6 Tips to Eat Smart during the Holidays

Eat Smart During Holidays

6 Tips to Eat Smart during the Holidays (and hopefully not gain so much weight)

Okay, let’s be realistic: the holiday season is coming, and with all the gatherings that you have to attend starting this month until January, indulging in a lot of food and drinks will definitely happen!

But there are things you can do to help you eat smart and not gain too much weight during the holidays.

1. Drink a lot of water
Drink water before going to a party. This will help curb your appetite and you’ll feel full faster. Drinking water in between sips of alcohol will lessen the bottles of beer you can finish, which means fewer calories.

2. Keep healthy snacks in your office drawer
Your officemates will be bringing a lot of sweets to work and there will be a lot of team lunches and meriendas. Always have healthy snacks like sliced fruits, yoghurt, and nuts stashed in your drawer. Filling up with healthier food options will lessen your cravings for those cakes and cookies.

3. Eat in smaller plates
According to a study by Cornell University, Smaller plates trick the mind into thinking that food portions are bigger and that you’re eating more than you actually are.

4. Check out the buffet first before getting anything
Many of us suffer from “takaw tingin,” or the tendency to get more food than we can actually finish. When you’re in a buffet, look at all your options first so you can just focus on dishes you truly like and not be tempted to get a little of everything.

5. Eat slowly
It takes a few minutes for your mind to realize just how full you actually are so take the time to enjoy your food. Chew slowly and savor all the flavors.

6. Don’t skip meals
If you skip lunch because you’re looking forward to a big dinner, chances are, you’ll feel so hungry in the evening that you’ll overeat. Eating regular meals throughout the day will curb cravings and can help encourage you eat in moderation.

Got some additional tips? Share them below!

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