R.O.X. Trail Running Workshop Series


Before you head out to battle the rugged terrain, arm yourself with the proper training. Join the R.O.X. TRAIL RUNNING WORKSHOP SERIES and choose among the three 6-week programs offered. Get online support from instructors and co-participants as you train.

R.O.X. Trail Running Workshop Series
March 9, April 6, 201
R.O.X Camp John Hay Baguio
6-week Trail Running Workshop

Schedule of Workshop
March 9 – 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM – Introduction to Trail Running
April 6 – 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM – Improving your Performance
April 13 – 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM – Race Prep

Free Admission:
Pre-Register in R.O.X. CJH. Slots are limited to 50 participants

R.O.X. Trail Running Workshop Series – Programs

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  1. I’ll join this!

    Btw, Runners do you also experience “runner’s face”?
    I’ve been running consistently for 3 years now. I do so for health.
    I used to be 100kg when I was 23yo when I started to run, too fat for my 5″10 frame. I strarted running to lose some weight. I run 4 times a week, 5-8k/30 min run on weekdays, and long runs on weekends, usually 15-20k. Now 3 years after, my face is wrinkled and loose that most of my friends say I look like I’m 35 or 40yo. My body is fit though, chiseled even. Is this normal? Do you also experience this? How do you keep your face tight and firm?

  2. @speedrunX1
    Ganito din ako sir.
    I started running in Oct last yr with konting plyometrics.
    I’m 5’10 also and I was 225 lbs when I started running.
    Now I’m only 195 but I’m still aiming for 160 so I can run 21k in Oct.
    My friends and family said na pumayat ako pera nag mature mukha ko and I’m only 29.
    I’m assuming it was the fats on my face na naging saggy because of weight loss.
    Sana magkaron din ng workshop para sa mga runners on how to keep a younger looking skin.

  3. Important things to remember when running:
    1. sunscreen (especially if you run in the morning)
    2. water
    3. fruits and vegetables.

    Although yes, loose face is a common identity among runners I know, especially those who used to be fat.

    • I agree on the fruits and veggies. We have a friend who lost 95 lbs, 75 lbs of which within 8 months, and she has no excess skin. She attributes it though to an excellent diet of 100% raw fruits and veggies (also know as 80/10/10 by Dr. Graham)


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