Put some weight on your Wii Fit Workout

Riiflex Wii Fit


Ever feel like your punching air when playing with your favorite Wii-Fit game? Add some challenge into your Wii-Fit workout by literally putting on some weight to help you tone your muscles.

Introducing… Riiflex™ by Powerplay

Riiflex™ weights are a perfect (and perfectly affordable) way for gamers and fitness enthusiasts to augment their Wii™ and Wii Fit™ workouts. Our meticulously engineered dumbbells snugly cradle both the Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuck to deliver all the innovative design, ergonomic comfort and durable performance one would expect of high-quality fitness gear.

I wonder what accessories for Nintendo Wii would they think up! For those Wii owners, what do you think about this fitness gadget? To Buy or Not to Buy?

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Visit their official website at: https://www.riiflex.com/


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