Reebok Fast Flexweave Review: Speed and Flexibility


Earlier this month, Reebok released the Fast Flexweave, their newest running shoe that is designed for speed and flexibility. The key feature of the Fast Flexweave is the figure-8 weave where paired fibers are intertwined in a series of figure 8s to form a weave. Because of this technology, the Fast Flexweave is branded to be the shoes that have flexibility, strength, stability, and breathability all-in-one.

First impression and Shoe Aesthetic

Upon opening the box, one can notice that the shoe has quite an aesthetic value to it with its very modern and sleek design, which for me, is quite a refreshing take compared to the previous Reebok running shoe designs. The style of the men’s version resembles the Reebok Nano 8 a little while the women’s version has a different look as it features an extra pad of support in the heel area and a different design in the Flexweave material.

I’m a fan of how it can be worn as casual wears as I don’t really like bringing extra shoes when I hit the gym and this pair goes well with tights, jeans, and shorts.

The man’s version of the Flexweave is available in 4 colorways: Red & Black, Ash Grey & Black, Ash grey, Black, & White, and in Blue & Black combination. Unfortunately, the woman’s version of the shoes is limited to only 3 colorways (Black, Dark Grey, and Light Grey) and are all in neutral colors.


True to its branding, the Fast Flexweave is noticeably lightweight. The men’s sits only at 8.5 oz while the women’s weighs exactly 7.2 oz. The sizing is pretty much true to your size despite the new material, so there’s not gonna be any problem with that and the toe box has quite enough space too.

The Flexweave technology

The Fast Flexweave is designed to be used for speed/versatility drills and exercises. This means that the shoes are not meant to be used for road-running, off-road running, and the like.

Personally, I use my Reebok Flexweave when I do functional exercises inside the gym where the ground is matted and much softer. True enough, the material is quite helpful in performing speed drills as the flexibility in the Flexweave allows me to tiptoe for speed workouts while still giving my forefoot enough support. The stability of the material also allows lateral movements to be done more comfortably. However, it is to be noted that the Flexweave does not have a “snug-fit” around the feet area, which can be a positive or negative thing depending on the user.

Speed and Flexibility

To put it to test, we tried the Rebook fast feet challenge where you need to do as many jumps as you can in 8 seconds (which I wasn’t very good at!) and a few other speed drills:

Other than speed workouts, the shoes are very much comfortable to wear while doing functional exercises (i.e. prowlers, burpees, etc.) that require quick bursts of energy as the cushioning in the outsole comes to use.

However, there isn’t much responsiveness to be expected especially since the midsole is relatively thin. The shoes are really meant to engage your leg and feet muscles to build your speed during exercises.

The Verdict

Overall, the Fast Flexweave is an ideal pair for cross-training in the gym and is also good for short and fast treadmill sessions or other HIIT workouts. The lightness and comfort of the material are quite decent but we do advise for stability runners to test it out first in running shops before buying as the shoes have minimal cushioning. Flat footed individuals might also opt to insert insoles for more support.

With a price tag of P5,595.00, the Fast Flexweave is a good investment for runners who spend time cross training in the gym and those who work on their speed through HIIT and the like. The Fast Flexweave is now available at Reebok stores in Glorietta2, Festival Supermall, Eastwood Citywalk 2, Megamall, Galleria, Vertis North and at Second Wind store Ayala 30th.


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