My Story 14: Vince Natividad



My Journey | Paying it Forward
by: Vince Natividad

I don’t know how to properly start this thing so let me first tell you that I’m 21 years old as of this year, 2013 and I was dangerously obese as far as I could remember. I’m a Business Administration student of University of Asia and the Pacific. I was raised in Orion, Bataan by my mother together with my grandmother and as we all know about our grandparents, they like to feed us. Excessively. Never was a day that I starved. Never was a day that I didn’t have food in my mouth or a straw sipping two Coca-colas at a time. Never was a day that our dining table didn’t look like fiesta. That’s breakfast, lunch, dinner and I always had midnight snacks; bread and full on mayonnaise or koko crunch, whatever was in or on the fridge. My physical activity included playing playstation. I had more strenuous activity which was basketball, volleyball and the game of tag. That was almost everyday but I always stuffed my face with food right after.

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I was always the big kid in class. Always the one that had a hard time fitting into the arm chair. It went as far as the faculty giving me 2 chairs for me to sit on. I always had trouble buying clothes and when people ask or measure my vital statistics, they all had this shocked expression on their faces especially when I buy pants at the mall. My biggest waistline was 44. Of course, I was also the subject of ridicule from my classmates. From kinder to 3rd year college, I was always made fun of because of my weight. PE teachers were cautious with me. My mom even called the PE instructor to take it easy on me. How embarrassing is that? I always knew I was fat and just resigned it to fate. I thought then maybe I was destined to be fat forever. So I adapted to the insults and just learned to laugh at myself. Even I would proactively make jokes about my body. Every insult I greeted with a smile and I would add to it just to keep it light and show no hard feelings but deep inside. I felt the contrary.


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I knew I was fat, I knew I had to do something. I tried several times to reduce but it all ended up with me reverting back to the same routine. Eat, eat, eat and eat. Plainly, I just gave up to easily. Food was just too good. I remember for lunch I had those big 2pcs. chicken in McDo. I always had extra rice then large coke and fries. On every meal extra rice. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for everyday of my life, eating massive proportions. I was ridiculously obese at 20. 260lbs at 5’5. I always had people looking at me with mixed facial expressions. It was always among surprise, contempt and disgust. I still remember two scenarios when I was walking down the street. A stranger straight out told in my face “tabachingching” and a couple pointing at me and making me an example to their overweight kid.

2009 was the year I attempted to lose weight but I gave up on that too, I even had a buff trainer. At year 2010 I had my gall bladder removed, I lost some weight but gained it back. It was at the start of year 2011 that I really got fed up with myself. I remember that night. It was exactly January 1, 2011 when I became completely honest and infuriated with myself. It was midnight then. New Year. I watched Before and After videos on YouTube. Who knew that was night that would change my life. I saw people who were bigger than me but still changed. These before and after pictures are no joke. It re-ignited my hope. A hope that I would look normal and someday people will look at me without judging me because of my weight. All I needed was inspiration. I don’t know who the people in those pictures were but I always had them in mind when I started working out. I went to sleep that night, happy, envisioning what I would look like normal. I took a before picture before going to bed.

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The following day I did my research and learned all that was necessary to losing weight and did my best to apply them. I never stopped researching and I’m still researching about it and other fitness aspects today. I was, all my life, a computer boy. When I started to lose the weight seriously, I knew I had to take out things in my life that are keeping me from the body that I want. I made sacrifices. As Hiphop Preacher says “Sacrifice who are now, for what you will become”

I stopped going to the arcade and started going to the gym. It was uncomfortable at first because people there would still give me that look. But I didn’t give a hoot what they thought about me. All I thought about was what I would look like after all this. I was focused and consistent. Never was a day that I didn’t think about sweating it out. Year 2011 was the same year when my Grandmother, who raised me from when I was a baby, lost a battle with cancer. It was very devastating for me and my mother. She won’t get to see the results I have now. I lost a chance to make her even more happy with me. That left me with my mother and my sister. So I had to transfer to a school in our province to accompany my mother in the house. But that didn’t deter me from the goal I had. I entered Letran-Abucay, still considerably fat but I’ve already lost weight. I was still the subject of ridicule but that just made me hungrier.. For success.

The insults were there again even when I already put some hard work in. Instead of getting beat down by it, I made it fuel for my workouts. I then shifted my general workouts to combat sports. I got into Muay Thai, then mixed martial arts. Ever since I got into the sport, it was smooth sailing since then but presently I’m into body building and working towards my next dream body.

