Which FUN RUN are you Joining on March 27?


There has been several battles on which FUN RUN to support this coming March 27, 2011. Just wanted to do a quick poll to know where most people are going.


  1. takbo sana ako sa Globe Run for Home 2011 kaya lang mahal ng reg fee, okay lang sana if malaki mapupunta sa chosen benificiary ko para sa reg fee pero too disappointed kasi barya lang mapupunta parang di worth it na mag reg pa 21km category. I felt very bad…how much?

    Team Yakult: Keep it up!

  2. pinoyfitness is now a social weather station for runners… he he he joke… its also a good thing we feel the ”pulse” of our runners once in a while… anyway…I am joining the Yakult 10mile…my first time to join a 10-mile (or 16K) run preparatory to a half Mary before the end of the year….. anyway, whichever run you guys are joining, have a safe run…wish you all a nice weekend ahead…. :)

  3. Badtrip. tatakbo ako bukas sa Yakult 10miler na may ubo’t sipon. Ok lang ba yun? Bahala na si Lord, basta tatakbo pa rin ako. Hehehe.

  4. will run sana @ Yakult 10 miler, kaso wala nang forms sa Trimona, and no more XL singlets. Good luck to all runners sa Yakult 10 Miler and sa LuntiRun!

  5. see you guys sa Yakult 10-Miler tomorrow!sana 1 Liter yung pamimigay na Yakult sa lahat ng finishers hehehe…adik lang sa Yakult since childhood!

  6. Just ran Globe’s R4H, just got my rack kit free, nagkalat ang free,, signs of low reg participant, literally nilangaw, bilang ng bilang ang runners, i guess theyll learn their lesson well and so do other race org out there. Im sure.next runs will be back at reasonable price


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