Rock and Run 2010 – Race Results

Rock and Run 2010 Results


Congratulations to all who joined the Rock and Run 2010 event. Race results are now available here for download!

Download Race Results Here:
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  1. This is the worst race event i have ever encountered!!!! Disappointing, unorganized and ultra lacking in alternative solutions to the issues of baggage deposit area,letting the runners run in the midst of a heavy & windy rain and hired rude & ill-mannered staff!!!! Yeah it says rain or shine the run will proceed but the organizers should have anticipated situations that might come up like setting up an elevated platform for the deposited bags bec. not all participants have cars & there was not other avail place where we can leave our stuff. Also, they should have waited for the rain to stop for a couple of minutes, instead of starting the race. Since this is a cause event, its only fair that the organizers should have thought not only of the beneficiaries of the run but also the runners who are the primary donors of the event. Without the runners participating, where in the world would they raise funds for repbulikha????

  2. though i understand why the concert couldn’t push through, why no bands were playing along the route, and other unfortunate details, i found it quite annoying that the race still had to push through at the time that it did, and worse, that everyone was made to run all at the same time, with no warning to the runners participating in the shorter distances. My gun start was supposedly 630pm. I went out for a while, thinking that the start times would be followed or that the race would start late coz of the heavy rains. When i got back, i was surprised when my friends told me that everyone from all distances had already gone off to run. What was your rush? You should have waited for the rains to subside even a bit. Seemed to me you were in a hurry to start us all off and get everything over and done with. I started a full 5 minutes or more after everyone else, and thing was, i saw a lot of runners within bhs, apparently waiting for their start times, not knowing that you had already decided to have everyone run all at the same time! And the loooong line for the loot bags was just terrible. All i can say is sayang. The concept was good, but the execution leaves much to be desired.

  3. Having people run under heavy downpour wasn’t the fault of the organizers. It was noted that the event was a rain or shine thing. It is the runner’s discretion to run or not. And I don’t think it would be good to wait for the rain to stop before starting the race. We ran 10k and we were already half past the route when the rain stopped. Even if the gun start was moved everyone who run would still get their feet/shoes wet anyway.

    The thing about the baggage counter is sad though, can’t imagine getting all wet and realizing that my clothes that I’m supposed to change into are wet too.

    Also, I understand the bands not pushing through. It was plain unsafe. You guys are right about organizers not having a plan B though. Maybe plan B was not to push through with the bands playing. hehe

    Who would’ve thought that after a whole week of good weather, Saturday would be the opposite. We somehow anticipated this though, it’s the rainy season after all, that is why we used caps, which we normally did not, and wore leggings instead of shorts.

    I believe there were more people who really enjoyed running under the heavy downpour still. I was surprised I really enjoyed it.

  4. I have to agree with Cecil. Actually the rain was the best part of the event, everything was downhill from there. There were no bands during the race course at all, so it kind of defeated the Rock and Run theme. Also the long line to get the loot bag? Very disappointing. There was only 1 line for all race courses, because at the end of it all, everyone was crowding the booth to get the bag. Pocari did this one better, because their drink distribution was divided into the different run categories.

  5. First of all,

    The good points:

    1] We were able to get replacements for our proper singlet sizes even if it's last minute. Though we registered early since May.

    2] The event started almost on time despite the rain.

    3] Running in the rain was a different kind of experience. I had no idea how fun it would be.

    Now, the bad points:

    1] Obviously, there was no back up plan for the rain. As Cecille has mentioned, it was disastrous for those who left things in the baggage area.

    2] There were squatters in the Triangle Drive disrupting the runners. The kids were annoying enough, blocking the route asking for the water bottles the runners were holding. The worse thing was the adults who were harassing the female runners. Other runners had to stop and tell some of the marshals what was happening but they didn't do anything. My wife and and females friends were victims of these.

    3] The event was Rock and Run, but it was only Rain and Run. The people at the stages cheering along the track was a far cry from what everyone was expecting.

    4] After the event there was a long line for the loot bags. I kind of missed the Nature Valley Run where everything was organized.

    I can't say I didn't enjoy the event. I did and everyone in my group did. What I'm trying to say is that it should have been far far better if the organizers were prepared for the rain. Let's keep in mind that there are still plenty of races ahead and it's already the rainy season. Let's all learn from this.

    Hope we could get the results soon! Keep on running!

