Mizuno Infinity Run 2011 – Race Results Discussions

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Congratulations for those who participated and conquered the Mizuno Infinity Run 2 that happened last June 11, 2011. Race Results will be posted here once it is released by the organizers.

Download Race Results Here:
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Original Source: Mizuno Run 2011 Results

For now please feel free to discuss and share your feedback and comments about this event here.

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  1. maikli ba ang distance nila o bumilis lang ako? parang maikli yung 5k kanina sa mizuno…

    anyway, it was a good run…di maxado mainit…

    kaso yung mga nag-21k, di nila alam kung san napunta yung medal nila…

  2. wow mizun0 is really improving fr0m last year race. Exact start of the race, better hydrati0n, go0d finisher shirt and medal…

  3. fail ito para sakin. hassle sa pagclaim ng singlets tapos sa day ng run fail ang gun start. nagkaubusan pa ng medal para sa 21k finishers. needs more improvement.

  4. sa uulitin… Still standing after my first ever 10k.. my unofficial time is 1:11:30.

    and most fun about the run is meeting Pinoy Fitness friends. I’ll be posting the pictures in FB account. check out the forum page for more details of the event.

  5. How come na naubusan kami ng finisher’s medal? Di ba alam ng organizers how many are registered sa 21k? We need to know if we can still claim our medals or not. Kasi if not dina makakaulit sa amin ang Mizuno the next races.

  6. grabe ang saya!!! need pang maghalfday sa work para lang makakuha ng medal!!!! buti nlang mganda mga nasa stage kahit walang energy at late nagstart ang program!!! mizuno first time nyo????

  7. great race!!! i was really surprised that the water they were serving had ICE… hehehe… by far, this is the most challenging 21K i’ve ever joined. i really like the route chosen for the event. props to the mizuno team and to the organizers. too bad the medals will be delivered as they ran out. all in all, great race, i’ll be joining again next year!

  8. I agree with Nikka, very dry and run na ito pahirapan pag kuha ng singlet, ang freebies sabog hindi man lang nilagay sa lagayan and worst ala medal, courier na lang daw kasama prestige card. Maniwala kayo diyan. Out 10 stars – 5 lang kayo bweeehhhh….

  9. it’s been awhile I’ve run the Bayani road route! back to back 21K race with maintained PR as compared to my worst 21K finish on AKTV run… I was able to recieve the medal but never thought it would run out, just the same plastic medal from Adobo Run. Hydration is OK for the 21K race with enough energy drink station.

  10. after the race naubusan ang medal ng 21k.. tapos sa pag claim ng shirt haba ng pila.. hindi naka seperate ang 5k, 10k and 21k… tapos 1 gatorade lang per runner.. imagine you ran 21k tapos sa finish line 1 gatorade lang., i ask for another one ayaw mamigay at isa lang daw talaga pero saw others nakauha ng 2,, at after the race daming gatorade natira.. cguro iuuwi ng taga gatorade .. dapat be more considerate what if na dehydrate yung tao… talagang ayaw nila mamigay ng 2…boo sa sponsor nila na gatorade!

  11. runner21 tama lahat sinabi mo parang di binadgetan ng mizuno daig pa ng nike tapos me nakita pa kami employee ata ng nature valley box by box ang kinuha imbes pamigay sa mga tumakbo kakahiya sponsor kayo pero kayo rin humahakot ng item ninyo

  12. it’s the baptism of fire for my sonata(adizero Boston 2) happy with the run. I beat my first 21k run for almost 13mins. Unofficial time 2:26 Congratulations to both of us Sonata. Akala ko false start lang un. tapos nagsisigaw si ate nang “Step on the mat, Step on the mat.” heheh. Disapointed kasi naubusan nang medal. buti na lang naantay ko ung pinadala ng Air21 ata un. Sarap nang gatorade at pocari sweat(sa kabilang run ata un hehehe). Ang ganda nang panahon at nang ruta.

  13. How can they run out of 21k finisher’s medal in less than 2 hrs from gun start?? Nakakahiya naman yata yun . They know how many people registered for 21k and they should have enough for everybody on the race day. There were sufficient water stations pero sinasalok pa tubig isa isa. That’s a waste of time for the runners. Nagulat pa yung emcee nung nag gun start na sa 21k. Walang coordination from the start. Never again if the same organizer.

  14. @toni.trinidad i’ve been a runkeeper user for quite some time, it can’t give you really an exact distance, minsan sobra, minsan naman kulang, this is because of various factors,like gps loss, but the bottomline you should get 95% accuracy. congrats on your 5k.

