Can You Beat the Time of These Celebrity Runners?


Can You Beat the Time of These Celebrity Runners?

In today’s times, running has gradually become a sport not just for runners, but for those that want to stay fit as well. In the Philippines, it’s not just athletes we see running marathons—but our very own celebrities as well.

With the emergence of social media, these celebrities have expressed their desire for running and fitness as they have proved that their skills are not just in the showbiz department, but in the running grounds as well. Here are our local celebrities who constantly run and their corresponding records, can you beat them?

Anne Curtis: 42k – 4:56:58

The showbiz queen has been very open with her lifestyle as a runner. Curtis has joined numerous running events including the recently concluded TCS New York Marathon last November, where she finished 42K in 4:56:58. Along with her fellow celebrities, Isabel Daza and Solenn Heussaff, Curtis has proved that running with her girls makes everything worthwhile.


Gerald Anderson: 42k – 4:25:02

The story of Gerald Anderson’s love with running began quite romantically. During the filming of his teleserye entitled “Ikaw Lang Ang Iibigin”, the Filipino-American celebrity grew a love affair for running. Anderson indeed shocked thousands after finishing his first marathon in Los Angeles with the time of 4:25:02.

Charlene Gonzales: 42k – 5:00:50

Gone are the days where beauty queens are stereotyped as the reserved and the “kikay” ones. Charlene Gonzales, the Philippines’ Miss Universe representative in 1994, manifested that after finishing the Tokyo Marathon, one of the biggest marathons in the world. The beauty queen turned host successfully finished her 42KM run in 5 hours and 50 seconds just last month.

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Kim Atienza: 42k – 3:57:55

He may be known as the “weather weather lang” host, but Kuya Kim got skills in the running field as well. Atienza has participated in a number of the biggest marathons around the world of that being the Boston Marathon where he finished 42k with the time of 3:57:55.

Pia Wurtzbach – 42K – 6:29:32

Queen P at the New York Marathon 2022

Bubbles Paraiso: 21K – 2:08:25

The model / actress mentioned in her blog that she has done one run relay, one bike relay, two Olympic distance triathlons and 1 duathlon and an ironman challenge. A few of those were the NatGeo Run, Pinoy fitness run and etc. Paraiso also teaches yoga and is a triathlete outside the showbusiness.

Kim Chiu: 21K – 2:54:16

Like her co-partner Gerald Anderson in their new soap opera, Kim Chiu has also developed a liking for running as well. The chinita princess just finished her first ever 21k run in 2 hour and 54 minutes and 16 seconds in this year’s NatGeo Earth Day run.

Sam YG: 21K – 1:50

Another celebrity in the list is TV host and radio DJ Samir Gogna otherwise known as Sam Y.G. The Filipino-Indian comedian has run a number of marathons occasionally sponsored by Adidas, Magic 89.9 and in various charity events.

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Kris Bernal: 10K – 00:57:56

Dubbed as the Kapuso leading lady, Kris Bernal has actively been advocating the benefits of running as part of one’s lifestyle. Bernal once finished 10k in an organized run event where she finished 32nd out of 856 participants with the time of 57 minutes and 56 seconds.

These celebrities may have busy lifestyles or day to day routines, but as the saying goes, there’s always time to get fit and live the healthy life. No matter how busy your schedule is, your health always comes first and if they can run for a better lifestyle and routine, so can you.


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