Run Visita Iglesia Manila


Run Visita Iglesia Manila

Are you stuck in Metro Manila this Holy Week? Looking for something to do and at the same time get a good workout? Here’s a suggestion, try the Run Visita Iglesia Manila route.

Visita Iglesia is a Catholic tradition to visit seven churches on Maundy Thursday and recite the Stations of the Cross in them, we have plotted 7 Churches around Manila and a total of 11KM distance, starting from Quiapo Church all the way to Archdiocese Shrine of Jesus in Pasay City.

Here is the Suggested Order to Visit:



Note: This is not an event, this serves only as a guide to those who want to combine running and respecting the Visita Iglesia Tradition. Make sure to take caution when running in public highways.


  1. I’m planning to do it in province but I’m not going home this holy week so maybe I can do it here in metro. Thanks for the itinerary:)

  2. Sinu gusto sama tom 7am start kitakitz one ecom moa… Ung church dun una tapos manila cathedral ung last pm n lang


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