  15. buti na lang maganda panahon. nabawi sa mga hassles na na-experience ng mga registrants. yung gunstart walang announcement man lang. nagulat mga runners, start na pala. sabog pa yung distribution ng finisher’s kit… buti na lang maganda talaga ang panahon…

  16. Maayong Gabii sa inyo a tanan from City of Smiles – Bacolod!

    the Heaven’s blessed us today with awesome weather conducive for running 5K 10K and 21Ks! despite the issues that surrounded this event (esp the singlets and just lately the medal shortage), still the turn out was hugely super WOW!

    my PR is still the same, haha! 300 meters towards the finish line i told myself, not a minute more and i crossed the line same PR and few secs! glad to see the shower fire truck again…great to see and eat lots of banana’s after a tense race! but i hope they were able to dispose the plastic cups asap. wawa naman again si Mother Earth.

    Celebrity Stargazing with Vina Morales, Coach Tim Cone (Alaska), Rovilson Fernandez and my running idol crush, Coach Rio who finished his 21K with a breeze and made his presence felt minus the bouncy bodyguards to promote his RunRio’s Rexona Run next July 24. dont worry, several PF frendz will be joining too!

    today’s event was made more memorable by the appearance of PF forumates and latest eyeballs – great meeting you @Sario @Pacer @Patok @Reydor @Deek @GumihoRunner @Jie @Alfred and finally, @Barefootdaves – hope you got your glass medal. did i miss anyone? pls view most of the new pics posted but i will upload my pics when i get back Manila tomorrw and congrats congrats to your latest PRs! till next run event ha?

    @Jackie and the rest of the Runnr’s group – super saya meeting most of you today.loads of pics! thanks for making us feel so welcome!

    @Timmy @Mickey @Jai from Mizuno BMG – mega congrats guys! more power and see you again till Mizuno’s next races…thanks for the Finisher’s Tee.

    @Cecille @c21 @Angel @RedStream – we missed you guys today. Angel and RedStream, hows ur new PRs? email me me ur next run ha?

    @Jeff (PF) hows the singlet design coming along? once thats ok, i feel like calling the next meet and greet? ;)

    and to my ever fun and core PF uber buddies @Bingski @Yingski @Suplado_AkO – congrats to your debut 10K and 21Ks despite the odds – ill never get tired running alongside with you my run idols. always saya Fun and lotsa pics! its my wish to get close to your PRs, naks!

    im going to create my own Independence Run tomorrow mornin…see ya peeps!

  17. //@78: Mizuno will mail the medals for 21k finishers who weren’t able to get theirs after the race. might as well call mizuno expo for additional details. or check the fb account…

  18. //and yeah, thanks to @mon race bib#21736 (i hope i got it right) for the pace run after the first u-turn up until the kalayaan fly-over…tenchu..!

  19. //@bingski: thanks for the links…good thing i didn’t look bad in the photos despite the pains due to calves and knee cramps..

  20. A lot of whining na naman…. For me… Great run for the mizuno infinity run II.. Nice cool weather that aided in breaking a lot of personal record ….
    Kudos to you mizuno..till next year..uuu

  21. Ratings :
    hydration: 9
    organization: 5
    post race: 5
    singlet: 9
    overall: 6

    reco: choose a better race organizer run rio perhaps

  22. Mizuno 21K debut and mine too! Challenging for me cause of my negative condition. I thought I can get away with my ankle spring na nakuha ko from playing basketball (inter-office annual basketball league) days before the race but I was wrong. Kasi sa 1st km palang, I felt I was running w/ a flat tire (vff bikila) but the “show must go on” ika nga. Nakayanan naman hanggang 16-17K but after that need to walk/run cause need to run safe than be sorry. Didn’t achieved my goal to have a sub 2 hours (di ba Jared?), instead got my unofficial time 2:29. Happy and felt blessed parin cause I cross the finish line w/ a smile on my face. Pero my atraso ang 21K sa amin dalawa ni Jared! We’ll be back! Antay ka lang! Recovery mode muna kami ni Jared! Thanks Mizuno!!!

  23. @Yingski @Suplado_Ako
    speedy recovery of your physical obstacles from the Mizuno Run…pick up the pieces during the 42K MIM and back with a vengeance for the 21K of Yamaha! ;)

  24. okay ang ang patakbo ng mizuno,,ganda pa ng panahaon ,,,nag-karoon yata ng problema sa 21k ,,,okay naman sa 10k,,,ma-ayus naman ang mga marshall,,,sa uulitin uli ,,,sana naman hwag sa magallanes ang claim ng singlet ..thanks na lang sa mga organizer ,,,tsaka sa mga sponsor,,,

  25. //@yingski and I will be back with a vengeance..!!! 21k — watch out..! ahahah..