  6. woah, didn't know women were harassed along the route, that's awful. maybe the bouncers should have been posted along the route rather than at the event area. wonder what sen. pia cayetano had to say about this since she reportedly joined the run.

    enjoyed the run because of the rain, no thanks to the organizers. they promised rock bands and it's the reason why joined; but there were none. the rain couldn't possibly be an excuse – rain or shine, right? if this were a rock concert, we should all be getting refunds!

  7. This felt like the longest 3k run of my life. ;) From the race kit claiming day, I already had a gut feel this event wasn’t going to go smoothly. Still there are lessons to be learned here for both the runners and the organizers that we can all keep in mind with the upcoming races this rainy season. Whether the race rocked or sucked for anyone, I guess everyone can still agree that running in the rain was an experience worth trying. In my case though, once is enough. ;)

  8. Bands not pushing trough understandable,

    women being harassed by bystanders it happens all the time even if it's not raining.

    baggage area missing…

    not informing the participants the time of run ( i was standing at the sidelines when i was told that everyone is running at the same time) …Fail

    running under the pouring rain…..priceless i enjoyed that much.

  9. Personally I really enjoyed the run. I think everyone's making too much of a fuss about the organizers. If you handled this race I doubt you would have considered what the organizers did. I ran the 5K, and I knew it had to start on time, as per agreement with Fort and with the other runners. If you were one of the runners standing in the rain since 5:30 would you really want the organizers to wait until 7 for those who didn't want to run in the rain? There was no guarantee that the rain would stop, it was raining really hard!

    They were right not to have the bands, or even try, or even have a plan to still have them continue. I would rather not be electrocuted with the wires in the puddles while running, thank you very much. Whatever triple backup plan there was, if those bands went on and they switched the electricity on, NO WAY was I going to run or go near the stage area.

    I was a female runner, but I never felt harassed. Not even close, in fact I felt very safe as during my run there were so many guards, and parked cars on the sides of the streets with light directed towards the runners. If anything sucked it was having to wait at the stoplights since all the drivers were beeping their heads off at us. I could see the organizers running to the intersections, trying to assist the marshalls.

    If anything, I applaud the organizers for getting their hands dirty and still trying to keep us all safe and in high spirits, which we all were. Loot bag distribution was total chaos I agree but I guess its because all the organizers were on the streets and on the cars monitoring us, which was in plain sight for all of us. Let's just appreciate that most of us ran in the rain for the first time, and we all were able to do it safely and happily.

  10. I thought conducting a race on a Saturday afternoon in an area like Bonifacio was not very smart from a safety point of view.

  11. When I started joining the running fever last February, all I wanted is to have fun while working on improving myself. The determination to finish the event, whether it be rain or shine, trail or concrete road, is what keeps me motivated. Yes, I choose the races too based on the credibility of the organizers and I was disappointed with some of them. However, at the end of the day, it’s the experience that counts. I won’t let the mishaps and shortcomings ruin my desire to keep on running. I had fun running in the rain. In fact, I think it’s my most memorable one so far. I think the organizers are aware about all the negative comments already so let’s give them a peace of mind and hope that they will come up with something better next time. I have to agree with the comments here because you have experienced it yourself but I chose not be critical this time. When I look back at how much I paid and the time I spent to prepare for the event, I will just be disappointed to focus on the should-be’s. To get all my money’s and efforts worth, I just tried to enjoyed the event and focus on what lies ahead. More races to come and more adventures! :)

  12. i disagree with starting the race late. actually the heavy rain made the race unforgettable and fun… im actually am very pleased how the organizers hadled the event inspite of the circumstances. the harrasment of lady runners though should have been addressed properly pero kung tutuusin visibility of marshals was actually good especially along the dark areas of the race.

  13. I Understand most of the complains especially regarding safety of female runners. Hopefully, no one got hurt or anything. But for me, running under the heavy rain & flooded roads was a great experience! That was the rock concert for me.

  14. Exactly, I run because I loving running. The concert part would have been nice but the bad weather made it impossible. I'd rather have it cancelled than risk the possibility of untoward accidents that could happen.

    I enjoyed the run…only thing I'm worried now is why the release of the official time is taking too long :(

  15. rock and run 2 should be scheduled on non-raining months. it's really a nice concept but the rain and unpreparedness got in the way.

  16. Anu na? bka pwde nman ng ilabas ng rock and run yung results.. medyo matagal na po yun ah.. sa ibang races na sinalihan ko, 6 hours after the race, pwde mo na ma view ranking mo.. ito mdyo matagal po ata, thanks! dami na kasi gusto makita results.. thanks!

