My Venge just got RETÜL-ed

specialized venge

My Venge just got RETÜL-ed
Words by: Jeff Lo

Ever since I bought my first road bike (a Specialized Venge) last November 2012 I’ve been spending a lot of time riding and reminiscing my childhood days when I use to ride a BMX in CCP.

Is the seat post and saddle supposed to be this high? Wow! The tires and rim on this bike are so thin, how do you shift gears? Are the first things that came to mind when I started riding; It took me several weeks to feel confident and gain the necessary bike skills to feel comfortable, then other questions began to pop up.

One of them was, when I started riding for more than 1 hour, I begin to feel some strain in my lower back, is this normal?, I thought, or perhaps I just might not have the necessary lower back muscles yet and eventually it will go away… then several weeks passed… it didn’t.

So I started asking friends and experts for advice, and every time I’d ask, they would say, you need to get a bike fit… hmm… what was that!?

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I did a little research and this is what I found out. You should not feel any discomfort when riding your bike, and adjusting the bike geometry (saddle height, saddle-to-stem, etc..) according to your body can significantly reduce or totally eliminate discomfort.

retul-primo-cycles-review (1)

Next thing I did was to ask for referrals, some recommended bike fitters in Cartimar who uses experience and measuring tools, but as a techie, one system caught my attention, RETÜL bike fitting technology available in Primo Cycles.

retul-primo-cycles-review (4)
retul-primo-cycles-review (3)

This is where I met Glenn Colendrino, where he explained to me what RETÜL is all about… “Retül is a cycling specific motion-capture bike fitting system designed to provide qualified bike fitters highly accurate and comprehensive bike fit data”… meaning the output of RETÜL together with an experienced bike fitter can eliminate “tancha-tancha” and provide the most accurate measurements for the rider.

retul-primo-cycles-review (5)

True enough, after just one fitting, we found out the possible cause of my lower back strain, the seat post and saddle is positioned too low, we increased it by around 2.5cm, wow, and I used to think it was already high.

retul-primo-cycles-review (2)

Glenn told me that there will be some adaption time for me to get used to the new fit and I should try it out and see if there are any improvements…

The answer is yes! My lower back pain has now been significantly reduced and I’m starting to do 3 hours long ride since then. Might need to go back soon though, after I install my aero bar ;)

photo 1
With Glenn of Primo Cycles

photo 2
Bumped into lovely Kim Mangrobang

To inquire about Retül bike fitting services, just visit or call Primo Cycles at 02-8367455 or call Glenn Colendrino at 0917-842-3050

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  1. nice bike sir!
    same here. 1st bike was a bmx when i was in elemetary hehe

    @nicolai, sa bonifacio yata ang primo cycles


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