Rescue Run for Sendong Victims- Results Discussion and Photos!


What a way to cap off the year with a Fun Run for a Cause! For an event organized in 9 days, I would say this is indeed a fun run that made its success through collaboration and cooperation of the entire running community.

Here are some highlights that my camera was able to capture:

Our Hosts! Supladong Irish Runner, Diane Aquino and Michelle Estuar
The Running Host!
3 is greater than 1 photos
Finally able to meet this lovely Trio -> (LC, Kim and Monica)
Spotted the Team Titans!
Soleus Family!
And ofcourse, Thanks to all Pinoy Fitness Peeps who supported this Run for a Cause! I’m so happy to be part of this family!

Happy New Year to Everyone! See you all again in 2012! Share your personal results and feedback here!

For More Photos:
Rescue Run Photos 2011 – c/o Pinoy Fitness
Rescue Run Photos 2011 – c/o Volunteers for Greentennial Photos


  1. Feels so great to be of help to our countrymen while doing what we love best, RUNNING!

    It was only my second time running in McKinley Hills and still the hills ate me for breakfast :-) Registered a 30minutes 5K run though in flats, my PR is below 25mins.

    Happy New Year everyone and I guess this run was the most enjoyable event with so many pictorials :-)

  2. Great event to end 2011 running calendar.

    We are RUNNERS.
    Fast, slow, road or trail,
    Uphill, downhill, forwards, backwards;
    at peace, filled with rage, clothed, naked;
    whenever, however…
    doesn’t matter…
    WE RUN.

    To new friends and future ones… See you all around in 2012!!!

  3. indeed a great run! the route, the marshalls, the hydration stations (which i thought there were only a few), photographers, etc … everything just exceeded our expectations. congrats Greentennial team!

  4. It’s my very first run!my hubby is from CDO (runner enthusiast),this is our lil way of saying we care!had a wonderful time,great time to end my year!looking forward to my next run..Happy new year everyone!!

  5. Must agree with the fact that the race was indeed fun. Grabe!! Ang dami din tao ang ok sa alright ang mga get-up ng lahat! Salamat at naging part ako ng event na ito and hoping to be part of club someday. Happy New Year again!!! =)

  6. A nice race, glad I attended! I hope lots of funds were raised. Congrats to the two costumed runners – one in a heavy-duty rescue suit and the other with a pole and net rescuing a baby doll.

  7. really had fun.. kakakilabot ang feeling dahil ang dami-daming nagsama-sama para sa event na to.. lahat masaya.. lahat ganado!!

    thanks thanks.. sarap pala tumakbo sa McKinley..

  8. weee ang saya debut run ko tong RESCUE RUN ^^ astig dmi ko nkilala n mga runner s uulitin nxt is PSE help nyo aq n lumlkas thx

  9. enjoyed the “rescue run”. congratulations to all the people behind this event. Cheers! by the way, san po namin makikita mga pictures namin? ;)

  10. This year-end Rescue Run is the best… nakita ang pagkakaisa ng mga runners para makatulong…

    I had a great time and to see great runners and to the PF peepz (ayos ang group pix natin.!!!)

  11. Thanks for printing more bibs beyond #1000

    Thanks din for accommodating senior citizens with 75 pesos registration.

    Thanks for cheerful marshalls and enthusiastic photographers. Jump shot!

    I hope there will be more runs for Sendong victims in 2012

  12. didn’t expect to see that much people during the race! Definitely a fun run! It was a perfect way to end the year. Bravo to the organizers and everyone who made this happen

  13. Congrats sa ating lahat at sa tulong from the many runners and different families. nakatulong na tau for CDO and Iligan victims, we all had great time celebrating New Year’s Eve morning too. Fun Run tlaga.

    Congrats also to Sir Rovic, Ms.Jen Cua and rest of Greentenial team and sa ating mga volunteers sa reg, marshalls, hydration,program and photogs. True to its claim, record-breaking ang fund raising event na ito since it was only organized for 9 days! Success indeed pag sama-sama.

    Happy New Year to all!

  14. Before anything, congratulations to the organizers for a wonderful and FUN run, congratulations to us runners for finishing what may be our most meaningful event for 2011, and congratulations to the citizens of Sendong-affected area; you all brought out the best in Filipino runners.

    I was pretty much out of condition, having come from eating sprees during the Christmas break. I felt heavy, and wasn’t really in the mood to run. Then it struck me: I wasn’t running for me in the first place. I was running for my countrymen who were feeling heavy too, but in their hearts. I hope and pray that my sweat and effort helped even just a little bit. I dedicate my 2012 runs to you.

    Pinoy Fitness and Greentennial, thanks again for letting me end my year better than most :)

  15. congratulations to greentenial and all volunteeers for staging a great event (with a cause) in such a short period of time. we enjoyed the run and we did not expect that you will flood us with enough hydration plus pocari sweat bottles. My office colleagues are delighted to receive their respective bibs in exchange of their cash donations that I have handed over to them (as their sched have not permitted them to join). It was a perfect event to end our 2011 running year. KUDOS!!!

  16. and special mention to Ms. Mars and other Pinoy Fitness volunteers who manned the registration … ang sisipag nyo. May your tribes multiply.

  17. … and special mention to Ms. Mars and other Pinoy Fitness volunteers who manned the registration … ang sisipag nyo. May your respective tribes multiply.

  18. @tryx

    Happy New Year po. thanks a lot for supporting and joining the run. our donations will go a long way. we made sure all of the runners are well-hydrated kahit short distance run.

    your compliments are very flattering and we appreciate it so much. and that will also inspire us more in the upcoming projects and events.

    kita kits po sa road…

  19. thanks for all those who supported this run..lets all continue this kind of unity in running industry everyone unites especially if its really a fund raising for a cause..Kudos to the organizers and to all the volunteers for the successful of the event..Happy new year to all! see you guys on the road

  20. thanks sa mga sponsor,organizer,tsaka sa mga nag-volunteer,sa pinoy fitness,sa greentenial,job well done,i enjoyed the fun run.

  21. I was glad to learn that this Rescue Run took place, and I was more than happy to participate. I am absolutely sure that we all made a difference: runners and organizers alike. Extremely well done, everybody!

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