NatGeo Earth Day Run 2018 – VLOG, Photos and Results


One of the biggest changes in the 2018 NatGeo Earth Day Run is the removal of Paper and Plastic Cups along the hydration station, instead everyone was provided with a hydration bottle and refilling stations where implemented throughout the race.

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Though refilling stations is not a new thing, it’s the first time that this technique is implemented for a 10,000++ participant race. As you can observe in the video, RUNRIO did a pretty good job in making sure the hydration refilling stations are long and filled with support staff.

Though there’s some noticeable delay for some runners to refill their water bottles or hydration packs, i believe this delay is acceptable for race for a cause such as this. If you’re aiming for a PR, then this might not be the right race for you.


Congratulations again to NatGeo and RUNRIO for a successful race.

Race Results and Photos are now Available as well:
NatGeo Run 2018 Race Results – Click Here
NatGeo Run 2018 Photos – Click Here

Photo Highlights:

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  1. Suggest that runrio show results of all runners like before so that runners can see not only their personal time and more importantly their placings in relation to other runners


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