Taráy Pamulinawen 2012: LAOAG MARATHON – Feb 25, 2012


On it’s second year running, Taráy Pamulinawen still offers the majestic Laoag Sand Dunes. From last year’s “can’t-get-enough” 3k dune segment, it now stretches to an “indulge-all-you-want” 12k sunny, sandy experience. As part of the month-long celebration of Laoag City’s Annual February Pamulinawen Festival, the Taráy (Ilocano word for “run”) features some of the city’s prized jewels.

Aside from the famous sand dunes with the seemingly endless South China Sea in the background, it displays the centuries-old sinking bell tower and the grand St. William Cathedral, the historical tobacco monopoly monument, the vintage city hall, the provincial capitol with its new revolutionized image, the imposing Gilbert bridge and the colonial period-inspired Fort Ilocandia Resort Hotel. In the midst of cultural cornucopia of ilocano songs, dances, beauty pageants and parades of floats, a tour of beautiful Laoag is but a fitting climax to celebrating the city’s and its people’s grandeur. And what better way to tour than on one’s two feet? The Taráy gives just that perfect tour. From the previous year’s 11miler, history unfolds as Laoag City hosts its first ever full marathon. This is also Laoag’s answer to the call of the second running boom. With this fiesta that honors Laoag’s patron – St. William, the hermit, Taráy Pamulinawen 2012 is truly a feast for the legs, the heart and the eyes.

Taráy Pamulinawen 2012: LAOAG MARATHON
February 25, 2012 @ 5AM
Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
42k/21k/42k relay/10k/5k/750m kids dash
Organizer: Tri-North

Registration Fees:
Early Bird – Jan9-Jan31
Regular – Feb1-Feb18
Late – Feb19-Feb22

42k – early 500 / reg 600 / late 700
21k – early 500 / reg 600 / late 700
10 – early 250 / reg 300 / late 400
5k – early 200 / reg 250 / late 350
750m- early 100 / reg 150 / late 200


Registration Venues:
Dashma Computers-Laoag, Vigan and SFLU
Ravandens Grill – Laoag
Runner High – Laoag

Online Registration – www.taraypamulinawen.weebly.com

Contact Details:
Mr. Faivo Bartolome – 09175530050
Mr. Nikki Domingo – 09282191400
For complete details, please visit -> www.taraypamulinawen.weebly.com


  1. kayo ang hindi early bird sa posting..wala na kayo makukuha runner sa Manila kasi may 2 malaking karera sa date nyo..Asian Hospital at Tanay trail..

  2. Anyways medyo malayo din! siguro this post are intended to Loag runner kasi di ba sabi nga the power of internet! tsaka dun siguro sa mga interesado at nagsasawa na dito sa manila. he he he! And most of all sa madaming pera! boooom!

  3. Voritch..tama ka dyan, nakakasawa na rin tumakbo dito sa Manila kaya Tanay trail ang takbo namin..cool weather..cool place..cool gimiks..at higit sa lahat..cooool swimming.. sa pool at waterfalls. hehehehe..Yahhoyyy!!


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