Why We’re Hyped to See Jason Momoa in Aquaman


Unless you live in complete isolation from technology and society and have never encountered a Game of Thrones fan or a DC enthusiast, you have no excuse to not know of this incarnate of a Hawaiian god, okay?

Yes, we’re talking about the man who played the part of the menacing Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones, and the man who made the unthinkable happen by making Aquaman cool. The one and only, Jason Momoa.

With the air filled with talk of not just his visit to the Philippines, but also with the movie premiere of Aquaman (opening in cinemas today, December 13), we felt it only appropriate to bring it up a topic about the rugged man of our dreams. Because… well, why not?

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Yes, we’re super hyped to see him in action as the DC Superhero and King of the lost city of Atlantis and it’s not even just because he’s super ripped, now. And don’t try to exclude yourself from the clout, gentlemen. We know y’all have boys-locker-room discussions about Jason’s pecs and abs.



Rest easy, fellas. We won’t take it against you. It’s not your fault. He’s just a ridiculously charming fellow both on, and off the screen. Thus, making him even harder to resist.

I mean, are you not even a little bit tempted to awe at the cords of muscles produced by the Aquaman Diet formulated by Stuart Walton? You know… just to make sure it works (bonus tip: it doesn’t have food restrictions).

I mean, it is a tough workout and we want to see if the trouble of 4-5 days of full-body functional training is worth it.

And besides, we hear he’s also a very funny guy. And who doesn’t love a guy with a sense of humor, right?


Not like we’d dare to not laugh when this guy tells a joke.


But ironically enough, his looks definitely don’t speak for the fun- and family-loving guy that he is, inside.

A doting father and husband with impeccable abs and a vivacious love for life and all its wonder; who can blame a girl for dreaming to be a queen to a king like this, right?


This beer-drinking, tomahawk-throwing, boulder-climbing, Hawaiian man is so irresistible and congenial, even guys flock to him like the alpha male of a wolfpack.

From the roles he plays on-screen and in real life, all-in-all, he’s just really that guy who all the other guys want to be and who all the girls want to be with, even if he ends up fake-stealing your girlfriend/wife to troll you.

And maybe it’s just me, but there’s just an energy about him that makes you really want to see him in as much flesh as a PG-rated movie can allow.


Whatever it is, I just want to give a big mahalo to the being that graced us with the existence of this superb specimen of Hawaiian male beauty.

Raise your hand (or drop a comment) if you’re not missing out on seeing Aquaman in theatres this December 13!



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