  17. That's true josh, at the triangle drive one of the adult from the squatter area plan to harass me but i was ready to throw my bottle to his face. the marshalls did nothing, it was annoying.

    Though, i enjoyed the run because of the rain, it was really fun run.

  18. I agreed with all your comments. The rain made the running part much more exciting. During the run, I am rekindling the days when I was a young boy who wants to play while raining. However,there are negative comments like the safety of female runners, baggage area issues, loot bag chaos and the claiming of singlets which is located only in BHS.

    Sorry to say though the running in the rain was fun, thumbs down to the race organizers

  19. rock and rain 2, let's give them a chance. rain or shine, day or night. any time will do. i heard lots of runners were very strong that night. lots or PR broken! is that true? i was up by 8 mins.

  20. the only race where i didn't wear my garmin…then when i crossed the finish line, the clock was off pa, and now, no results yet. :( so i have no idea what my time was.

  21. Hi Cara, the squatters were in Triangle Drive near the U-turn slot for the 10K runners. That's the farthest point of the route near the wall boundary. Obviously what's behind that are the shanties. The squatters went out during the rain and were literally in the middle of the road having their own party. Some women were being hugged while they passed by running at 10kph. I'm glad you didn't experience that. I realized this thing has never happened on other road races in the Fort because other races occur in the early morning. Probably most of them are still asleep or they just wanted to be in the rain at the same time runners were passing by. Anyway, I hope there were no serious accident of any kind that occurred. Which makes me rethink that it was better for the concert not to push through. Well, we can't have everything. What made Rock and Run more fun was actually the rain. It was my team's first time to run in the rain and we were all like kids.

    By the way, this link was supposed to be for the race results which I think everyone is really excited to see. I hope the race organizers post it soon.

    I'll be running 21K in the Milo race and it's the same organizer for the July 04 event. I hope everything would turn out okay. A small part of me is hoping it would rain…

  22. Baka naman wala na yung race result… Naalala ko kasi nung umabot kami sa finish line, parang may mga nalaglag na barcode dun sa 10K.

  23. i kind of disagree with most in saying that this is a disastrous event…

    rock and rain ROCKED in so many fronts, pun not intended… we must remember that given the circumstance, it's the best that they could do – rain is something they can't do anything about…

    had my singlet replaced as well…

    didn't bring my car, since i live 4 blocks away, but hey i planned to have the keys, the money and the cellphone in a sealed plastic pouch, just in case it rained — good forethought i guess…

    it was raining the past couple of days before the run, it is most prudent to assume that it will rain come race day…

  24. well if the results wouldn't come out, it would be understandable…umulan eh. nabasa ang race bib. baka di na mabasa ang mga numbers. what is important though is we made it through the rain:)… i suggest a repeat of rock and run:) free/discounted registration for all those who participated in the first run.

  25. IF they won't be releasing the results, they should at least announce it. Ethics na lang. What happened to the race organizers? Are they expecting that the runners will just tire of waiting for the results, and forget about it?

  26. I hope they can do a repeat of this at a discount. Too bad I didnt make it because of the heavy rain. We all know there were many setbacks as they didn't come prepared. It was a rain or shine event however no back up plan was made if ever it rains. It's like JUST RUN and then GET YOUR LOOT BAG WITH ONE BAR and GO HOME event. LOL

    Thanks to POCARI for having an organized booth! Kudos to POCARI!

    Lesson of the story, organizers must come prepared whatever the weather is. Safety should be a top priority and everything should be organized.

  27. true that the race results are taking a while to be released pero ganon naman talaga mga races na walang timing chip. walang timing chip thus, they have to manually encode everything

  28. successful…..yeah right!!!! they can't even post the correct race results. Slimmers used the barcode as determinant for the runners finish time & the results came out just 4 days after. ROCK 7 RUN SUCKS……

  29. Hi guys, the organizers apologize that due to the heavy rains that it affected some of the time recording machines.

    If you have any feedback or want to ask anything to them, email them at [email protected]

    Here’s their official statement:

    RACE RESULTS: We regret to inform everyone that the heavy rains also affected some of the time recording machines during the race. Race officials have done their best to manually reconstruct some results from back-up tapes over the past several days. Hence the results are far from perfect. We apologize for this and hope for your understanding.
    Lastly, we value all your feedback on the run. Please do not hesitate to email add [email protected] for any comments and we will take them all constructively.


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