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Aiming to run for the upcoming Milo Marathon Manila Leg on July 31? Don’t know what to do or don’t have a training plan yet? Then download our Milo Marathon and Half-Marathon Guide here!

We tweaked the Training Plan from the Runner’s World Big Book Marathon and Half-Marathon, converted it into Kilometers and added suggested local races on where you can do your long runs.



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Notes: from Big Book of Marathon Book

REST – Take a REST DAY, or moderate cross-training
STRIDES – Accelerate over 100 meters until you reach 90 percent of all-out effort. Hold of 5 seconds and smoothly decelerate. Walk to recover between each stride.
YASSO 800s – run 800 meters at a time that’s “equal” to your marathon time. If you are targeting a 5:10 marathon, your 800-meter repeat should be 5 minutes and 10 seconds. Jog 400 meters in between 800s.

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  1. Question po:
    1. Ano po ba the usual Half Marathon and Marathon pace recommended per km?
    2. Ano po ibig sabihin nun with 4 strides/5 strides etc.?

  2. With all do respect, this is not a FM beginners training plan. 5 activities/week and 20km on the first Sunday? 9 weeks?

  3. Pinoy Fitness Ahh… that makes sense :) So the first row should be 7th. I stand corrected. Thanks.


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