Reasons Why NIKE WOMEN’S 10K MANILA is truly Awesome!



Reasons Why NIKE WOMEN’S 10K MANILA is truly Awesome!
by: Jema Ng

If you missed Nike Women’s 10k Run Manila last Saturday, here’s a list on why you should NOT miss it next time:


The Race Kit is Chic.

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We are used to receiving race kits inside boring brown envelopes. Kudos to Nike for breaking the usual by coming up with a simple, yet chic, small white tote race kit! Details like this make you think you’re about to run a great race.


FREE fitness sessions to join in!

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for anything FREE! Weeks prior to Race Day, Nike organized weekly Nike+Run Club sessions, N+TC classes. Not only that, their partner gyms located in the whole metro offered free sessions. So whether you’re from Alabang or QC, from the East or West side, you could definitely try a cross training class or two. Did I mention it’s FREE?

Also, who would forget that one Saturday when Nike+TC transformed Valkyrie into a huge workout ground for N+TC Live?

The Race Village is freakin awesome!

It was my first time to see a race village put up within a multi-level steel parking! There was an air conditioned sky dome, a hair braiding station care of House of Braids, NTC stations, and pumping music by DJ Jess Milner. Wow, just wow!

Photo by: NikePH

It’s the Largest All-Women Race in the Philippines.

A total of 8,692 giggling, selfie-lover, yet strong female runners dominated the streets of Filinvest Alabang. Never mind the rain, everyone were on top of their game to finish strong. Also, I have learned that almost half of these ladies were running their first ever 10km! I’m pretty sure this won’t be their last either! You go, girls!

The #betterforit pledge is empowering.

Did you notice the banners with pledges from female runners along the race route last Saturday? Didn’t it feel inspiring, motivating, empowering?

Weeks before Race Day (Race Night perhaps?), I personally was able to try Plana Forma in Eton Centris Walk and HIIT in Elorde Gilmore (told ya I love freebies to bits!). I had not tried both before but I was super nervous to try the latter. I don’t know, maybe because I had the perception of Elorde being a male dominant place, and that I would not fit in. What if I had to carry dumb bells or kettlebells and they’d fall on my feet, or face! What if I puke? What if I faint? Promise, ang dami kong issues at insecurities.

Thank God I got to watch this few days before my Elorde session:

You see, in just a little more than one minute, Nike was able to summarize what most women think of when they enter a workout place. Just like what Nike has always said: Just do it! Just do it and you’ll realize that you think you can’t do is actually doable!


I survived my first HIIT and hey, I went back after a few days! Yay! So to be #betterforit, I commit to be braver doing different sports and workouts, I won’t let stereotypes stop me from giving them a try. =)


Nike Women’s 10k Manila was not just a one night thing. It inspired me and all women to live a fearless and healthy lifestyle and be #betterforit.

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  1. This run is awesome! sadly I was not able to meet my 1.5 hours target due to the hot weather and I was not mentally prepared, but overall it was fun :)


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