    //@Ms_Mars: yes, we will…

    //@Bingski and PF Friends: thanks for being there at the finish line… :)

  26. i got sprain ankle from the run. i step on a small rock along buendia cor. makati ave.,
    police on the area saw me almost falling to my side and all he did is ask na “tapilok ka?” then thats it. hindi man lang nagtanong kung kailangan mo ng first aid o assisstance
    anyways it was a good run. was able to finished with less than 59 minutes with sprain ankle.

  27. To those who did not get their medals, is it possible to file a legal case against the organizers??? they promised a finishers medal and some did not get any. This is clearly a case of “breach of contract”. don’t you think?

  28. next time sana yung mga freebies iparaffle na lang kasi napaka unorganize ng ginawang pamimigay. kung irarafle nila yun mas marami ang matutuwa kasi ang nanalo lang ay yung mga nasa unahan ng stage.

  29. nakakaloka nga eh, certificate yung prize at kukunin nanaman namin yun sa pinakamalayo nilang branch, sana naman hindi ala tote bag yung shoe bag na yun.

  30. I am really disappointed with the way this race was handled. Sayang at Mizuno pa naman. I hope Mizuno will take the comments seriously and improve on their next race/s.

  31. nakakatawa ang mizuno! akala ko pa naman. maganda ang run na toh kc Branded ang organizer at may Run Run Expo pang nalalaman at doon pa daw kukunin ang singlet sa ofc nila sa Magallanes in Makati! WOW POSH nga! Pero nung race day na! hahahhaha! Gulatan! wala ka torya torya! Gulpe de Gulat ang gunstart! Ang host kulang sa kanin or sa kape? it other words, low budgeted na cya! KKB na! hahaha! Bka naman kc binawi sa singlet ang registration fee na may kamahalan din naman. watchatink????

  32. //i would rather prefer not having a countdown before the gunstart as long as the race starts on time, than a late gun start (which happened to the Philippine Independence Run – 21k started at 5:30, 10k started at 6..how’s that???).

    if i were to rate the whole event, i could give it a 7.5, or maybe an 8. i understand that there had been some delays in the distribution of the singlets — but it was pretty understandable as it was explained by the management. water stations were strategically located along the routes – especially for 21k route. as for the freebies, it would have been a great treat for the runners if there any – like loot bags :)..nonetheless, i learned that the singlets alone, are worth practically almost the same as what i paid for the registration (Php800.00) for 21k; with that, i got a value for my money, plus a finisher’s tee. not bad…

    post race: the inavailability of the medals. my associates and i had to wait for roughly an hour to get our medals.

    imo, it was a good event. though not an excellent one. there’s a lot more to improve on if mizuno will have future race events. on a deeper note, this event gave me another opportunity to gel with my running friends — you know who i’m referring here. and the mizuno staff have always been very accommodating. so, i would say, it was a good experience. i’ll definitely join future mizuno runs..!

    i will look forward to better Mizuno run events in the future.

  33. medal na late dumating….race result…nauna pa yung independence day run…..mizuno…..nasan na yung race result??????

  34. It’s Tuesday already, where are the results? I give this race a 6 out of 10. Start was not organized well, delayed singlets, the distribution of freebies was not well organized. The only saving grace is the finisher’s shirt

  35. @Suplado_Ako

    there is always room for improvement in every project or event put up. mistakes are there to help correct errors encountered so that it can be avoided in future opportunities.

    great review and personal insight on the Mizuno Infinity Run. i couldnt have recapped it any better, naks! but ill post more observations at the Forum. ;)

    yeah,more Mizuno Runs! ;)

  36. good to know some enjoyed the run.. but in my case, Mizuno Run is a bust!! NOT ENOUGH MEDALS??!! geezz.. Of course you have the number of registered participants, so bakit kinapos? and the medals are friggin plastic! parang katulad lang nung sa adobo run after dark.. pangit!andami pang hankie pankie sa pag claim ng singlets!to think na yung registration fee is at premium price. imagine 600php for 5k with no D-tags and inaccurate pa ang distance!!?? as for the singlets,nowhere near the half of KOTR’s singlet quality. I didnt even wear it on raceday.I thought its gonna be a step up from last years event, pero ganun din! sorry no more infinity run for me.. kaasar lang kasi fave brand ko ang mizuno and you didnt give the brand the kind of event its worthy off.. buti na lang nandun ang mga crush ko :)) i get to see & greet 2 of my fave (girls) runners.. Coach Z & Noelle.. :”>

