Win a Box of Kinesiology ‘KT’ Athletic Tape


Lately I’ve been seeing several people with colorful tapes around their backs and shoulders when I run or when I’m at the Gym, ever wondered what they are?


It’s called a Kinesiology or KT Tape, it’s a sports medicine solution endorsed by Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Walsh for treating and preventing common sports injuries that you might have incurred during your fitness workouts, recommended for people with ITBS, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain and more.

KT Tape is applied along the muscles, ligaments and tendons (soft tissue) to speed up recovery of muscles by providing a lightweight, strong, external support and it comes in different colors: black, blue, pink, beige, red and green priced at PHP 735.00

I also happen to have an extra box of KT Tape, so I’m giving it away! Want it? Here’s how to get it:

Step 1: Leave a comment with your name and email, indicating why you want the KT Tape
Step 2: Make sure you used a valid EMAIL address
Step 3: Follow us on Facebook or Twitter using the email address that you used
Step 4: Share in Facebook or re-Tweet with @pinoyfitness. That’s it!

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Giveaway Period is from August 30 to September 7, 2010.

Note: Facebook or Twitter Email should match with what you used in the comments.

KT Tape




  1. because i’m a physical therapist leading an active lifestyle and the KT tape would provide alternative but effective pain relief. cute pa. :P

  2. Because I engage in different sports (road and trail running, swimming, mountaineering and soccer) and the KT tape could help me keep up with all these activities. :)

  3. wow! only a matter of learning how to use this tape and an injury will surely be averted. a must in our first aid kit list.

  4. I should win a box of KT Tape to boost my performance. I work from 8am to 5pm and hit the grounds of Cp Aguinaldo for a 5 – 7K runs at least thrice a week, frequented the gym at least thrice a week also and have a recreational swim at the camp's pool with my son every Saturday. Sunday is only a rest if I don't feel running at all. My body just asks for more action, it's an attitude. I know KT Tape can respond to that thirst.

  5. My wife has just recently been interested in running and just ran her second 5km race last weekend. I'd love to continue to encourage her to engage in running and other fitness related activities for her own well-being. I don't want any body ache to discourage her and I'm hoping that the KT tape can help her sustain the healthy activities she's in to right now.

    By the way, she's also goes to the gym and swim in between our weekend run.

  6. I need to have a supply of KT Tape due to my active lifestyle and also as i play basketball, exposed to knee pains, shoulder pains, etc. KT Tape would help relive all the pain as i play basketball.


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