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Corregidor Heritage 21K 2020 in Corregidor Island

Corregidor Foundation Inc, Sun Cruises and BBG RUN Events invites you to take a trip back in as they relive history at Corregidor Heritage 21K on February 9,2020 and have an epic adventure of a life time.

Corregidor Marathon 2018

Corregidor Marathon and Half-Marathon together with SOLEUS and L-TIMESTUDIO will be back in 2018!

Corregidor Marathon 2017 with Team Soleus Philippines

When Edward Kho the organizer of Corregidor Marathon/Half-Marathon and Judith of Team Soleus Philippines invited me to join them for the 2017 edition of the Corregidor Marathon I was both excited and worried

Corregidor Marathon 2017

Are you once again ready to rock the norm?! Corregidor Marathon is back on January 28-29, 2017!

Corregidor Marathon – January 9, 2016

Are you ready to rock the norm?! Corregidor Marathon is back on January 9, 2016!

Corregidor Marathon and Half-Marathon 2015

Are you fit enough to conquer "The Rock"!? Save the date for the Corregidor International Marathon and Corregidor International Half-Marathon happening on January 17-18, 2015.

Race-cation at “The ROCK” Corregidor Half-Marathon!

1:17! That was the time of the 1st Finisher of the Corregidor Half-Marathon last January 12, 2014. Corregidor, also commonly called "The Rock" never fails to give an unforgettable "UPHELL" experience to even the most seasoned runner.

10 Rock-Hard Reasons to Join the Corregidor Marathon!

Looking for a race to burn all your calories gained during the holidays? Well, here's 10 Rock-Hard Reasons to Join the Corregidor Marathon and the 4th Corregidor International Half-Marathon this coming January 11-12, 2014!

Corregidor Marathon and Half-Marathon 2013 Winners!

Here it is guys! The Lucky Winner of the 42K and 21K Corregidor Marathon Voucher drawn using electronic raffle is...

Corregidor Int’l Half-Marathon – January 12, 2014

Great View, Great Route and Experience a 21KM UP-HELL! The Corregidor International Half-Marathon is BACK! Scheduled on December 8, 2013 at Corregidor Island, it's surely one Half-Marathon you wouldn't want to miss.

Corregidor Marathon – January 11, 2014

Possibly one of the toughest Marathon you'll ever face. Are you ready for this!? Save the Date!

3rd Corregidor International Half-Marathon – December 1, 2012

3rd Corregidor International Half-Marathon is playing Hard to Get! Are you ready for the this?

Corregidor International Half-Marathon – December 19, 2010

Details of one of the most awaited marathon is now available, the Corregidor International Half-Marathon 'Settle the Score' that is scheduled on December 19, 2010.