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2012 was when the real results came. I started with a weight of 260lbs, and came down to 165lbs. From XXL shirts to Medium and some of my shirts are body fit, at least on my upper body. From a waistline of 44, down to 34 and 36 on some pants, slim fit. And it all started because I saw people who had done it. All I needed was proof that it can be done. I once went to bed dreaming of this day, and now I’m living it. The trick is doing a workout you will have fun with and being consistent with the small ever day goals you have because these small goals in accumulation over time, make up your long term goal. Motivation is also one thing to look at and you need to dig reaaaally deep for it.

Now one of my reasons for doing this is to inspire people. It’s fun to think that somehow you had some part in people changing themselves for the better.

I think sharing this story of mine will be my way of paying it forward.

As I’m typing this, I’m almost in tears because I’m recalling all those nights I went to sleep envisioning this day. I can clearly and proudly say, I’m glad I started it and finished it. But I can’t really say I’m done with it because I’m still at it and I don’t ever see a day I won’t be working out and sweating at the gym. — END

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  1. nice story.. I think its 2011 din sa kin when I said to my self, that I will stop smoking, I will stop drinking alchoholic brevs, I will stop drinking softdrinks, where Up until now I keep it that way. though your success is much greater.. but in the end , I still I loose weight and still pursuing my lifetime goal. though im not into body building, I want to have a slim body. but this helps me ignite my passion of healthy lifestyle. thanks.

  2. Thank you for this inspirational story. made me want to do more since i weigh 146 lbs and want to loose 20 lbs. I have read somewhere that “1 hour of exercise is just 4% of our time – no excuses.” This is not just about loosing weight and feeling good, it’s the idea that you were able to conquer and achieve what you want – despite and in spite of. Keep it up!

  3. you’re the man:) I like stories of achievement. I reminds me to push also my limits to the things I like in life. The lesson of the story is not only for having a better figure but learning how to set something and make it a reality

    – cheers

  4. Thanks, every one! :D

    I may never get to meet you all in person but be assured that your words here only make me push harder.

    I won’t let you all down. :)

  5. Hi vince kaka inspire your story every time nag oopen ako binalik balikan ko story mo and ni jigs para ma pursue ko rin yung goal ko to lose weight. can you give me some tips to achieve my goal and im also in body building. Thanks a lots

    • It will be my pleasure. :)

      I apologize in advice if I can’t give anything uniquely mine regarding to fat loss and muscle building.

      But I think it is worth echoing the usual fitness mantra:

      Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat.

      I really like this mantra because it encapsulates a really important aspect in achieving any goal. And that is ‘consistency’

      If you stick with whatever program you’re doing now long enough, results will definitely show but it will come to a point that it will leave us in stagnation or what is popularly known as ‘plateau-ing’

      If such a case arises, and it will, we have to change up our program.
      I am saying this because it is a very relevant aspect especially in fat loss that you keep the body guessing and not let it completely adapt to your program.

      Given this, it suggests that you do a lot of researching, as I did and still currently doing. Which is relatively easy nowadays because the information you need is just lying there and we just need to find it and do it long enough to see results. So my way is kind of a trial and error system.

      Or you could do it the easy way and go to our local gym/fitness instructors and voice out to them our fitness goals and follow that.

      I hope this helps in any way possible. :)

      As a final note I would like to quote a professor in my university.

      “Mediocrity, the shunning of doing great things, the refusal to excel is cowardice”

      I said this because with whatever results you may get you should never be content because, in my experience, contentment is the beginning of one’s downfall.

      So stay forever hungry. :)

    • I forgot to mention that, in substitute to steady cardio, you should do High Intensity Interval Training and conditioning work to maximize fat loss.

      And do it at 2 times a week at most. Most of your days should be devoted to weight training since you mentioned that you’re into body building. :)

      All of this one a clean diet. And that means no fast food, sugary food, processed food, junk food and softdrinks.

      Juice is ok as long as it’s strictly the fruit and water but still drink juice sparingly.

  6. Thanks every one! I hope that my story and other inspiring fitness stories here serve to propel each and every one of us to our fitness goals this 2014!

    Thank you all for your heart warming and invigorating words! :D

  7. Thanks for sharing my story again,! I hope my story continues to inspire people. :D
    Here’s just a small update. :)

  8. This is just so inspiring! Thank you all so much for sharing your stories! I am just new here and I did my very first run ever last Sunday at the #NatGeoRun2015 I am 240 lbs and that 21K was just a dream until my friend registered me. Long Story short, with all the motivation from my runner friends and students, I made it just above 4 hours. I am so proud of myself and I couldn’t help but cry when I saw the Finish Line. And after that first run, right now I can’t help but think of my next runs to join in. I’ll be going to the states this June and I’m starting to ask my brother who is also a runner to find me runs I can join in while I am there. I hope just like these journeys, I can share a success story as I embark on this new journey of running :)


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