Pocari Sweat Run 2011 – Race Results Discussions

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pocari sweat run 2011 finish line

I was able to grab a race kit and join the Pocari Sweat Run this July 17, 2011. First time to run around Tiendesitas, Ortigas area, fresh route and very challenging, the Ultra/St. Paul Pasig Uphill at the 10K route was really a challenge and a fulfilling one as well.

View Race Results Here:
Pocari Sweat Run 2011 – UN-Official Race Results

Photo Links:
Pocari Sweat Run Photos – c/o Greentennial Photos
Pocari Sweat Run Photos – c/o Run Philippines

I’ll upload race results and some photo links once they are released by the organizers.

For now, please feel free to share your comments and feedback about this event here!


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  1. very nice run! my first time in Tiendesitas and i wasnt disappointed. And i would like to say ‘good job’ to pep squad org. twice an akong sumali sa mga run events nila and i noticed they have improvements, with the signage and water stations everywhere…KEEP IT UP, PEP SQUAD! And thanks to POCARI SWEAT, umulan ng pocari :)Till next run!

  2. This is one of the better organized running events this year, the fee is very reasonable considering that they provided finisher shirts, face towels, and many bottles of pocari. More importantly the marshalls, pasig traffic management, tiendesitas security, and pocari staff are very friendly and polite. Water stations give runners the option to have water or pocari. Plenty of signages on how far you’ve run and remaining distance. Kudos to the organizers and staff for a well-organized event!

  3. we had fun.. they are very accomodating and well organized.. I love the taste of POCARI SWEAT.. =) thanks to POCARI SWEAT, all sponsors and UNTV 37

  4. Kudos to Pocari’s organizers and to pep squad org. Though the start was late it was well worth the wait. Hydration was overflowing. It was my first time running this event and I’ll certainly take note of it from now on.

    More power.

  5. First run with my daughter Patricia… We had fun. It was also different race route then the usual BGC or MOA… Love the taste of Pocari Sweat… Until next time…

  6. today’s Ready Sweat Go is Pocari’s 2nd year and congrats to its success. we all look forward to the 3rd one!

    Memorable mentions:
    – 10K gunstart started on time @5.30am. ideal time even if you’re at BGC or MOA.
    – a simple yet tough route of Tiendesitas esp leading to ULTRA/DepED, the St Paul UpHill! next time im going to conquer you with ease. felt like i was in Baguio?!
    – excellent hydration! being true to its sponsorship, overflowing Pocari’s and water station as neutralizer!
    – clean portalets. thank God they had tissue paper for the females.
    – awesome singlet (2) versions. loved the Finisher’s Shirt too. good for practice runs!
    – ample marshalls, alert supervision of the Pasig traffic management, Tiende security *same as badboy’s comment. good thing hindi rin naging pasaway mga motorists in the Ortigas area on a Sunday.
    – very nice loot shopping/market bag. took home more Pocari bottles to share to folks at home! very kind kuya’s in the Pocari bottle booth. bottomless fever talaga!
    – great distance markers. i keep track of it all the time.
    – medic and emergency ambulances were in strategic locations.
    – loved the PEP band! festive moment tayo.
    – courteous and friendly staff and volunteers who were at the site since 1 or 2AM. i was an early bird at 4AM!

    – few celebrity invites? maybe Jasmine Curtis who’s a Pocari endorser. just to add spice.
    – maybe Pocari can open 16K or 21K distance for next year.
    – more fitness food related freebies.

    over-all great job to Organizer and sponsors! keep it up and we shall be there to show our support again for Pocari’s next projects!

  7. Fun Run INDEED!!! we enjoyed it… andaming pocari sweat… Congrats sa lahat ng finishers… Congrats din kay audrey for finishing her first fun run…

  8. Congrats sa lahat ng sumali. this was my first run and ok naman resulta. hope to join more runs in the future :D Thank U Pocari Sweat

  9. @ako si Ger
    i would think yes there are still stocks of the singlet. you may want to contact the organizers to find out if they can still sell it to you. Try them at 519-7010 and 844-9266 loc 02.

    good luck! it was a great and tough run!

  10. day after the great race. still have the Pocari hangover, hehe! loaded myself with 2 straight bottles right after the run, hanepz! tough uphill kc.

    this event was also a fun bonding moment to several PF members who we met for the first time. thanks for coming @doc_cecil and wife @runlover @runnox @icar @jk_fab – see you all again in the next races!

    @edrick @c21 – great running with you guys again. thanks for your digicam photo versions.

    @jonah and wife @jane – RunnR Academy friends – it was a surprise seeing you here. awesome finish for you both! congrats!

    @joy_c – we missed meeting up with you, girl. i texted you but never got a reply. hope you had a smashing run as well!

    @bossing jeff – always great running with you. the new members had an awesome time meeting the person for making us all come together as a community in most run events.
    more runs with you again! im excited about the upcoming PF tech shirt as per our brief discussion.

