I Tried Virtual Running and Here’s What I Realized


It was early last year that the Virtual Running (VR) made waves in the country. At that time, I was like “huh VR? That’s boring. Road races/ fun runs pa rin!. I kept telling Jeff that it sounds boring; that it’s better to run a fun run event where starting and finish lines with timers are mounted, where there’s water stations, marshals, post-run activity area, and ultimately, where one gets to run with other runners.

Fast forward to 2019, uso pa rin ang VR! My friends– both seasoned and newbie runners– have been regularly posting about logging in mileages because they are aiming to score badges from the Atleta App. What sorcery is this? So even if I disliked the idea of virtual running, this FOMO girl decided to download the Atleta app and give it a go.

Here’s what I realized:

1. It’s a Different Kind of Fun

I started using the Atleta app last February and signed up for the Pagmamaha-Run Virtual Run which required 14km cumulative mileage. Feeling determined, I woke up early Saturday morning and tied the shoelaces of my Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 and started running.


The first few meters felt exhilarating, as if I was running towards an actual finish line! I’ve busted my personal myth that virtual running is boring!

2. It is Flexible

VR “events” have different themes and runner get to choose the distance they want to sign up for, just like joining an actual fun run where you choose whether you’re running 5k, 10k, etc.

What sets VR apart from an actual race is, runners have the freedom when and where they will be running. I liked the idea of running on my convenient time especially that I’m really NOT a morning person.

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3. It Helps You Set and Reach Your Goal

With Pagmamaha-Run VR, runners had to run a total of 14k; I decided to chop it into two runs. My training nowadays feels greater than ever with my Epic React Flyknit 2 which weighs light but supports my feet perfectly.

If you’re training for an actual A Race, VR is a good complement. Whether you have an upcoming half or full marathon, signing up for a VR event helps you log in mileage for your training. Plus with Atleta App, you get to grow your badge collection!

If you’re like me who’s having reservations about virtual running, I say give it a try! Atleta App is free, some VR events are free, there’s really nothing to lose!

You can download the Pinoy Fitnes Atleta App from the Apple Store or Play Store and give the Pinoy Fitness Fire 250K Virtual Challenge 2019 a try!


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