Pinoy Fitness Magazine #5 : The HIIT Issue



It’s a short but fast paced intense workout that combines running or any metabolic workout with strength exercises. But what does it do? or how does it work?

We want to know about it too. So we got together some of the experts in the industry to tell us more about this new workout method, starting with Coach Chappy Callanta, head coach of 360 Fitness Club, and student Riki Flores. Together in this issue, they show us how HIIT became their workout of choice.

We also got to chat with Tanya dela Cruz of OneLife Studio on how they combined the precision, efficiency, and safety of Pilates and the effectiveness of high intensity interval training into one of their programs. Last but not least, we also discovered this new technique of combining Crossfit and Boxing/Muay Thai to a totally new workout called Crossfit Striking.

We hope you’ll enjoy this read. We’ve made it as compact and useful as possible. Time to HIIT Now!

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