My Story 13: Icey Tria



The Fat Girl Inside & Out
by: Icey Tria

I was always the fat/chubby child. Growing up was hard, being bullied by some random children just because I was heavy. It was very, very traumatic for a child. Worse came when I hit puberty, the mockery and ridicule was sky-high. It affects my social life, my self-confidence and my self-worth. I became a wallflower and to compensate my so-called “situation”, I became the class clown, I deliberately joke on myself so that the teasing would not initiate from others (it hurts less that the mockery would first come from me).

From then on, I lose all the hopes of losing weight. I accepted my “fatness”. My all-time heaviest weight was 200 lbs. or 91 kgs. But I think I weigh more for the time I realize that I hit the 200 lbs. marker, I stop weighing myself and turn to food for comfort. Yes, I was a “stress-eater” and that made me feel much worse. It became my daily routine and it follows through my college and working life.



One time, our company, initiate a wellness program called “BigaTHIN”. An 8-month long program (March-November 2012) which is set to weigh the individual per month. And the individual that will lose the most weight will be the winner. I hesitantly join.

My initial weight on the start of BigaTHIN was 85 kgs./187 lbs. (I somehow managed to lose from my all-time high of 91 kilos/200 lbs.) but still very heavy for a height of 5’3”. The first three months was agonizing, it was my withdrawal period. All the known “tasty” food on earth and that has been with me all these years, I literally flushed them out of my system. I opt not to eat carb-rich, sweet and salty food and prefer to eat healthy, more on fruits, veggies and fish and lots of H20 (water!!!).

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That became my routine, every meal of every day for almost 8 months. Holiday, celebrations, even my own birthday, I am on “diet-mode”. I slowly lose the weight and see the difference every month. That has kept me motivated to continue and strive to lose more. Until the final weigh-in on November 2012, the total weight loss was 21 kgs./46 lbs.! I only now weigh 64 kgs./141 lbs. and made me the Individual winner of BigaTHIN.


The transformation made me to a new “reborn” person. Now that, I am 21 kilos lighter (on the period of the program), I became more active, turning into biking and specially running. Thus, making me much fitter most specially, healthier. I eventually join our company athletics club that sponsors fun runs for their members. I also joined the Pinoy Fitness Members Portal and made friends and eventually, forming a group, PF running buddies, that shared the same passion as me, to run and be healthy.

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Currently, I still manage to lose some more pounds and now weigh at 58 kgs/127lbs. Yey! (target is 55 kgs.). I now see the world in a different perspective, a much more colorful, vibrant and exciting world, ready to be explored and to meet people, without any hesitations or the fear of rejection. Finding clothes that will fit, people not staring at you when you eat and most specially, not recognizing yourself when you pass by in front of the mirror are the priceless perks of my weightloss. My confidence and self-esteem are redeemed.

my-story-icey-tria (3)

I thank the Lord, my family, friends, my clubmates and my PF running buddies and most specially to those who didn’t believe that I can do it, I also thank them, because without their teasing, I would not have the motivation to prove them that it is still possible to lose weight.

Hope my story inspire others that there is still hope if you really, really want it. Sacrifice, Determination, Discipline & Self-love and Exercise are the keys to lose the stubborn weight.

I also want to thank Pinoy Fitness on keeping Pinoys healthy through running ‘coz “Running keeps me sexy”, right Pinoy Fitness!?. Cheers!

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    • Thanks Sir Vahl!!! <3 <3 <3

      Thanks also sa PF Running buddies ko, you've given a new meaning to my running life!!! Cheers to #pinoyfitness :)

      @admin, thanks for posting my story!!! Hope to inspire others!! :)

  1. you know what, i cried. i feel exactly the same way now that im at my biggest… i thought i was trying hard to lose weight but i just realized reading your post is that i am not trying because there is no results at all….not trying hard enough. i tried running crash diest… but now im motivated i hope i can post my story too soon….and if i did, ill let you know. :)

    • You can do it purp! ,just keep on track and reach for your goal! Thank you pinoyfitness! stories like this will surely motivate us to do better.

      • Purp, I know what you feel, there is still hope if you put your will to it, just be determined enough to lose the weight and to keep it off…Its not easy but the benefits when you have achieved your goals are priceless! keep us posted on your weightloss journey! :)

  2. I admire your determination to achieve your goal. Congratulations, i hope many more will be inspired by your story and make it possible also for them. I remember the day i quit smoking, a heavy smoker like me for more than 13 years it may seem hard to stop the vice but if you really want it then it is possible like what you did with your weight issues.

    • @warchief, Thanks so much! I never realized that my story will inspire others and it is not impossible to change oneself once you put your heart & mind into it… Congrats to you on quitting smoking!!! Kudos! :)

  3. You’re very attractive now, just one of the many benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. Great smile as well…Congrats, job well done!!!


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