Rexona Run 2011 – Race Results Discussion

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Congratulations to those who joined and participated in the Rexona Run 2011 that happened on July 24, 2011. Race Results and Photo Links will be posted here once they are released by the organizers.

View UN-Official Results:
Rexona Run 2011 Race Results

RunPix Analysis:
Rexona Run 2011 – RunPix Analysis

For now please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here!

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  1. kakainggit naman ang mga nag21K na… sana maaabot ko rin yang level na yan.. hahaha… nagsisimula pa lang kasi….

  2. my bib is #3195. when will I see the final result?.. I feel I was able to run the 10k race in less than an hour

  3. Meroon palang results dito kahit unofficial pero same sa watch ko ang time ko. my first 10k run… gaya ni @pyxcel looking forward na maabot ko ang 21K… baka next year…

  4. @russell – hahahaha..hindi pala ako nag-iisa .. i ran 21K din pero nasa 5K category ang name ko…

    runrio is still number 1 for me :D i will still join their future runs! C u all sa Unilab leg 2!!!

  5. I wonder if they will post the photos for this event just like what they did in the Yamaha Run….baka dini-develop pa. Can’t wait.

  6. @Fab_JK
    sureness,JK! see you @MILO! let’s all pray for great weather coz its back2back storms we’re having this week…booooo! :(

    im seeing that we’re going to have a big PF peeps attendance on Sun coz a lot of us are running in this much anticipated race event! wohoo! thinkin of another kind of balloon marker to bring…

  7. yeah for those who finish beginning @ 6:54 am chances are you have souvenir photo(s) courtesy of ARC Ph…

    earlier than this time sorry… let’s just wait for rio’s official photos :)

  8. @Running Prosecutor nice to hear that your friend is well and kicking. :)

    @Sa lahat ng nakapuna ng post ko thanks po
    God Bless din sa inyo….

  9. @barefootdaves
    inquiry lang…I am aware that the MILO Elims, (specifically 21K) is a competitive race event kaya nga may cut-off time…but just in case,is it possible for some Team Alpha1 runners who are targetting the 2.30 PR to be “informal pacers” (a.k.a. maki-sabay lang ako) for pacing purposes…as in talagang sunod lang ako behind…? ask lang because all the Team members lahat target sub 2 hours, eh, wala na…I am a goner.. ha ha ha 2.30 lang target ko…maybe sina Rocky or Armbanded 2.30 rin…? your kind advise would be appreciated..thanks…

    @ Ms_Mars
    text mo na lang sa akin the kind of balloon you would have on the starting area….maki-saling pusa man lang sa photo-ops he he he he …thanks again…!

  10. @barefootdaves

    correction: my message in the 4th line should read:

    “…ask lang if all your Team members lahat target sub 2 hours? if so, eh wala na I am a goner…”

    I would text you guys my MILO race BIB number so you would know “sino yun mokong na yun parang nagta-tail gate sa atin” ha ha ha ha ha

  11. @gary_m
    thank you po! great meeting you too and your athletic son last Sun and for being the early bird PF peep who noticed my yellow and blue Smiley ballons! wohoo!

    have you so far found any active running moment of you taken by our friend indep photogs?!

  12. @Ms_Mars
    Unfortunately no luck for active running moment (both arc and mediabetes)… am keeping my finger cross for runrio’s photo release :)

  13. Ms_Mars i am impress with your altruism in making an effort by putting up links to runners. thumbs up ako sayo. i just felt sorry to myself i wasn’t able to see your ballons coz the gun start for 21K has pulled the trigger already when i arrived and i retired immediately after crossing the finished line para habulin ang naudlot kong masarap na panaginip.haha
    @alexskywalker, any secrets for finishing marathon? whats your pacing baka kaya sumabay.

  14. Great run and well organized. The water station on every KM helped a lot. Hopefully, somebody can sponsor fresh fruits at the finish line. More power to runrio. . .

  15. @karl planning to qualify. so mga average 5mins/km race. Kung di na kaya just break my marathon PR na lang, 4hours 15mins yung dapat kong ibreak.

  16. @karl
    woooow, thank you for your kind compliments.always finding ways and means to be of help and assistance to peeps like you here at PF.

    are you running full mary for MILO on Sun?
    hanepz! you and @alexskywalker may want to join us during our PF carbo loading day this Sat July 30 @Megamall from 12pm onwards. it will be super FUN and you get the chance to meet the other 42K runnerz and the rest of the MILO participants.
    pls email me your FB acct and cp# c/o [email protected]. ;)

  17. @alexskywalker
    advanced congrats to your intent in breaking your current 42K PR during the MILO Elims next week!

    if you have time, attend kayo ni karl the latest PF carbo loading day on july 30 @Megamall from 12pm onwards. you get chance to meet other 42K aspirants/runnerz and most of the PF peeps participating for MILO. pls email me your FB acct and cp# c/o [email protected].

    see ya! more run power!

