Gyms are opening at limited capacity under GCQ by August 1

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Days when we can access gyms again are dawning on us sooner than expected, with the recent announcement that fitness and other establishments will be allowed to slowly reopen by August 1.

As reported by CNN Philippines, Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases spokesperson Harry Roque made the announcement on Wednesday, July 29. According to the task force, aside from gym and fitness establishments, sports facilities, review centers, and internet shops will also be allowed to operate at 30% starting on the specified date.

Other businesses such as those offering personal grooming services (except full body massages) will also be allowed, along with pet grooming services if the locale is classified under GCQ. and that they strictly observe the minimum health protocols set in place. 

Focus on preparations

At the early beginnings of the lockdown, fitness establishments, looking forward to the eventual resumption of activity, told Pinoy Fitness that they have been laying down the bricks for a reopening game plan. Updates on how the preparations are going along are yet to be provided.


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As the news of possibly reopening fitness studios are received, locally known establishments say that their focus is currently on ‘over-preparing rather than under-preparing’ and that they are ‘erring on the side of caution at all times’.

Ride Revolution’s EG Bautista shares that they are continually gauging the appropriateness of their measures for the coming circumstances. “What we have been doing really is training the team (in-studio) to really prepare when we open,” he adds.

Pinoy Fitness also reached out to Evolution Wellness Philippines, the company locally managing both Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness, for a statement but have yet to hear from them.

Meanwhile, details for the adjusted guidelines for GCQ are set to be announced by President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday, July 30.

Stay tuned for updates on the resumption of operations for gyms right here on Pinoy Fitness.

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