    @gumihorunner @joeyboy80 – we missed you guys here. see ya next year for the 3rd Pocari Sweat Go! make bawi ha?

    @Suplado_AkO – running buddy and staunch supporter of Events/Forums – thanks for showing up yday to this event after your practice run and making gulo with us all the way to McDo bfast, haha!

    Congrats again POCARI! More power and thank you for the generous and overflowing supply of your tasty drink! until next race event…

  11. @jheng – i didnt get your email. too bad. we missed meeting up with you yday. how was your run?

    @choy – hope you had a great run too like we all did. did you get a new PR? kita kits sa next race event!

  12. A great run for me indeed.
    @doc_cecil and wife, @runlover, @icar & @edrick: nice meeting you guys…

    See you again in Rexona Run on 24 Jul.

    @Ms_Mars: If weather is cooperating come Thurs 6PM, fun run ulit maam.

    BIF, nice meeting din bossing Jeff.

  13. super enjoy! i really appreciate the kilometer markings! kitang kita!!! di ako naligaw!!! good job to marshalls, volunteers, specially to organizers!!! i love pocari sweat!!! that was really a great event! were waiting for the next pocari sweat run! one of the best run ive joined so far!!!

  14. masaya, challenging tlga un uphill sa J.Vargas new routine… Thanx Pocari Sweat..Dj Chloe947 hosted the event With a beautiful Jasmine Curtis Smith..woot woot

  15. anyone here…… know where to find our official time results??? ^_^ i finished 5k in 26-28 mins. i just wanna know my official time and my rank, i guess its around top 20-40… hehe just a wild guess…..

  16. Congratulations to Pocari Sweat and the organizers!! Job well done. Sure was fun and…lots of freebies, well placed Pocari Sweat/Water stations, and no glitches. Hope all races are like this (take note Brooks Fun Run organizers).

  17. Official partial results are now out, guys!
    just click the link above this page or right below the venue photo.

    Hope you’re happy with your PRs!

  18. ERRATUM: should have been
    UN-Official partial results now out!
    just click the link above this page or right below the venue photo.

    Hope you’re happy with your PRs!

  19. Photos of the recently concluded Pocari Sweat Run (5K and 10K runners ONLY ) can now be viewed at :

    Currently uploading more photos.We apologize with the 3K runners as we weren’t able to take photos of them during the event. Babawi kmi sa susunod :)

  20. Hi,

    Saw the results but I have my race bib there(1607) but no name. Kindly input my name please! Enjoyed the race by the way. Twas a good run. Thanks POCARI!

  21. Hi,

    Saw the results I have my race bib there(1607) but no name. Kindly input my name please! Enjoyed the race by the way. Twas a good run. Thanks POCARI!

  22. I joined the ready sweat go, and i enjoy a lot, thanks otsuka pharma for bringing pocari here in the Philippines, see you again next year, thanks a lot

  23. I considered pocari sweat fun run as one of my best fun run i ever joined. The route was challenging compared to other area.it was really organized event. Di nsayang pera, sana un mga susunod na fun run na salihan ko same with pocari, ang sa mga organizer kagayin nyo pepsquad. Kudos pocari,kudos pepsquad!:-

  24. @ms mars, so far, so good..enjoy naman po kahit alone…it was a fullfilling experience for me… sayang di tau ngmet.. excited sana ako…hmn.. till next run nalang po… congrats to all…

  25. @jheng
    so nice to hear that you had a very fulfilling run with Pocari! congrats! yeah too bad we didnt meet up with you for you to also greet other PF peeps, but do make bawi next time ha?

    pls email me again your cp# c/o [email protected]? many thanks! you running for Rexona? or MILO?

  26. @karl
    haha! thanks naman po for your compliment! yeah, sana sa Pocari Run kna rin nkitakbo with us?!
    so kita kits this Sunday @Rexona ha?

    pls email me your cp# c/o [email protected] para ma-inform where meeting place at MOA.

  27. @choy
    hi there! i agree, one of the best runs of the year this event, in terms of hydration and challenging race route! due to the Pocari overload, i already have my stock of it for our next race with Rexona, haha!

    email me pls your contact info so the other PF peeps can also meet you @Rexona. see you there!

  28. Great run! The route is challenging specially the uphill, making it more fun! Thanks for the pics Ms_Mars, we will see you at the rexona run.. thanks also for introducing us to the other PF peeps.. Cheers!

  29. To the race director MLB Road Race Specialist – kudos! great route- new and exciting! daming marshals
    To the event secretariat- great handling of runner concerns
    To POCARI- I will surely wait for your run next year! Hope you’ll continue to support running events. Keep it up!

  30. @ms. mars, ng email na po ako…pls do confirm…salamat..hndi me mkasali sa rexona kasi uwi me sa prov. ds friday..nka pg reg. na me sa milo….


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