Subic International Marathon 2012 – Results Discussion

subic international marathon 2012 race results discussion and photo links

Congratulations to all who participated and conquered the Subic International Marathon 2012! Thanks for dropping by the Pinoy Fitness booth! It’s now time to share your personal experience and results about this race here!

Subic International Marathon 2012
January 22, 2012
Subic, Zambales

Official Race Results and Photo Links will be updated here as they become available.

Race Results: (Unofficial)
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  1. Best marathon ever. Cold water ever 1.5 km cold pocari every 3km. Great route and clean fresh air. Far better than the polluted route condura has

  2. ang dilim! nagbabalak na ako kunin ang mga LED lights na sinabit sa bakod ng airport! sarap ng lamig sa madaling araw…sarap din ang init na parang nasa oven ka. congrats po team PF! isang lingo nalang birthday run na. sana bukas na yun???

  3. but did you see the school of bats flying on top of us after we passed the subic airport. thats the most awesome scene in all of my runs.

  4. It was very organized event. Enough hydration + Pocari. Very challenging route! The sound of nature and the cool morning. Nice view of the mountain and sea.

  5. I did the full marathon and enjoyed it so much better than the SCSM I joined last December. I strongly support the Subic International Marathon and the people behind it. I sincerely like to see it become a more established running event both in the local and international running scene. More power to eXtribe and Gen. Tucay’s team! I hope the following observations help improve future editions of SIM.

    Strong points:
    1. Course: Cool, clean fresh air, great scenery and well paved roads most of the way. More than adequate running space for each runner and not too many distracting features. The hills were punishing, but this shall be a hallmark trait of SIM. This has to be one of the best courses in the Philippines and must be promoted more as an international event.
    2. Aid stations: Very adequate hydration stations with cool water and electrolyte drinks. Thanks to Pocari for this. Wonderful having these every 1.5km. Great job, organizers!
    3. Very friendly and encouraging race crew along the course. Thanks for the support, guys!
    4. Km markers clearly placed throughout the course. This is a great help for pacing by runners who don’t have the benefit of a GPS watch.
    5. Registration: That the race kit was released during the registration is a great convenience (I registered in Subic).
    6. The price: At Php 800, this is a great value marathon.
    7. Portalets available throughout the course. It would help to have more next year, both in the staging area and along the course, particularly close to the half way point.
    8. The 4:30am start is fine. Consider bringing it back to 4am so we’ll have less of the intense sun at the finishing stretch.

    Weak points:
    1. Course distance: Less than 42.2km, around 700m short by my estimate. This may be due to the course revisions: firstly from the transfer of the 2nd turn around point from the Botanical Garden to the Gov. Linao National Road, and secondly in the last km where the finish led directly to Remy Field instead of going around Aguinaldo St.
    2. Almost total darkness along the airport: The Ingersoll Rand tower lights were a welcome improvement from last year’s kerosene torches along the airport stretch, but they weren’t enough. The LED lights on the fences after the last tower light were barely enough to illuminate the road. But with less than one km of dark stretch, this was no major issue.
    3. Finish and Start Lanes too narrow: Remy Field is a good staging area, but the start and finish lanes may have been too narrow. It may be better to bring it back to Canal Road just like last year.
    4. Not much fanfare at the starting line to prime up the runners, with the event starting a few minutes late.
    5. I have the impression that SIM 2012 was less attended than the previous year’s edition. The event has to be promoted more as many runners will surely benefit from this wonderful course.

  6. Overall it was fun and well-organized! But it would’ve been nicer if loot bags and free finishers shirt for 42k and 21k finishers were given away.

  7. Congratulations to the organizers for the hydration and pocari was plentiful. I <3 the wilderness and bats and dogtag and even the crows. My only complaint was attitude from other runners. It was my first 21k so I was lagging behind the peloton by 4-5k and I got attitude from runners who're already finished with the u-turn while I was still on my way to the u-turn. Ang daming mayayabang at nagpaparinig pa.

  8. jp – don’t mind them bro, as long as you are enjoying your run then that’s fine. You don’t owe them anything. People like that should learn a little about humility imo.

