Mt. Batulao Trail Running Adventure 2017


Mt. Batulao Trail Running Adventure 2017

It’s been a few years since I went back to Mt. Batulao. This time we tried to run the entire course.

I love how the trails here are long and “runnable” except for the climb portion towards the summit. All in all, Mt. Batulao is a good training ground for those preparing for a trail race.

Mt. Batulao

Jumpoff Point: Evercrest Golf Club Resort
Elevation: 811 MASL
Time to Summit: 1-2 hours | 2-4 hours (beginners)
Total Distance: Approx: 11KM from parking to summit

Note: A guide is NOT required in Mt. Batulao, however you have to bring approximately P150 pesos as registration fee payment in various checkpoints along the trail route. It would be best to bring extra money as well just in case you need to refuel or replenish your hydration bottles along the way.

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Route Map:


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