My Swim Academy Experience



My Swim Academy Experience
By: RJ Zamora

When I decided to join the Swim Academy, my only goal was to learn how to swim. I was a mediocre swimmer at best and it’s always been my dream learn this sport. Yes, I can swim, something I learned as a kid, good enough to get me from one side of the pool to the other end (50m), then I would stop to catch my breath, I always thought that was good, until I found out some of my friends doing 1KM to 2KM swims. I was in awe.

The Head Coach of The Academy is Coach Moi Yamoyam, a well-established swimmer and triathlete.


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The Students:

Most of the students enrolled in the academy are experienced triathletes looking to improve on their swim, beginners who are new to triathlon and a few like me who simply want to learn how to swim. It was divided into 2 groups, which are the intermediate/advanced group and the beginners. I was part of the beginner group.

The Swim Class:

The class runs for 12 weeks with 4-5 hours of swim training per week. The swim base they teach in the academy is Total Immersion. For beginners, we focus on drills, doing the same drill until we are allowed by Coach to progress. This was very helpful because the drills exposed our weaknesses and focused on making it stronger. We were not allowed to do swimming up until we improved in executing the drills, which in my case took about 4 weeks. We then slowly transitioned to swim workouts and mileage training to improve endurance, and was the focus of the academy for the remainder of the course.


Swim Simulation and Finals:

The Academy has a swim simulation at the mid point of the 12-week class. This is done in Ultra swimming pool. The goal is to gauge the endurance and progress of the students. The beginners were to swim 1.5km. At the end of the course, there is an open water swim in Playa Papagayo in Subic, 1.5km.for the beginners and 3km for the advanced students.

My Progress:

By focusing on the drills, I strengthened specific muscles to help me improve my balance in the water. Coach made sure I was doing one drill correctly before progressing. This made the transition from one drill to the next easier, and helped me on my way to swimming. By the second half of the course, we were doing drills in the beginning of the class to ensure we were not building bad habits, and then doing laps and building mileage by the second half. This built my endurance, confidence and comfort level in the water. By the end of the course, I was able to swim continuously and the longest mileage I was able to achieve was 2km.


The Swim Academy not only helped me learn how to swim, it made me stronger and I was able to do it with a group that became my friends. In the academy, you meet people with the same goals, whether it is running, bike or swimming. We were able to exchange stories, and we saw each other in different race events. Plus, our Coach was a source of inspiration. Coach Moi bagged first place for his age group in Tri United 1. It made us all very proud and confident that we are in good hands.

Watch my Before and After Swim! Notice the big difference?

The Swim Academy 12 Weeks Program

Video: Before and AfterStudent: Rj ZamoraBatch II12 Weeks Swim ProgramEnrollment: April 4 – 15, 2015Classes Starts: May 11 , 2015Classed Ends: July 31, 2015 April Bridge Training ModuleEnrollment: On goingClasses start: April 6, 2015Classed Ends: May 1, 2015 How to Enroll:Kindly visit our site:

Posted by Moi Yamoyam on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

At first, I simply wanted to learn how to swim, and never did I consider transitioning to triathlon or joining any swim race. Now I’ve plotted in the calendar swim races I wanted to join, and will be transitioning to triathlon soon. I’m also looking forward to improving my swim, under Coach Moi’s guidance, as I am enrolled in The Swim Academy Batch 2.

Interested to join the Swim Academy Batch 2? Enrolment is ongoing.

1. Download and Fill-out the Registration Form 2015. – Download Here
2. Deposit First Month Cash payment to:
Account name: John Mark Yamoyam
Account number: 3919-0679-33

3. Email Deposit slip and Registration form to [email protected]
4. Bring the Two (2) Post dated checks during the Orientation
5. Class orientation is on April 25, 2015 ( Venue: Colegio San Agustin at Time: 1- 5pm)
6. Classes Start on May 11, 2015 ( CSA ) and May 12, 2015 ( Ultra )
7. Email will be sent to you once your slot is confirmed and all requirements are complete and verified.

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