  18. I was late for about 9 minutes from gun start. haba kc pila sa portalet. di tuloy me nakapag-pace sa team alpha1.
    bkit missing o di nakareflect ang data sa starting line ko? dapat minus 9 min pa sana ang finish line me.

  19. HELP! I ran 21k but started late on the race. 6 mins late ng gunstart but a little earlier that 10k’s start. Results here show that I only ran 10 and there are missing data =( please please fix this. When will the official race results be out? thanks a lot!

  20. bakit di kame ksma sa result? paano ba ang sistema pg dating dun? di ba nkregister na kme? pgdating ba dun mgreregister ult?

  21. @alexskywalker, to borrow Ms_Mars words “does your feet have wings”? more power to your quest for milo qualifiers. Maybe i can pace with you on the first few km lang siguro but with best effort i can until finish line. Can i possibly know your BIB #?
    @ Ms_Mars,thanks so much for the invitation. Im interested to join but i have work on saturdays. whats your ballon marker on sunday? Add kita sa FB pwede?

  22. hi the run was good but i cant seem to find the results of my run i am bib 4364…hope to get an answer soon on the matter.

  23. For those who still cannot find or are having problems with erroneous data, just email [email protected] and let them know your about your data problem. If not also try emailing bazu sports in their customer support email add. It will help if you can remember your time at the finish line.

    I had the same problem and I could not find my time but after doing the above they were able to resolve it and I got my time and standing now.

    Maybe Runrio is still resolving the glitch and may come out with the official result soon together with the event photos.

  24. joined the 3k for this run. nalate ng 6 mins from gunstart pero ok lang. well-organized yung run.

    meron pa ba ibang pics aside from the 2 links posted above? wala ata masyadong pics for 3k runners hehe

  25. when will the photos be released by the organizers…what is the link to photovendo? runrios website has very old photos (2008) in its gallery, time to update.

  26. Rio,

    i am a beginner..rexona was my 3rd run at 10k.. no result appeared on my run….my bib no. is 3445 . my time in the finish line was somewhat 1hr.01min.00sec. am little bit disgusted… btw, i registered at planet sports, trinoma. pls do something about this sir rio.

  27. is this the final result? palpak yata ung time chip…. it was announced that there were 2500 runners in 10k which came in, but as per result, only around between 2000 to 2100… what went wrong sir rio? i am very serious about my run result.

  28. Bib 2745…i started the race 10 minutes late. My earlier unofficial time had the data correct. including my actual start time.

    When i saw the official time now, chip and gun was the same time (no 10 minute difference), so it showed me 10 minutes LATER. it didnt have the start time.

  29. first of all, i’d like to give my big thanks and congratulations for the successful rexona funrun 2011 by runrio….was satisfied that bazusports fixed my running record from the time chip glitch… not meticulous about running time since i adhere to my belief of fun run as being more of the “fun”…finishing at my own pace and enjoying the whole course….i am although bothered by the attitude of fellow runners especially lining up at the booths and food kiosks….there was the Century Tuna Booth which gave free tuna bites over crackers….everybody lined up of course to get free samples….then suddenly there’s this group of about less than 10 people who just went to the front counter…swiftly swiped the whole tray of tuna bites and left the people who were lining up just staring at them …and this swiping group didnt even bother to feel ashamed of what they did ( they were even proud of saying that it was a tactful strategy )…it’s as if grabbing that tray was somehow a heroic feat?!?!?

    as runners, i believe that promoting a healthy lifestyle should also equate to setting an example of good manners and discipline not only to one’s self, but to everyone… above all :)

  30. li zhe wang,

    I agree with you, my niece and I had the same experience. After lining up for quite sometime, and we’re almost near the counter, there’s this group of people (mga mukha namang may kaya at di ginugutom ng magulang) who took 3-4 pieces each… We just stared at them in disbelief.

    Good thing we were taught to have manners kahit lumaki kaming mahirap. :)

  31. @Deb,

    in a way, maybe we could try to understand the huge “appetite gain” caused by the run, lol :)

    pero syempre all of us ran, all of us got tired and sana….all of us must be aware of the concept of a “pila” …. first come first served and wait for your turn…..marami naman ang pumipila actually….i just don’t get the drift of some people bullying in the lines :)

    dapat yata banana na lang nilagay….hehehehe :)

  32. bakit po isa lng ung photo per bib no? tapos bakit po may bayad na P10 ung photo dito sa link na to? eto po ba ung official photos?

  33. antay lang tayo sa download ng pics. yung sa yamaha run, ilang weeks din bago na-download yung pics. mali-mali naman yung pics. 7 pics sa kin pero 2 lang yung kuha ko

  34. My first run sa runrio. Well organized and the best one yet for me. Coach Rio is really hands on. Good job! Will run in Run United 2, I’m sure it will be a great experience…

  35. bakit yung photos na nakalagay sa akin eh di naman ako…ahai…wala tuloy ako picture. =( iba yung nakuhaan hindi ako. Ngayun lang nagyari sa akin toh dati di naman. Sana mahanap yung picture ko.


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