Look: Jollibee Trying to Get Some Gainz!


Philippine’s favorite fast-food resto has Chicken Joy, Jolly Spaghetti, and the very famous Jollibee Mascot who is always the crowd favorite in birthday parties and other celebrations.

But in a recent video, Jollibee looks like he is working on something aside from his iconic dance moves that we always see in parties.

Cici Garcia, the uploader of the viral video captioned it with a very apt “Ang dami talagang talent ni Jollibee. HAHAHA. #JobeeFit”.

In this video, Jollibee was seen doing a few reps of Lat pulldowns – an exercise that is great for developing back muscles. And we think Jollibee knows that as he did some flexing poses for the viewers right after a few reps.


It didn’t stop there! In another video by Jay-ar Valdez Calubo, Jollibee was also seen trying to earn some #Strongman gainz by deadlifting.

Unfortunately, he would need a little more practice before pulling some hundred pounds off the floor. Still a good try for his first deadlift though!

With his new fitness endeavours, who knows, we might actually be one step closer to a Jollibee run or OCR soon?

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