  9. @longslowday. thanks, I was aiming for under 3 hours and it didn’t happen but there’s always next year. I got in by bus by 2 am with no hotel booking and didn’t get any sleep at all but i’m still proud i finished with only mini-cramps. I got a good look at the rates of the hotels around Victory Liner. Sunshine (fan only): P300 for 3 hours, P500 for 12 hours, P900 for 24 hours. Win hotel: P500 3 hours, P1100 for 12 hours, P1600 for 24 hours I hope this will be useful info for next year.

  10. jp – I guess we shared the same group of runners, I barely finished 3 hours. Given the conditions you went through, that’s acceptable already. At least we enjoyed Subic. I cannot really absorb how beautiful this place it and to run in it makes it even more beautiful.

    Go get them next year, 365 days is enough training to get better.


  11. I heard a couple of runners cheered (Go Brooks!) me up as I pass by Subic International Airport. I did not notice who they were as it was a bit dark in that area that time. Thank you for the encouragement. That means alot.

  12. whew! what an awesome event! the route is breathtaking di ko na masyado napansin ang hirap and because of that I beat my PR with a wide margin! Nakakasawa na kasi sa BGC at MOA eh. Sarap pa mag drive along SCTEX with my Evo. No problem with the hydration and cold Pocari Sweat is always available. Nice dogtag for a change. Thank You eXtribe Inc.! Till next year!

  13. Its run and leisure for us. I was able to beat my PR twice in a row in a span of 1 week (last is go natural). My wife’s first 10k. Plus we were able to visit ocean adventure, camayan beach, zoobic safari and treetop adventure.

    Stayed there for 3 days, 2 nights at court meridian hotel. I saw a number of runners there as well.

  14. Thats what Subic Bay is all about,clean & fresh air,great scene of forest & sea,perfect route for running fanatics plus the friendly people here.
    hope to spend more running events here in subic with you guys…sana un ibang orginizer makita un ganda ng subic pra maging venue sa mga susunod pa running events nila…

  15. congrats sa lahat mg mga tumakbo!!

    aside from the excellent race day management and low reg fees, they were able to quickly deliver accurate results.

    congrats kay misis, third podium finish in 3 weeks (bull run 21k 1st, todo responde 10k 1st, then SIM 42k 2nd) … sumablay lang sa Go Natural 21k kasi 4th sya.

    what a way to start the year!

    eto rin ang 1st marathon ko for the year, and I could say that through training, I was able to improve my time to 3:58 from my previous two marathons (5:16 QCIM 2010, 5:17 Condura 2011)

    most likely, the full might lack distance but the rolling hills makes up to it. Yung galing turnaround sa Camayan Beach resort / Ocean adventure pabalik ng 2nd turnaround (Corregidor Road) … Tapos yung init sa Argonaut highway …

  16. nice run !…nice venue, nice crowd ! NICE RUN !!!….. have you seen the site from the photo booth of DLA NATURALS ? can’t recall the exact web address… help pls…

  17. COngrats and thank you to all runners who came all the way to mla.and other provinces.Who enjured the challenging uphill climbs. Surely one of the best marathon held around the country.Cool weather and fresh air that whats runners are looking.Plus the rare bats and crow flying.Im wondering if anyone heard the sound of the big bayawak along the forests..,really chilling. See you all nxt yr!

  18. My first 42km (unofficial time of 4:23).

    A million thanks to the SIM’s organizer,medical staff, to the PNP, SBMA Law Enforcement Department (LED) and the SBMA Fire Department – for the job well done.

  19. Very nice scenery! Congrats organizers. Maybe next year you can hold the event when there’s a US Navy vessel docked in Subic and have some US servicemen sign up so we can see what they’re made of in that brutal course hehe.

  20. @JP: sorry to hear about your experience with the other runners. malaking bagay pa naman yung encouragement from other runners along the route, especially sa mga di naman kabilisan tulad natin :))

  21. ganyan na pala ang format ng results ngayon hindi na in order from top 1 down to the lowest,,nakaka disappoint ang panget sa mata basahin

  22. @longslowday and jp- Me and my gym friend plan to join SIM next year, dahil din sa mga good comments na nakikita ko, hayaan nyo ibang mga mayabang na runners,ang totoong magaling d dapat mayabang, anyway if there is a chance we can pace each other:)


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