problem is I really do not have anyone else to bring, or do not know anybody who might also be interested.

    Can i join alone. or will it be so sad to go alone? I see most of those who join bring friends along. Sadly, I don’t have any friends interested.


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