  37. is there a version of the results based on the actual run of the person (a.k.a. chip time). Its because I was late like 10-15 mins but I’m not sure so I would like to know how many “real” minutes did I take to finish my 10K. I have a personal time on my stopwatch of 1HR and 6mins+ but I wanna know your side. :)

  38. thanks buti na lang lumabas na result,,,mga runners meron ,,YAMAHA…rexona ,,ung singlet ganda ,,pag-kita nyo sa personal,,syempre yung MILO ,,,umpisana lahat ng registration ,,lahat yan 21k ,,,ta takbuhan ko ,,,kaya ako 21k ,,maga ganda kasi mga singlet finisher for 21k…good luck na lang ,,,kita kita na lang tayo,,,thanks nga pala sa mizuno…tsaka sa mga organizer,,,,maliit lang naman ang comment ko…medyo malayo,,tsaka alanganin kuhaan ng singlet ,,,sana sa susunod,,sa mismong regitration na makukuha ang singlet,,,baka mas marami pang nag-pa regiter,,

  39. bakit wala pong chip time s results? finishing time lng..late po kc kmi ng aroung 11 or 12 mins s gunstart…sayang di ko nkita ung official chip time ko…=(

  40. My bib no. 1711, 10k race. How come my name is not on the 10k race results. I know i finished below 1hour and 10 minutes.

  41. i was so disappointed.. bkit wla ung name q or bib no. s result.. pano p ko mgjoin s next yr’s beat your own pace.. pero my friend of mine my result xa khit ndi nkatakbo dahil my sakit.. how come? =(

  42. @patok
    awww that’s terrible! something could have gone wrong with their database for ur bib# to be unknown finisher.

    i suggest you contact Mizuno’s FB about it so they can send a feedback to their race tabulator and by then youll know what your official PR is.

    good luck!

  43. Wala rin name ko (race bib # 2997). Bale wala pala yung mga email ko sa mizuno twice about runners info since online kme nagregister and sila nagrequest to email them about it. Kung ganito ka-organize ang mizuno sa susunod nilang event, goodluck na lng sa mga runners na sasali ulit…am definitely not one of it. And bakit ganun, sa race result ang time ko is 13 mins more than what i saw sa time sa finish line, to think na tumapak nman ako sa pad sa my finish line and late ako nagstart so dapat pa nga mababawasan pa time ko sa official result. Ang laki kasi ng difference, 13 mins, whats the reason kaya? Calling mizuno

  44. I was also disappointed with the race result. I guess I had big expectations. I was expecting that the result will be like the race results provided by runrio or greentennial, wherein you’ll see your ranking based on gender, age category, etc.

    Improvements can be made their choice of the supplier of their timing chip. This is not a cheap run so it only imperative that they choose the timing device supplier wisely and runners have high expectations. Buti pa nga nung Hyundai free run, ok ang timing device, to think na libre yun. I’ll post my comment in their FB page and email na rin to Timmy of Mizuno.

  45. //official 21k PR: 2:24:16

    //i agree with @Bingski that the results are not as detailed as the one runrio or greentennial results..in the future runs, perhaps, they should have a different vendor for the time chips…

  46. i hope they can still fix it na makumpleto yung info’s. I finished my 10k run for 49mins but since na-late kami, 1:01 n yung nagreflect s results which is my finish time..I think that’s my only concern..the rest naman is ok w/ me…

  47. @Bingski @Suplado
    let your comments/feedbacks be made known to Mizuno Staff (Timmy Sebastian or Mickey) so that it will also be included among others, in their AFI’s or areas of improvement evaluation meeting when considering another running event in the near future…

    musta po? where u there at Mizuno last week coz we missed meeting up with you. was a great happy run despite of some concerns/delays.
    do you have a new cellphone now? pls email me your contact details…

  48. @angel: I beg to disagree, run rio failed to deliver an accurate result in AKTV run…
    *** They failed to reflect the checkpoint time for all the runners.
    *** Some of the runners have missing data (they run for nothing)
    *** Others have wrong result reflected under their name.
    *** Run rio doesn’t reply in runners query regarding the result

    But i’m hoping that AKTV run (tagged as the worst run event for 2011 organized by run rio) is just an isolated case.

  49. @Ms Mars;@Bingski;@Suplado ako;@yingski:@patok: m back, super owesom to meet you ol budies, na bz ako sa mg nag daang araw, i read all of your disappointments about the post MIZUNO infinity run and its nothing but natural. lets move on heheheh… anu next sked run nyo?

    @sario: kbayan nakita ko guihap ikaw before the gunstart along with MS mars n Bingskie my picture picture kmu at the befor the chek-in gate.

