Why it’s TOUGH to Join an Ironman 70.3 Race



Why it’s TOUGH to Join an Ironman 70.3

“Bakit ba tayo ulit sumali dito?”, that’s the question we asked ourselves the day before the big race in Subic, “Pwede naman tayong natutulog nalang, or nag rerelax this weekend diba?”…

Everyone who has ever joined a Half-Ironman Distance involving a 1.9KM Swim, 90KM Bike, and a 21.1K Run knows that it’s not going to be a walk in the park, it’s NOT something you wake-up to and just decide to do it, that it’s going to be a TOUGH journey…

Here are some of the reasons why:


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1. It’s Gonna Take A LOT of Time

You have to start training months before to the race, logging around 7-12 hours of Swim, Bike and Run workouts, it means you’ll have to wake up early on weekends, squeezing in swim workouts over lunch, and logging run miles after work, 5-6 times every week.

2. You’ll have to INVEST some Money

Race Registration Fee and Travel Costs aside, you will need to invest on the right equipment and nutrition, for training and race day, it would mean countless amounts of Energy Gels, Protein Shakes, Multi-Vitamins, Toll Fees, Gas, Food. Optional – Upgrade Saddle, Group-Set and a Power Meter (haha)

And if you’re like me, who can’t simply follow a training guide from a book, it’s advisable to INVEST on a good Coach for guidance and to avoid common training mistakes. For this season, I was lucky enough to get guidance from Coach Andy Leuterio, if you want to meet him, you can drop by Maximus Athlete’s Shop located in SPARTA.



3. Sometimes You’ll Have to Train Alone

It’s FUN if you have friends and teammates who can join you for the long rides, but when you’re the only one in the group who’s training for the 70.3 race, you will sometimes find yourself spinning the miles alone, under the scorching sun.


4. You’ll gonna MISS some Great Getaways

Long Weekends mean opportunities for Long Rides, which often means you will have to skip that great barkada weekend surf trip getaway.


So is it really worth it!? I say YES!

I am not the strongest nor the fastest, and racing an Ironman 70.3 distance still scares the hell out of me! This is my 3rd IRONMAN 70.3 race, but every time I cross that finish line, I know that I have won a battle – not with anyone else, but a battle within myself; a reminder of how far I have come since the day I decided I want to do this sport and live a healthier and more active lifestyle.

TOUGH!? Of course! It’s a TOUGH journey, a TOUGH race, and that’s what makes it special. Nobody ever said racing an IRONMAN 70.3 would be easy, but everyone will tell you it was WORTH IT.

Thank you Sunrise Events for hosting such an amazing race here in the Philippines.


  1. Congrats, sir Jeff Lo!U0001f60a Nice to meet you during the pre-race swim warmup.U0001f3ca Lakas niyo, sir!U0001f4aa


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