Powerade Sprint Duathlon – 3rd Leg


Date: Saturday September 20, 2009
Time: Race Starts at 6:30 a.m.
Race Distance: 7.5k Run – 30k Bike, 5k Run

Race Rules

  • Body markings (race numbers) must appear on both arms and both legs.
  • Number stickers must be placed at the front and right side of the helmet.
  • Number sticker for the bike must be placed on bike seat post.
  • Bikes must be racked at the designated spot of the bike rack in the transition area.
  • Helmet is a must. Bare torso biking or running is not allowed.
  • Drafting is not allowed (Cyclist at the back must stay behind by more than 3 bike lengths, and stay 1 length away to either side.  Over taking or passing is allowed only on the left side of the slower cyclist and must be done within 15 seconds.  Overtaken cyclists must stay on the right side of the road and back off  by more than 3 bike lengths. Slower cyclists staying on the left side of the lane is committing a violation called blocking. Penalties for drafting include disqualification and/or losing eligibility to win awards and prizes.)
  • Bikes must be properly racked at the proper spot or prior to leaving T2.
  • The race bib must be worn at the front during the run legs.
  • Use of iPods & mp3 players during the race is strictly prohibited.

Race Categories:
Top 3 over-all (Male & Female.
Top 3 for each age group.

Awards and Prizes:
Medals and Cash prizes will be awarded to Overall Top 3 in Male and Female Categories.
Medals will be awarded to TOP 3 in each age group.
All participants will get t-shirts and post-race refreshments.

Registration: Submit filled-up entry form with your fee at Registration Center mentioned below.
Participants may also pay through:
– BPI (Anna Marissa Remigio, S/A No. 6716-0698-24), or
– PNB (Anna Marissa Nagalon, S/A No. 1002-8030-0012).
Then, fax entry form and deposit slip (clear &/or enlarged copy) with name to Fax # 932-9071 or 6311-356.
Keep receipt/bank deposit slip & submit during Registration.

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Registration Fees:
P900.00 (onsite)

For more inquiries contact Anna Marissa Remigio at 0908-6621 or Thumbie Remigio at 02-9329071


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