    @patok my utang paak hm next run ulit from starting to finiz line il run with u elbow to elbow, umusok kc ako during that run, very much disappointing yong PR ko.

  50. @PACER
    hi there! welcome back to Comments, hehe! alam mo, nakakatuwa kayo. sucha comedy during our chika moments and pics taking during the event! im so glad we finally met you @Mizuno.

    next run? June 26 – Manila Intl Marathon

    merong mga PF peeps na mangangahas mag 1st time 42K and they are serious ah, in fairness! guys you know who u are, haha!

    good luck with your back2back events for Merrell Adventure and New Balance Trail Run next week! Ikaw na ang addict! ;)

  51. “As i have said runrio is one of the best organizer coach rio nows everthing”

    “I beg to disagree, run rio failed to deliver an accurate result in AKTV run”

    @gary_m, then who is now the best/one of the best? who the organizer who consistently provided the best race events in our country? this might help the community

  52. @Ms Mars: heheh tnx nice to meet u also. i love running ang sarap hingalin kc habang tumatakbo.z u agen sa MIM. anung km ka?

  53. @barefootdave: I was challenge by your question, whom I think is the best race organizer.
    To tell you frankly I have no answer as of the moment, but this give me an idea to search for the best race organizer among the pf community.
    I’ll leave this question hanging for now and do my HW. Once done, I’ll give my answer to your question. :)

  54. @my pf buddies – thanks sa mga pics natin sa mizuno infinity! Like!!! Pati narin yung official time ko na 2:29 ay pwede narin kasi sprain ankle naman ako kaya no need to be upset sa sarili ko for not finishing below 2 hours. Bawi na lang ako sa iba 21K race. Sad news na hindi ako maka run sa MIM kasi masakit parin yung injury ko. Sana hindi magtagal para maka run ulit ako. @Ms_Mars & @Bingski – si basuraboy pala ay sasali sa 10K run sa MIM, I know him at magkasama ka sa Leg 1 ng Unilab. Isa rin syang mamaw na natutulog sa takbohan hehehe…. Update ko na lang kayo if when ang next run ko. More horsepower sa lahat!!!

  55. “then who is now the best/one of the best? who the organizer who consistently provided the best race events in our country? this might help the community”

    @barefootdaves: Base on the feedbacks by the pf community, the best organizer is the Animo Events Management the group behind Greentenial Run, Run for Japan, & Greentenial Half Marathon.

    I also based my answer on the following:

    1. pre-event – singlet design & delivery, Event Fees, Cause of the event
    2. run-event – Hydration, Route Markers, Marshalls, Safety, Gun Start
    3. post-event – Post run activity, race result, photos, race result discussion here in pf.

    Though Run Rio is good, runs from rio are now commercialized, they prioritize business on top of fun and cause of the run which resulted to some disappointment of the runners.

    HW done… it’s up to you and the pf community to consider my two cents worth on this matter :)

  56. no medal yet???? paki post na lang ang picture ng medal para masaya na rin ako for finishing the 21k…. you promise to sent it to us pero mukhang made delay na naman uli. anyway nice run, weather and program I like it.

  57. @NRico
    sorry to hear you havent recd your medal yet. its been days already.

    i suggest for you to contact the MIZUNO Mktg Dept BMG Magallanes at 757.3160 local 805 and pls look for Jai, Angel, Timmy Sebastian or Mickey Liwag so they can check and follow if there are still medals yet to be delivered.

    good luck!

  58. My name was not listed not the 21K.. But i check my bid number and see that my bid was on a man name… why didnt my name reflect on it….. This mizuno fun run i will not run again coz it is not worth it at all..

  59. I agree with gary_m. ung mga certificate ko sa runrio hanggang ngayon di pa dumarating considering na office address ang nilagay ko. tapos ung pictures nila ang kunti at sablay pa(bazumedia) maganda lang kasi maraming freebies dahil sa sponsor. pero all in all di sya ang top organizer ko. mas maganda ung greentenial at si ung kay Mr. Rudy Biscocho sa tingin ko. Indi commercialized pero maganda pa rin.

  60. Mizumo, we run to satisfy our passion in running, these runners are composed of people from all walks of life (street vendor, tambay sa kanto, teacher, engineer, doctors, lawyers, retirees, etc) but we are all equal pag running na ang usapan. Finishers shirt, medal or loot bags are just a small token of sovenir to remember this run. If you promise something to these runners please be sincere and keep your comittment. Sana magbasa rin kayo ng feedbacks para maka gawa kayo ng Do’s & Dont’s in organizing an event.


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