34th Milo Marathon 2010 – Race Results – Manila Elims

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Congratulations to all who joined the finished the 34th Milo Marathon in Roxas. Race Results are now Available!

Some pictures taken from the event:

AT KM 0 Mayor Lim Kaya Mo Yan!

Download Race Results Here:
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Note: Results only covers 10K/21K/42K, races which a timing chip was used.

Milo Marathon 2010 Photovendo: https://free.photovendo.ph/
Milo Marathon 2010 Runpix: https://www.runpix.info/mng10/ge.php

Feel free to share your comments, thoughts and feedback about the race here!


34th Milo Marathon 2010 – Provincial Results Here:


  1. its been a nice 5k run for me. i broke my pb w/c is 27.55 to 24.46. i think 5k crowd control must be reviewed. place the runners w/ lower time based on last 5k milo run. in this way the new runners can be placed at the back so as to avoid accidents at the starting line.

  2. I'm very happy to have finished the race within the curfew time. All my efforts during the training paid off. Proud to have a certificate of finish on my very first 10k run in a prestigious race event. I finished in 1:15mins

  3. My record for a 5k run is 22mins. My finish time here is 39 mins haha… Medyo mahirap pala tumakbo kapag sobrang daming tao. Ilan tao rin ang nabangga ko at saka ang tagal ko sa water station, ang daming naguunahan sa tubig :) But it was a really fun event. Kudos to Milo and the organizers!

  4. maganda nmn kaso ang daming tao tinamad akong tumakbo umabot tloy ako ng 1hr e dti mmga 35 mins tpos na na disappoint ako s sarili ko

  5. I love Milo i beat my PR, got 1:40:58 time, this is my second 21KM race my first 21KM time was 2:00:40.

    again slow runners right lane. be considerate.

  6. I had fun with my 52min – 10k run inspite of the lack of training, slower than my mizuno time, good thing we ran the 10k instead of the 5k which was a riot! hehe i think they over-registered the 5k which made people difficult to run properly… in the end, most runners just walked causing many to go beyond the cutoff time =)

  7. There should've been a better crowd control, there were a lot of rowdy kids pushing each other or barracading the path co'z they'd rather hold hands while running so it became an obstacle course, most runners would run on zigzag to avoid running over them. The guy giving out the ribbons for 5K even accused all the runners asking for one that they cheated so he won't give out the ribbons causing sooo much delay. I thought people would mug him, poor guy he must've seen someone take a shortcut. I'd suggest put all ribbon distributors in 1 line/spot only so that they will not delay distribution.

  8. From MILO® Philippines: For all 21K finishers that are qualified to have a 21K finisher's medal, the medals will be sent to you via courier within 5 working days. You may also opt to pickup the medal from the race organizer at 75 Kennedy St., North Greenhills, starting today, Mondays till Fridays, from 9am to 5pm. For directions to get there …and other clarifications, you can contact 7279987.

  9. From MILO® Philippines: For 42K finishers who are qualified to receive the 42K finisher's shirt, you can also start claiming your shirts from the race organizer starting Wednesday at 75 Kennedy St., North Greenhills, starting today, Mondays till Fridays, from 9am to 5pm. For directions to get there and other clarifications, you can contact 7279987.

  10. kainis wala akong certificate….tumakbo naman ako kaya lang hindi umabot sa cut off time…pero sana meron pa din, dami kasi students need non para ipakita sa prof nila….

  11. This annual event was enjoyable. The real runners came out.

    Water stations: more tables to be set up to avoid major bottleneck

    Baggage Area: bigger holding area since organizers already know how many registered. You wait for more than an hour to get your bags. Security is priority – I heard that bags were already opened when they received it. Some bags were really lost. My friend's motorcycle helmet was deeply scratched. I approached the area at around 1030am and asked how things got lost. The guys said, Pasensya na lang, ang gulo kasi dito, di na din namin nakontrol. Duh?! Tanong ko E kung ikaw ang nawalan? Sinimangutan lang ako.

    Is this the same organizer as the Fit and Right? Kaya pala. Same experience. Kung kelan ikaw yung pinakamalayo ang tinakbo, pagdating mo sa finish line, walang tubig, ubos na ang giveaway.

  12. grabe, ang daming tao! hindi ko nakuha target time ko! pero bawi nalang ako sa ibang elimination! nagtatakbo nalang ako sa road gutter para makasingit! pero dami ng nauna! 3 minutes bago makatakbo ng maayos! ang saya!! @#$%^_^!!!

  13. Please pray for the soul of my friend Remus Fuentes, who collapsed during his run in the 21K category. He passed away last Tuesday. He loved running so much, and this is probably the way he would have wanted to go.

  14. TO RIP: eternal rest grant unto him(Remus Fuentes) oh Lord & let perpetual light shine upon him, may his soul rest in peace amen…..

  15. To RIP,

    I am Remus father. You're wrong. This is not what he would have wanted to go. He collapsed into coma due to heat stroke in what turned out to be his Marathon of Life. He died 48 laters and in his death certificate… due to "multiple organ failure due to heatstroke". The why's were combinations of fatal mistakes, sheer incompetence and gross negligence none of which is his.

  16. I am Remus' father. I prepared a summary of the whole story surrounding the circumstances of his death due to heatstroke. I need email addresses to send this to for circulation. It may save other lives. For those who wanted a copy directly, text me your email address to this no. 09151171915. or email me thru the moderator who kept my email address in confidence.


  17. Mr Ruddi Remus: I don't know your son personally but i'm a fellow runner, i would like to pay a visit to your son's wake and know the circumstances of his demise Here's my email address [email protected] and for all all who want to pay their respects to him

  18. Dear Mr. Fuentes, I did not mean to disrespect your son’s memory, his passing was truly untimely, he had his whole life ahead of him which he should have spent with his family and friends. I did not mean to take away the liability of the people responsible for this happening, had they planned this better, Remus would still be with us now. Those responsible should owe up to what happened and make sure that this does not happen again. To anyone. Ever. So that no one can ever lose their loved ones to something as simple as joining a run. What I only meant by my message was that he was doing what he enjoyed doing when this happened. My heart and prayers go out to the whole family.

  19. I finished the 21K category but I cannot find my name, bib no and time on the published race results. Can you please check my results? Thanks. Here is my bib no – 26105. I brought with me my garmin watch and it registered 2:19 and something seconds. Again please check I am keeping track of my run. In fact, this is my second 21K, the first was Run BGC at Global City.


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