Baler 2016 – No Surfing Weekend



Baler 2016 – No Surfing Weekend

We’ve been visiting Baler for the last 8 years and this year so far was the “flattest” Baler trip we encountered. We always thought “hindi na wawalan ng alon sa Baler”, and normally this theory is true until today.

But that didn’t stop us from having fun though, Baler has always been a go-to spot for us whenever we need a little break from the busy cities of Metro Manila. And since there are no waves, we did something different instead.

Here’s a quick video recap of what happened during our 2016 Baler Trip




Aliya Surf Resort is our default resort when we are in Baler, their room rates are very reasonable, around P2500 for a room for 2, 3200 for 3, they also have a private pool, beach front view and serve good food.



No Waves, No problem! Go RUN Instead. We’ve run in several beaches already, but Baler so far is my favorite, the sand is firm and solid yet it gives extra cushioning without burying your shoes in the sand. The beach is also wide and spacious, with a coastline long enough that you can easily complete a 10K in just one loop.

So don’t forget to bring your running shoes next time to visit Baler.

Baler - 2016 Balete

Baler - 2016 Balete 2

The Millennium Tree. We’ve been going to Baler for more than 8 years but it’s actually the first time we visited the biggest Balete tree in Asia. Local folklore believes that balete trees are dwelling places for supernatural beings like kapre or tikbalang.

After the visit, I now understand why it is so, the Millennium Tree is actually big enough that you can set-up a living room inside the tree itself. So don’t forget to make “Tabi-tabi” before entering the tree itself. :D

The Millennium tree is a 30 minutes drive from the resort, it’s on Waze.

Tip: Ask a local guide to take your group photos, they know some of the best angles and are experts in taking panoramic shots of the balete tree.


For the rest of the trip, you can just rest, relax and enjoy your downtime with friends. You can also explore some of the food places around the area, one of our favorite is the Yellow Fin Grill, try the Yellow Fin Tuna, Pork Barbecue and of-course the Inihaw na Liempo.


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