Camp Sinai Trail Adventure at the Soleus Cross Country Challenge 2018


I’ve always wanted to see the giant 10 Commandments Tablet that is located at Camp Sinai in Tanay Rizal, this is also the starting point of the Soleus Cross Country Challenge now on its 3rd year.

To be honest, we almost backed out for this year’s race since it’s been raining for the entire week and it was pouring the morning of the race day itself. But luckily we found the motivation to push through and it ended up to be a “maputik” but really fun trail experience.

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We joined the 12K race distance and the course was 6KM of downhill until you reach wawa river where you have to cross the bridge, turn back and climb back up to the finish line.

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Weekend Gear:
Action Camera – GoPro Hero 6
Aerial Camera – DJI Spark
Sports Watch – Fitbit Ionic


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